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  1. I really enjoyed DS9. I loved the introduction of the Jem'Hadar. Finally! A race that can whoop the Klingons. I loved all the battle scenes too.

    I thought the realy voyager episodes were crap. they were. Then the borg showed up and things got MUCH better.


    TNG was good in my book. I watch it when I get the chance.

    Enterprise made me cry, It sucked that badly.

    The TNG movies were excellent in my opinion. Loved em all.

    Nemisis. A great movie. Clones, Romulans, Space battles. It had it all, except for Klingons. I really enjoyed it when The Romulans de-cloaked and helped the Enterpise take on Shinzon.

    The New movie looks great. I'm counting down the days


    Just my opinion on the series

  2. Revanism: Revan once fought Chuck Norris and Kyle Katarn at the same time. Revan, Kyle and Chuck realized none of them were going to win, they were to evenly matched. So they went down to Telos and drank enough Duros Ale to quench A thousand smugglers, then got drunk, went forward in time and then ended the Second Galactic civil war by killing Jacen Solo by Roundhouse kicking him, Shooting him with a Bynar pistol, and nailing him with Force lightning all at the same time. The time after was known as the Great Rejoicing.

  3. I apologize for offending you. It's just that the x-box version normally doesnt have that many problems, the PC version does, so whenever I hear a problem like this i assume it's a mod conflict problem or something similiar to that. I only have th PC version so i'm more used to those kinds of problems.


    Again I apologize

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