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  1. Hey Skywalker what's new?

  2. I updated my latest post in the Rising Darkness so Karela is talking to Takeda. Sorry for not doing it sooner. :)

  3. Do you think you could post in the rising darkness? Right now I think we're waiting on the Hokage's response. :)

  4. Lets finish up the thread and leave the bill Endora

  5. Hey Endo! hows it going?

  6. I got full Exp on the entire game. took me about two months but I managed to pull it off

  7. Hey trigger, would you be interested in joining the naruto RP?


    Edit: Woops, made a typo

  8. So...where is Sauske in the RP? Is he dead or did he return to the village?

  9. Chev Giggles slightly*


    Let me rephrase "Wake up."


    Wake up means stop making me nervous! You are making me very nervous!

  10. Just dropping by to wish you a happy Birthday.

  11. :raise:


    Thats some imagination you got there...

  12. I have my sources :D

  13. Be that as it may I'm still going to have her out cold. I don't think it's appropriate for her to wake up now.

  14. Well I'm back. :D


    So...are we going to continue Strike Force S or let it as is?

  15. Still planning on killing Specter off?

  16. I've never played the games myself, but I'll gladly join :D I'm always up for a new Rp.

  17. Close! I actually decided to nominate you. ;) You've contributed alot of awsome Rps so I thought you deserved a badge. I'm sure a few other people agree with me. :)

  18. Our mysterious enemy has been introduced in the darkness within. :) Feel free to take control of him from now on.

  19. I'm a bit lost as to what to post in In Search of Darkness. Have any ideas? :)

  20. Yeah xD Sorry I haven't been able to post, I'm in the process of moving, hopefully I'll be able to post sometime next week.

  21. I'm taking this discussion to Children of mandalore and the drunken time travelers


    *Walks out of the forums*

  22. Your right...you did spell B'elanna wrong:lol: But I thought voyager was ok...I did like all the explosions

  23. *Drives a motorcycle into CQ's profile while the french version of paint it black plays in the background*

    Happy New Years CQ!! What's happening!? we have the little hotdogs!

  24. That post should hold me over for about five minutes, you have to admit it's getting very interesting!

  25. Zeron has a massivly oversixed rifle and five squads of troops :D He'll pull shade out.

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