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  1. Your birthday is in a few days...hmmmm...Interesting. If CQ doesn't beat me to it, I'm gonna do a birthday thread to make up for the fact I couldn't do one for CQ...

  2. *Voice drops to a whisper.*


    In the heart of man...there are always doubts CQ, be honest with yourself. admit that your addicted to...the Rps...admit it and we can help you overcome it :D

  3. lolwut?


    I'm so very confused bee.

  4. I'll give him a bit more time before I decide to take over his character. A few weeks at most.


    I don't really want to send him a PM, but you can if you want to. But I am leaning toward the cliffhanger idea if he doesn't come back.


    EDIT: Never mind, I'll send him a PM.

  5. Congrats on the badge Cyborg! :D Glad to see that both you and Ping got one :)

  6. It takes elements from the Rising Shadows but it has a different plot. I took ideas from the Rising shadows but thats about it. :)

  7. Honestly, I was surprised to see it back from the dead as well. I thought everyone had lost interest. I guess if enough people want to we can try and get it moving again.

  8. *Stares angerly out at the people of the forums*

    Hello! I'm chevron 7 locke! and i see that many of you see it funny that i got my post count put down to zero! I'm here to tell you that it's not a problem for me! I will be a junior member again in a few day! i have plenty of free time...just you wait...I will regain my post status and then i will say this to every one of you (Exept CQ, Endo, Trigger, Hanhar and a few others) Haha. You all thought I was gonna lay down and DIE?! you fools know nothing! In my time here, I have met so many nice people. A few of them have helped me make life decisions that may have changed my life, but a few of you just seem to take delight in making fun of little mistakes.

  9. Sure! I'll be the best doctor I can be!

    He did get to fight the daleks right?

  10. Oh noes, you misunderstand. I believe in slacking off as long as possible

  11. Captain crunch cereal is is designed to interest kids in the navy at a young age when the minds of children and young and easily influenced. It makes the navy look like a force of good when all they want is money from the graduates.

  12. Yep! I gotta say...bleeding white blood really does add a frightening element to your character. Kinda scares me. Just remember, I'm not in charge of the RP, Phantom is, I just offer suggestions, just because I offer them doesn't mean you have to use them, use them only if you want to.

  13. Been better. It takes alot of motivation to work on an online class. Motivation and focus. You can't be distacted by an-Oh! Look! A shiny quarter!

  14. Hey...are you still with us on the RPs?

  15. Big mistake hurting shade like that...Zeron has always wanted to fight her on equel terms and you took that opportunity away from him. Now...he's angry.

  16. Something similiar to Glory of the Empire to be honest. It seemed good but then I lost it. I guess Writer's block applies to Rps as well as writing.


    I need ideas.

  17. Hey Skywalker, Is it too late for me to create a character for Legacy of hope? I was hoping to use my character from Battle of the dark jedi if I can still join.

  18. Sounds good to me :) I was planning on having a small group of pirates searching the base when the shuttle arrives and the group having to fight them.


    Also, would you be interested in working on a Superhero RP once I get it off the ground?

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