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  1. Happy July 4th everyone! I'm in a wee bit of trouble for setting part of my roof on fire with one of those bottle rockets. damage isnt to serious but it proves one thing. I can make a mess out of everything! lol


    Again Happy Fourth of July!!


    I'm confused. how can The Doctor be canadian if he's a timelord. i guess the sugar rush must be afecting my brain

  2. There is also the brianna Exile love. i'm not saying this would be easy. it's just to add a bit of realism to the game. i mean Atton should have been the romance option if female and brianna if male

  3. Alright. after beating KOTOR 1 far too many times, i'v moved onto greener pastures with KOTOR 2. i have to say...the romance options SUCK!. i havent played it in almost two months and i don't remember them being this bad. so to the request


    A romace dialouge with Brianna

    No voices needed

    lip movement wanted

    Kiss scene is possible

    maybe the dialouge should focus a little on sparring or combat...and then move into romance.


    Romance option with atton

    No voices needed

    lip movement prefered

    Kiss scence if possible(or a grope scene lol. sorry but to me he's sorta like Jiraiya from naruto. a super pervert)

    mavbe the dialouge should focus on him wanting to move on from his sith-related past and move onto a new future with the PC

  4. I loved the bastila romance enhancement mod( the mod where you KISS bastila) and i was wondering if someone could make a mod like it where you could do the same to juhani.


    Very late Edit: Well...it appears I'm alone in this little endevor. I'll give it my best shot.

  5. I know this sounds odd... but i would love a mod that has any character(except Juhani) sing i'm blue in KOTOR 1 doesnt have to be their voice, but it should have a certain line. Example


    Jolee: back in my day, i did a bit of singing let me tell you...wanna hear it?

    PC: No

    Jolee: too bad! your gonna hear it anyway!


    and then the song commences


    The same in KOTOR 2 but have HK-47 sing it since he could mimic voices( it makes some sense)


    it doesnt have to be voiced( except for the singing)


    the song is i'm blue by eiffel 65

  6. Okay...something here just isnt working. i put the modified file in and now the hood doesnt show up...i'm trying to get this robe with the hood, light sided and no cape.


    Sorry for any confusion


    I'm using Kristy Kistic's K1 revan without cape so the force powers don't come out of the feet

  7. well i have the brotherhood of shadow mod installed and i found out that none of the changes seem to take effect except for the removal of the aligment restriction (thank Enderwiggin!) so can i dont know can someone fix this?

  8. Well after about 3 months of attempted modding and editing...i have discovered i have no modding skills at all. so i'm making a request.


    I need someone to make revan's robes lightisde instead of dark side. or in simplier terms make the dark side robes able to be worn by a light side player.


    Thanks a bunch in advance hopefully


    Also if anyone could make a seperate model with out the hood that would be great too

  9. Screw a KOTOR MMO


    The reasons we loved the RPG KOTOR games...

    1.they were MODDABLE! we could add things! we could fool around with skins

    2. We could create our own characters that were for our eyes only. they were special to us

    3. There was no way little noobs could come up to us asking for free things or for money or for help

    4.because RPG's rule!


    I will say it again

    SCREW A KOTOR MMO DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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