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  1. Daala's not very good at making friends is she?

  2. Are you still alive?

  3. I did...and no one NOTICED!!!!

    *Starts blasting wildly with his Super uber blaster rife*

  4. How come the Drunken time travelers groups is going down the tube? no one is posting anymore

  5. When do you think triggergod will give me my thumb back?

  6. And this time they're after your soul...your soul is what they feed on.

  7. I saw all the DS9 epsiodes...and they were beautiful...

  8. I had the soda can thign happen to my big PC but i never had any viruses or anything like that



  9. I was dancing to a Nickelback Hero video when i slammed into the labtop and down went the labtop and up came the sparks

  10. Thats what makes if fun!

  11. Nonsense! Dancing next to your computer makes it much more interesting!

  12. PCgamemods is gone because the site couldn't handle the amount of mods that people kept submiting to it i believe.

  13. Lets take Jmac for example. He keeps posting weird...well, very weird Malepreg pics.

  14. I was being serious when i posted that last comment

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