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  1. I have a bounty hunter pack i could send you if you want it. Also i think i have a Mira bounty hunter pack somewhere...i'll have to look for it.


    Any more spammy posts here asking for mods and I will just infract people, they are called PM's people, use them instead. -RH

  2. i read the star wars:empire: betrayal (<--cliche!) and in it, there was an imperial guy who looked as crazy as vader. tubes sticking out of him and all. didnt look real. AT ALL :lol:


    thats 4000 years later.

    his name's grand moff trachta. man, he looks so nazi. (ugh)

    i dont think that tech leap was *too* big. IMO, sith vs imps: sith would go down fighting. not get 'mopped the floor with'.



    are you going by whats in the game? because in the game, you can stand square in front of a guy facing him, have your blaster rifle aimed right at him with a distance of, like, two feet between you and him, and you can have the entire salvo go completely off. like, 'hit-the-ground' off.


    @ chevron 7 locke:

    yeah revan had more experience than anakin. if that directly translates in the game, revan would be plain stronger. heres an example to illustrate my point:

    imagine both revan and anakin in the games. we'll put anakin in ep3 at about lvl 28. revan has more than xp than anakin and thus, is at lvl 40. revan's level cap is 50. while anakin, being the chosen one, has a higher level cap of 65. but he never got there. so, though he could have exceeded revan in power, he didnt. but also remember in kotor and tsl, you face enemies that are at a waay higher level than you. (traya having 1000 vp=lvl 40?) and yet, you can still beat them. but its hard. put the anakin and revan npcs in an arena vs each other, and 7 times out out 10, revan would win. (there is still that chance of anakin winning)

    on that scale, id put ol' sid in rotj at lvl 50.



    But Kreia said in KOTOR 2 that the jedi of their day would be nothing against the sith lords of ancient times. so if that trend continued for almost 4000 years...Anakin wouldnt have lasted five minutes against revan. If they were dueling on Mustafar, Revan could simply force push Anakin into the lava that seems to be every where. and since revan is abot 4000 years older then Anakin...and he's closer to the time of the ancient sith lords he should be able to wipe the flooe with little annie

  3. I thought the first episode was more for kids. I enjoyed the part when the two droids ran out of the tank and yoda sucked them back in and sliced them up. and the part where Yoda took out the commander droid (made me cry a little, felt sorry for the poor droid) who had just been promoted. my rating 4/10. The second episode...now thats a different story. I liked the second one much more. It actully showed clones being killed, i thought CN would censor that out. plus the whole episode felt much more...movie like sorta 6/10

  4. Going back to the original topic here...I believe that Revan would beat Skywalker hands down. Revan had to fight countless mandalorians and jedi and he kept his rank of Dark Lord (Until Malak betrayed him) Skywalker...only fought padawans and knights, not to mention that many of the most powerful jedi masters and knights had been taken out by Order 66 before he got to the temple (Aayla secura, mace windu, the one chick whos name escapes me) Skywalker was basicly killing inexperienced knights and padawans and a few masters. Revan on the other hand fought Mandalore himself and still came out on top. So...revan wins hands down

  5. Alright the mods I have are..

    KOTOR 1

    Exar Kun's tomb

    Survival battle mod (you fight against waves of dark jedi)

    Villian(no idea what it does theres no readme)

    Revan Knight armor (Nuff said)

    The Sith Armada

    Recruit Darkkender Alpha

    Recruitable Calo Nord with patch

    Wesstar blasters

    Trask's own uniform

    Jedi Malak and Vander's robes (makes you look like them)

    Purchasing A Droid

    Mandalorian royal guard armor

    Slaughter the jedi council

    Shores of death

    I'll post more for KOTOR 1 and 2 when i have the chance

    Ok...now I have the chance KOTOR 1 continuing

    Bek equipment(blasters,armor,belt,implant,baton,sword)

    Aurra Sing (makes you or Juhani (im not sure no readme,) look like the famous bounty hunter Aurra Sing)

    Recruitable Darth Bandon

    Yoda as PC (I..think this is KOTOR1 the file name included is NOT the original name i found this on my computer labled as something else so i renamed it to something that fit...please dont ban me for this )

    Smuggler wear

    Save Malak

    Hardcore Bastila (makes her tougher to defeat apparently)

    Manan force choke

    The Leviathin strike

    KOTOR Remix

    Kill Carth ( Not for Onasi fangirls(and Boys) lol

    Jango Fett(i don't know which game this is for)

    Force Disarm(Don't know what game it's for

    Black Widow Bastila

    Evil temple(lets you turn Juhani to the dark side.)( I use this cause i just LOVE Juhani! she reminds me of a big kitty lol...Hmmm...i wonder if she purrs lol)

    Master Items and Knight Items

    Consular Pack v1.0 (KotOR 1)

    Infiltration(replaces any Jedi robe Bastila wears with a black infiltration skinsuit)

    Jedi prestige class robes

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