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  1. I recently read the kyle Katarn facts and i was hoping that someone could take a data-pad and list the kyle katarn facts on it. this can be for TSL or KOTOR 1. if this is illegia let me know and lock the thread.


    Thanks in advance!

  2. Well i played the dark side and i did not enjoy it(I'm just a big softie ya know?)and i was hoping someone could whip up a little mod that has mission vao take carth's wise advice and run from the reborn darth revan.(I just hated seeing that little girl die, made me cry)this is just in case i ever do dark side again. maybe mission could somehow take zaalbar with her to safety

  3. First of all if this is in the wrong section please move it


    Now i recently had to bid my perfect little graphic card goodbye cause it was overloaded and had to be taken out.(poor little guy)


    Now my step-dad put in this stupid ATI Radeon 200 and it sucks so very badly. i start up Knights of the old republic and my character gets stuck after moving a few steps and starts running in place. this happens in KOTOR 1 and 2. So...any comments, suggestions, help of any kind?

  4. Hi fellow star wars fans!


    i was playing through kotor2 with my savegame editor and i noticed something annoying. no matter what i did i couldnt play as Juhani, mission vao, and jolee bindo. i was wondering if someone could make it so i could play as those three in TSL.


    any help would be appreciated.


    P.S. if this is porting please don't yell at me cause im not sure if it is or not

  5. Well i paly my game with

    High Level Force powers

    Super skip peragus

    Slender body for females

    Shinobi robe

    Romance with Visas

    Realistic Nar Shaddaa skybox

    Playable yuthura ban

    NPC mandalorian reskinv2

    More feats

    Mission Vao at 19 (i cant find the patch)

    Loading Revamp

    Kreias Dark Robes

    Kreia hood down

    Realistic NPC Portrait Pack

    Vision Revan Upgrade v1.0 (dream9 studies is where it is located i believe)

    Jedi General and investigater mod

    Influence mod v1.0

    Handmaiden for female exiles

    Force power gain for k2

    combat simulation arena4

    brianna exile love

    Avols Jedi hood

    Achilles game balance mod

    all of 905ks mods ( i love those mods man)

    and every restoration i can get my hands on


    Not all at once of course.

  6. Hows this.

    Visas as a sith assasian

    Kreia as a sith lord(Thanks for the idea on that one by the way)

    Atton as a Jedi watchman/Sith assasian

    Mira as a jedi watchman/sith assasian

    Handmaiden as a Weapon master/sith marauder

    Bao-dur as a weapon master/marauder

    Goody goody two-shoes(disciple) as a Jedi watchman


    Or they reach prestige when you do and you just choose their prestige class for them regardless of alignment


    Edit: i downloaded the ss prestige padawans but for some odd reason i cant get any lightsaber forms for them. and my KSE leeps screwing up my game whenever i try to give them lightsaber forms. plus i just don't like all them robes


    Edit again: i'm so confused. how do i rise above the title of "rookie" its driving me crazy!

  7. Hi!


    well i was looking at a few party member as prestige classes and i started thinking(Thats a bad thing by the way) i already have the one that lets your party members start off as prestige classes but i found some problems with that

    No Lightsaber forms can be learned. believe me i tried with the KSE it kept screwing up my game and i had to start over

    Visas didnt have a prestige class


    So my request is...to have your party members reach prestige class when you do.

    Atton to Jedi master

    Mira to Jedi watchman

    Handmaiden to Jedi weapon master

    Visas to Jedi watchman

    Bao-dur to weapon master

    Goody two-shoes(mical) to jedi master

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