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  1. As Valean bowed to the opponent she had defeated she thought she saw something on her Master's face. For a brief second she could have sworn she saw a frown on her Master's face but if she had actually seen it it was gone after only a second as a smile lit her face.


    Valean's smiled vanished for a moment as she thought about the situation she was in right now. She had been paired against someone who was clearly not at her combat level and she didn't know why. Was it possible that Master Brianna was trying to teach her something?


    "Good match." She said simply as she turned to look back at her Master and than back at Padawan Talt.

  2. I'm in. :D


    NAME: Valean


    SPECIES: Cathar


    GENDER: Female


    APPEARANCE: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Dhavani-432623235


    ALIGNMENT: Light


    BACKSTORY: Valean was born near the End of the Jedi Civil War. Although by this time the Cathar were refugees she was on a transport when it was attacked by slavers who were determined to take the crew and passengers for a profit. Unknown to the slavers and Valean, there was a Jedi Knight aboard the vessel who was able to swiftly deal with the slavers and found Valean among the bodies of her family who had given their lives to protect her.


    Valean was taken to the Jedi Temple on Dantooine by the Jedi Knight and was quickly taken as an apprentice by Brianna the Handmaiden who began to train her in the art of combat as a Jedi Guardian.




    NAME: Quirzar

    SPECIES: trandoshan

    GENDER: Male

    APPEARANCE: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Request-Vorrsk-Jensaari-Defender-311887383


    BACKSTORY: At one point in his life, Quirzar was known as a famous hunter who sought prey either sentient or not. He seemed to have an natural gift for tracking down and killing his prey, he didn't know it at the time but he was actually force-sensitive. But it was after an encounter with the Jedi known as Atton "Jaq" Rand, he was forced to see the consequences of his actions as the Jedi showed him through the force what despair his actions were causing. It was at this point that he realized he was capable of wielding the force. Quirzar had never intended to cause harm to people, he simply wished to please his god the Scorekeeper and as such fell to his knees in shock as he saw what his actions had caused. It was at this point that Atton offered him the chance that few Trandoshan received. Join the Jedi Order and use his abilities to help others.


    Quirzar accepted and has recently arrived on Dantooine.

  3. "Yeah, the Shan was busted up pretty badly so it took longer then we should have spent here, but you and Per'dra needed the rest, so I guess it worked out for the best."


    He let a brief sigh as he stood up from the one knee he had been standing on, "I know you haven't had much time to think about it while you were sleeping but, what are we going to do about our new sith friend? Will he coming with us to Voss or will he be taking his leave?"


    Zarev paused for a moment. He had honestly forgotten all about the sith that had come after Avriela. "I don't know. Whatever Avriela said to him seems to have kept him from killing her and the rest of us. His ship was destroyed back on Taris so I think we'll let him come as far as Voss. Once there, he can either go to the imperial forces stationed there there or he can continue to travel with us."


    He shrugged. "Everyone deserves a chance at redemption Corsail. If he chooses to take it than that is his choice."


    He looked around at the Shan and turned to look back at Corsail again. "How long do you think before we can take off?"

  4. ((Time for a three day Time-skip. And sorry for the late post, been a bit busy))


    Three days later



    Taris Space Port


    Zarev slowly opened his eyes and stretched his arms as he came out of his healing trance. He got to his feet and listened to to the background sounds of the Shan. The ship sounded as though it had been repaired as some of the sounds that had become normal after the damage the ship had taken were gone and the normal sounds that he had first heard when they had first taken the ship had replaced them.


    Zarev grabbed his double-bladed lightsaber from off the table next to the beds and clipped it to his belt as he walked out the door into the main crew area. He stopped for a moment as he saw Corsail and Vlalkor working on a console.


    "Feels good to be up and walking again." He said with a smile as he approached the two of them. "What's the status of the ship?" He asked. Vlalkor looked up at him and turned to look at the console. "Just about done. Just need to fix this up and we're done."

  5. Zarev's face turned a bit red from the wink Per'dra gave him but otherwise showed no reaction as he turned and headed towards the dormitories that were reserved for the male population of the ship. He sighed heavily as he collapsed down on the bed and let a small grin appear on his face. He didn't care that it wasn't comfortable. He didn't even have to climb under the sheets. It was better then what he had been working with since Balmorra.


    He fell asleep almost the moment he hit the bed. Even though he was tired and had no idea what was going to happen next, he didn't know if they would succeed or fail...he knew he was going to give it his all.

  6. "Yeah, and how many of you are going to help me fix up the ship? We are going to start today, so we should all get off the ship. We have a small building for our crew, so anyone who needs to rest can stay there. If you're good to get to work today, then we should get outside and get started."


    Zarev smiled weakly and was about to raise his hand to volunteer but Avriela grabbed it before he could get his hand all the way up. "You and Per'dra need to catch some sleep." She said sternly. "You both fought a Jedi Master who was not holding back. Don't worry, we can get the ship fixed up but you need to recover before we reach Voss so get in there and enter a healing trance. "


    She stared at both Per'dra and Zarev and pointed at the dormitories. "Sleep. Now." She ordered.


    Zarev was about to argue but he saw the look in Avriela's eyes and silently nodded. "Alright. But if there are any emergencies you'd better let me know."

  7. "If that's true," Per'dra told Zarev, "then perhaps there's a way to starve this presence into dormancy or death through the Force. That's how it attacked us, and maybe we should give it a taste of its own medicine. The thing is, how do we even attempt to do that? It's so strong that we can barely hold up mental barriers against it. Defenses will help, most definitely, but we have to defeat whatever hounds us. The galaxy is at stake, and as much as I hate to admit it, I feel sorry for anyone under its possession, whether Jedi or Sith."


    "It's possible." Zarev said quietly. "But I personally think we should go to the source of this and end it once and for all. Whoever or whatever this thing is, it's already demonstrated that it has hostile intentions."


    Avriela nodded her head in agreement. "And we've seen the power it has. It was able to corrupt a member of the Dark Council and Master Voleran with no apparent effort. We need to end this thing."


    Zarev looked over at Per'dra and than over at Vlalkor. "Voleran managed to take back his mind long enough to tell us the name of a planet. Voss. I have a feeling that that is where we can end this once and for all. But for all we know whatever this thing is has already managed to corrupt the natives of Voss. We have to move carefully and quietly to avoid drawing attention to ourselves."


    Zarev looked over at the assembled group.


    "Are we all in agreement? We go to Voss and we finish this?"

  8. Complete and utter War has consumed the Galaxy as the Sith Empire and The Galactic Republic once again take up arms against one another as each side fights to wipe the other from the face of the Galaxy forever. Each side has had it's heroes. Men and Women who have given their lives so that their respective sides may advance one step closer to victory.


    But as the two sides fight for survival, certain men and women of many species can sense that something is wrong. Something dark is influencing those who command the legions of solders fighting it out. Something is feeding upon the war for it's own dark design.


    A force of pure darkness, once thought long dead is stirring in the dark. Both Jedi and Sith can sense it's awakening power and both sides scramble to locate it before the opposing side does. But as both Sith and Jedi search the dark places of the galaxy in hopes of locating the source of dark power they must ask themselves.


    Once they find it...will they survive the encounter?




    Character Sheet

















    No Godmodding

    No Super powerful characters

    No more than four characters

    Language is to be kept at a Pg-13 level. You can insult the characters but not the people controlling them.

    No killing other characters without permission.

    Feel Free to use your characters from The Old Republic! You don't have to but if you want to, you can.

    Have fun!

  9. Station


    "Did you think you could get rid of me so easily?"


    Varith turned and looked at the Ebon Hawk. He could feel his daughter's presence aboard the ship...and for a brief moment he felt the anger that seemed to have always been with him fade away.


    It was replaced by a feeling of peace...and knowing that what he would do next would most likely not only save the life of his daughter, but those he had entrusted her to.


    He grabbed Tavaryn's hand and pressed a small data-chip into his palm. "When you get home, show this holographic chip to my daughter. I hope it helps her."


    Varith smiled sadly at the ship and than turned around to face Tyrannus. "Get to the ship...and tell my daughter and your mate that what I do...I'm doing for them. When you feel she's ready...tell her what I once was...and what I become once again at the end."


    "Get your friend to the ship. I'll deal with this one."


    Xandros's eyes widened in shock as Varith ignited his lightsaber and slowly advanced towards Tyrannus and looked up at the bulkhead door that was currently open. He brought his hands down in a fierce downward motion and the door closed behind him, separating Varith and Tyrannus from the rest of the group.


    "I started on my path as a Jedi. I turned away from the light-side and became what I once swore to destroy...but here, at the end, I will be a Jedi once again!"


    He unleashed a short burst of lightning at the door controls and snarled at Tyrannus.


    "You won't escape this time. This time...you die." Varith snarled again as he slowly began to circle Tyrannus.

  10. "With the chaos of two warlords vying for territory our actions will be less noticeable. We'll start there, 'Oath Sister', disrupting them both where we can, yet, ultimately we will focus on the weaker of the two."


    "In that case, we should most likely focus on Spider-Girl. This Warlord she's been fighting has unknown forces. Although there have been rumors whoever it is has been using technology similar to the Iron Man suits that Tony Stark used to use."




    She looked up at Beta-Ray's stern face and nodded as she held Mjolnir with one hand and the other hand pointed towards the city. "Always." She said as she slowly began to rise into the air and she looked down at Beta Ray.


    "Be careful. I have a feeling that Spider-Girl has eyes everywhere."



    Twelve miles outside of Hammer Falls


    SlipStream was forced to dodge left and right as he continued to run across the landscape as the two mechanical suits that had been following him for the past few miles shot repulsor beams directly in front of him in an attempt to stop him or kill him. He had a feeling that whoever was in control of these suits didn't care much either way.


    "I have a feeling that you guys aren't going to let up until either I die or you die!" He called over his shoulder as he continued to run. On the outside it looked as if he was still fine but in reality he was struggling to keep going.


    He was exhausted and he couldn't seem to lose these two.


    "Missile lock established." A cold mechanical voice spoke from behind him.


    Missiles. That's not good.


    SlipStream could hear the sound of a most likely explosive object closing in from behind him and he knew that he was going to have to get creative to avoid it.


    Lets see here...what options do I have to work with? Cliffs to the North and West, Hammer Falls to the East, and a trail that anyone can follow to the south.


    Wait a second...the Cliff!


    Slipstream knew that he wouldn't get a second chance at this since he was nearly out of energy. But it was worth a shot.


    Just as he was about to run into the cliff he jumped and threw himself legs first at the rock face and used what little energy he had left and the momentum he had gained to launch himself away from the wall of rock and let a small grin appear on his face as he heard the sound of an explosion behind him accompanied by the sound of the suits slamming into the cliff.


    He took the opportunity to bolt once again and shot off towards the East. He knew that Hammer Falls wasn't exactly the...well, it was the worst possible place to go but he didn't have much of a choice anymore.


    And who knew? Maybe he could find someplace to stop for a bit and rebuild his strength.

  11. For all the players in the Sinister Empire region, I think we should do a time skip event that would have a few of you meeting up with each other. If the need arises, I can create a character that can bring us all together. I think that would be the best way to get things moving again if everyone is still in.

  12. "'Oath Sister'.....Amy. No thanks are needed, no debt is owed by you. I made a promise, a solemn oath. And the debt.......The debt was mine to pay....It still is,"


    Amy bowed her head. "Non the less. I still owe you my thanks. Without you, I would have most likely have been found and killed by now." She said as she turned to look at the house Beta Ray had built.


    "I...Wow. It looks great Bill." She said with a large smile. "I don't know what to say."


    "We start where we stand, "Long silent strides, before loud thunderous leaps. Our efforts must start small dear Amy, or we will do nothing but become icons and martyrs."




    "Yes." Amy said simply.


    Amy looked out at Las Vegas. She had listened to rumors and although a few of them may have been out of date they may still prove useful. "It's been renamed Hammer Falls. In fact, it's where I was living when I came across Mjolnir."


    She turned to look at Bill. "It's where Thor made his final stand. People used to pray at the hammer for the heroes to return and to fight for them once again." Her eyes somberly turned to the ground. "When I took the hammer...people were so excited and hopeful. I feel like I let them down by not fighting for them."


    Her eyes once again returned to Hammer Falls. "I intend to fix that. I intend to give people hope once again."


    She turned to Beta Ray Bill. "From what I hear, Hammer Falls was under the Kingpin until he was killed by Spider-Girl. Now that she has control of the Kingpin's territory she's become an even worse threat than the Kingpin. I've heard rumors that another villain has been trying to wrestle her territory from her."

  13. Somewhere In California


    "My Lord. We have found the Mutant that escaped from the Red Skull. It appears that he managed to flee to Nevada. Based on our spy network it appears that he's somewhere near Las Vegas."


    At the center of the small city that Lord Steel was using as his/her base of operations, A figure wrapped in shadows looked over the monitors that were currently tracking SlipStream. He looked exhausted and he looked as though he had been badly beaten recently.


    "Excellent. Are there any others currently tracking his location?" Steel asked in a calm, cold voice. One of the captains looked over as a report from one of the many spies that Steel possessed came in.


    "It appears that the one who killed the kingpin and took his territory..."Spider-Girl" has also managed to track his location and is sending her forces to capture him. At least three meta humans are with the oncoming force."


    "She cannot be allowed to capture him. Inform two of my Lieutenants to suit up and prepare my armor. I expect all weapons to be fully charged."


    "Yes My Lord." The man looked back at his screen but then turned to watch as Lord Steel walked away towards the room that held her personalized armor. He looked back at the Hero and shook his head.


    She is going to make sure she gets every secret he holds. She won't let up until he either gives up everything or he dies. May whatever he believes in save him.

  14. ((This time skip is taking place for only Mine and MA's character since they met a few months before the events that are going on occurred.))


    Amy looked down at her armor and at her hand which was now confidently holding Mjolnir. It had been months since Beta Ray Bill had begun training her to use Mjolnir and her skill with the mythical weapon had improved beyond her wildest imagination. She could summon lightning, create small storms with it and even fire blasts of energy from it.


    But the best thing of all had to be the ability to fly.


    It had taken her weeks to learn to use the hammer to soar through the skies and she couldn't go too far due to the fact that if anyone associated with the Villains saw her holding the weapon, she would be hunted down and be shown no mercy. But she loved the feeling of flying through the air. It brought joy to her heart.


    She looked up at her mentor and grinned as she held the hammer. "I...want to thank you." She said to her mentor. "Thanks to you I feel like I can finally make a difference and I can finally help those who need help."


    She smiled again. "I owe you big time."


    She looked over the horizon and towards the sun which was setting. "Where are we going to go first?" She asked.





    South West Amerika


    Slipstream knew that he had failed.


    He had failed to save the Civilians who had looked at him with hope in their eyes as he tried to put out the flames.


    And worse, now they knew that there was a Super Speedster running across the county. And now there would be a manhunt the likes of which hadn't been seen since the Night the heroes had fallen.


    He narrowed his eyes as he thought back to what that waste of a human being had done to the innocent.


    As he sped across the devastated landscape he sighed. Already, he had heard of reports stating that he was to be taken alive or dead. Most likely they wanted him dead for daring to show himself and give people hope.


    He stopped for a moment as he tried to get his breath back. He had been on the run for months now and he was getting close to the breaking point. Sooner or later, he would have to take a stand.


    Bring it. He thought.

  15. "Perhaps we should draw up the battle plan and when Alpha Leader returns we'll be good to go."


    "Agreed." Belina said thoughtfully as one of the comn lines began to flash, showing that an incoming transmission was coming in.


    "If you'll all excuse me for a moment. I have to answer this." She said as she gave a last look at Kol Skywalker before moving off to the far corner of the room.






    "Alright. Do it. We'll cover."


    Varith nodded and grabbed a thermal detonator from off his best and than another one. The second one was a bit smaller but it had the same explosive power.


    He placed one of them at the top of the door on the left side and the second one at the bottom right hand side of the door. The blast would most likely destroy a good portion of the door, enough for them to get through.


    "Fire in the hole." Varith shouted as he force jumped backwards.

  16. Ackbar


    "Alpha Team is at your services ma'am."


    Belina turned to him and smiled as an idea began to form in her mind. "That's excellent news because we're going to need Alpha team if we can pull this off. Like you said, we can use the Ackbar to drop them in the temple but I'm thinking we can also send in a few teams that can keep the sith forces busy while you head for the main objective."





    "A well placed mine and remote triggered should be able to open it without causing unnecessary damage."


    Xandros was about to speak up when the Cathar dark jedi spoke up. "I believe I can help with that." He said as his eyes narrowed for a moment. He could have sworn that he sensed something for a moment but it was gone.


    "Next to lightsaber combat, Explosives are my specialty."

  17. "Well? What are we waiting for?" She listened closely. "I don't hear anything, or sense anything through the Force that might be amiss. Then again, I'm just a Padawan, and more danger could lie ahead than I originally thought. I think we should definitely proceed, but with caution."


    Dalren frowned as he reached out with the force and sensed...nothing. Which in itself was odd. One was able to sense most forms of life through the force and yet he didn't sense any life at all.


    He looked into the dark corridor and reached for his lightsabers and ignited the twin blue blades as he heard a faint clanking sound coming from further down the corridor.


    Yet he still sensed nothing.


    "Does anyone else hear that?" He asked as he heard the faint clanking off in the distance.

  18. "Dalren, right?", he asked, pointing a finger at the large togruta. "I believe I've seen you down in the dueling annex on a few occasions.


    "Yes Master." Dalren said as he bowed. "The dueling annex is one of my favorite places in the temple to be honest. I was assigned to assist Statira should the need arise during our mission."


    He looked over the Twi'lek. "So...if I may ask what are you doing here?"

  19. "The ruins are underneath the alcove leading to what used to be a console station, but has been unused since the deceased Masters were still alive."


    Dalren frowned slightly as he sensed...nothing. There was nothing hostile that he could sense from anywhere in or near the enclave. Was it possible that there was something shielding whatever it was they were supposed to be looking for using some sort of force technique?


    "We'll be back soon, if the Force is willing."


    Dalren's frown vanished as he turned to face his Master, Master Marr and Statira and bowed respectfully. "I give you my word that I will make sure Statira will return alive."


    He looked towards the exit. "Are you ready to go?" He asked.

  20. "but I've sensed a dire disturbance in the Force. The ghosts of this Enclave are coming back to haunt us, and the concentration of their pain seems to be beneath this very facility. I intend to send Statira on a mission to the underbelly of it, through corridors long since abandoned. Still, I will not send her alone, and request accompaniment for her. Dalren? Are you willing to undertake this mission?"


    Statira glanced at Visas, who gave her a nod and permission to continue. "Master Marr knows that I'm not the most skilled Padawan in combat, and she's afraid there might be hostile foes down where she's sending me. Other than laigreks and kinrath, I don't know what those could be, but we hope it's not..."


    "Sith," her Master finished. "I do not sense them, but perhaps my awareness is clouded by the Dark Side of the Force. I ask you again: Will you accept?"


    Dalren answered without hesitation. The Jedi order had saved his life and presented before him now was a chance to repay the order by doing what he did best: Defending others.


    "I will accept this mission and promise that I will do my best to return Statira as soon as the mission is complete." He said as he grabbed his twin sabers from where he had set them down earlier and placed the training sabers on a table. He clipped the twin lightsabers to his belt and smiled.


    "When do you wish to go?" He asked as he reached out through the force to try and sense any hostiles that could be present."

  21. Dalren was forced to duck under the training saber once again and almost was hit by his Master's open palm strike only to bend backward to avoid the strike. He rose up and jumped backward as his Master tried to hit him with another palm strike.


    "Going on the offensive Master?" He asked as he narrowly dodged another palm strike and ducked to the side as the training saber nearly hit his shoulder.


    "In the heat of battle there is no telling what may happen or what tactics your enemy may use." She answered as she switched to a defensive stance as Dalren went on the offensive and used one of his sabers to block the training saber and the other to try and go on the offensive.


    Just as Dalren was getting close to finally get through his Master's guard she deactivated the training saber and saw her motion for him to do the same. "What's going on?"


    Brianna looked towards the entrance of the room. "Master Marr and her padawan are approaching. I believe they may wish to speak with us."

  22. Dalren Xellros dodged under the blade of the training saber and force jumped backwards as his opponent brought her training saber up into a defensive stance.


    "I'm not going to lie Master, I honestly didn't see that one coming. You seem to have no end of tricks up your robes." Dalren commented as he raised his duel training sabers up in a similar defensive stance. "I've already learned the Echani forms, but you always seem to have a new trick."


    The Echani woman who had once traveled with the one known as the Jedi Exile slowly circled her Togruta padawan with her training saber and smiled. "As my student, it's best you learn these tricks from me rather than in the middle of combat with a highly skilled opponent."




    "I still don't see why I can't spar with you with my lightsabers. I've learned so much from you and I feel that I'm ready."


    Brianna shook her head. "I'm sorry, you are improving daily but I feel you still have to learn a bit more before you spar with me with your lightsabers. You are still learning the art of using dual sabers and although you are close to finishing your lessons with them your still a little ways off."


    The Togruta sighed heavily. "As you say Master. But I still look forward to the day when I can use my real lightsabers in a sparring match."


    "I know you do. But remember, patience is a virtue."




    T9-05 was watching the sparring session and was trying to predict who would win this match. The logical choice was the Echani Jedi but still, the Togruta was holding up against her attacks quite well. The droid was always watching the sparring matches between the Masters and their apprentices. It was a pleasant way to pass the day when there were no new apprentices to instruct. The matches also helped her keep her combat records of the Jedi up to date in case they would ever be needed.

  23. RSS Ackbar, War Room


    "If we succeed in using the network to expose it, the Sith Soldiers will turn on their Masters almost immediately. That'll introduce an unstable element into the equation. They could continue fighting us, turn on each other, or simply stand down. It's impossible to know for sure."


    "But it does sound more like colony hierarchies. When a leader falls, the drones turn on each other. We can give the option of surrender but if they resist, should be easy to take out,"


    " "Depending on what happens, I think the majority of the fleet should be held back while a small battle group keeps the sith in orbit busy. If things get bad, we can easily pull in the rest of the fleet. And there's no telling what will happen if they choose not to surrender. They may fight to the death."





    "Alright. We better go."


    "Lets just get to the hanger as quickly as possible." Xandros said as he ignited his lightsaber with Varith doing the same. "The sooner we get there the sooner we can grab Tara and leave before the station collapses."


    A large piece of debris followed by a large section of the ceiling collapsed behind them and Varith pointed forward. "Time to go. Now." He said.

  24. "Then, Amy Zander, I shall honor you, and myself, with teaching you how to wield the mighty hammer of my 'Oath Brother', and together, perhaps, we can bring some peace and order back to this once beautiful world that Thor loved so much!"


    Amy smiled. She finally had a teacher and one who was familiar with the way that Mjolnir worked. She had an ally who could help her return peace back to the world.


    "I...Thank you Beta Ray Bill." She said with a large smile on her face. "I don't know how to thank you. And I'm proud that I will be able to fight alongside you once I learn how to use Mjolnir to it's fullest extent."


    She looked at the Asgardian weapon and smiled. "So...where do we start? Do you want to know more about what happened to the world and who you may be up against? Or perhaps you can tell me the basics of using Mjolnir if it's alright with you."




    "As for your aging...well...there is only one true cure for that, Amerikan."


    Slipstream grunted as he hit the ground and the Red Skull grabbed his jaw and began trying to rip it from his skull.


    "You know, you really need to develop a sense of humor." He managed to get out before he unleashed a series of powerful, rapid punches that managed to get him away from the Red Skull for a moment.


    He sped backwards towards he was at the bottom of the hill a good distance away from the red skull. "I'm a bit confused. Maybe you can answer a question? How are you alive? I heard that one of the surviving X-men killed you a while back. What brought about your resurrection?"

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