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    Sometimes there is a sunset. In that sunset is cottage cheese.

    It doesn't burn, because it's made of tar and asphalt.

    They know what you're thinking.

    Guess where I found that particular quote.
  2. ;) I haven't forgotten you LDR...rest assured, I have something special planned for Varik :lol:

    Perhaps this video shall persuade you to hang up your clone armor and give up your warlike life!

    ((Most likely not, but I feel it's worth a shot.))

  4. !_!

    *Runs after and pokes*


    *Runs like hell.*

  5. ...




    EDIT: Why did you remove me from your friends list?

  6. ...Because she's with those dern femanists! They keep putting ideas in her head. I bring home the money! I do the work! And she can't even wash the dishes?!


    *Goes to shove foot up someone's butt.*

  7. (Chev is still falling from the previous night and is currently playing poker with a duck in mid-air)

    Whadda mean "Flush?!" I won that fair and square!




    Fine! Take your money and go! See if I care!


    (Duck flies off leaving Chev alone.)


    Oh Hai there! What's new?

  8. (Poke Poke)


    Where are you in Shinobi? I'm a bit confused on where everyone is

  9. (Shrivels to nothing under Endo's stare)


    I've been reading Ctrl Alt Del. It is Hillarious.

  10. *All Of the Chev's swarm Endo and hug her*


    I'm Listening to Paint it black while dancing to Numa Numa.

  11. *All the Chev's land on Endo*


    I just watched Wall-E, that was such a romantic movie! I loved it

  12. *As Chev is falling*


    Huh, didn't see that one coming

  13. *backs away slowly*

    Easy Endo...we can settle this like adults...


    *Pulls out NaruHina colored lightsaber*

    See...one of us is going to die...and the other will go to adult jail.

  14. *Begins to bonk head on the wall with CQ*

    If you can't beat em, join em!


    *Starts playing the Nyan Nyan song in the background*

  15. *Blows up food and shoe with hand grenade.*


    Badda Boom!

  16. *Bows.*


    Thank you. It'll be a while before people figure it out though. I'm counting on that.

  17. *Bows*


    Thank you Thank you

  18. *Breaks through to a computer*

    I'm back baby!


    I won't be on for awhile on saturday, but I'm on here and now.


    What's new?

  19. *brings back a girl who used to be a guy*

    This more to your liking?

  20. *Calmly grabs CQ and faces him*


    I'm afraid of her character. Not you.


    *Chev smacks CQ repeatedly across the face*

  21. *Casually plays with crowbar.*


    I think you can guess what I'm thinking right now.

  22. *Cheers for joy*


    Thanks Shana! My last RP died a slow painful death so I'm really hoping this one will make it through to the end :) The casting call will be up soon :)

  23. *Chev appears and begins the groaping process on Temari.*




    *Chev runs like hell once he realizes what he's done.*

  24. *Chev falls back down and makes an imprint as he falls down*



    *gets back up*



  25. *Chev falls back down*


    So...What are you doing? Anything fun?

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