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  1. Thanks for joining the RP CQ :) Been a long time since I was able to Rp with you. I just added my first character and I'm working on my second. I was wondering though, would you like to play one of the major villians in the Rp?


    If your interested I'll PM you the details. :)

  2. I don't think we are. the only thing that scares me is Stoffe's little demon smile

  3. Alright. My mandalorian backstory has been updated

  4. Thats cool. what sorta things do you have on your plate at the moment?

  5. Do you not have any little hotdogs?

  6. *Dresses up like Ozzy*

    Endooooooooo! What's new?


    *Laughs like Ozzy*

  7. Endooooooooo! What is the meaning of life? I hope its related to pizza in some way, shape or form

  8. Happy Birthday! Sorry i couldn't get a birthday thread up in time, but i was really Really busy today :(

  9. Thou is good! Yep. I was actually just planning on doing that tonight. Life is...mediocre.

  10. Hmmm...star wars...star wars, In that case I would recomend Specter of the past and vison of the future. Both are beautifully writen as are nearly al of Zhan's books. Of couse you've probally already read both of them XP

  11. Zeron has three fighter jets armed with weapons capable of punching through the subs hull.


    He will get the prisoners back. :D

  12. Welcome CQ...Welcome to the Machine!

  13. Regarding Jedi_man's character...I don't think that they had several thousand Jedi during the war, much less one person commanding them.


    Do you think you could ask/demand that he edit it? It just seems so unrealistic


    EDIT: I'd just kick him out.

  14. Thanks Mach. :) I really appreciate it.

  15. Yeah...unfortunatly it is. I have a few more Rps in the planning stages though.

  16. What do you think of the latest post in the Darkness Within? Corsail certainly has an interesting theory :p

  17. Sounds good. :) I'll have Vlalkor reach the ship, have Corsail jump onboard and then we can pick you all up so we can go from there.

  18. So I can take control of Jolee? Just thought I'd ask.


    If not, I'll edit my post.

  19. If the music doenst fit it's not really a video...just an echo of a video...what did ya think of the elvis dude?

  20. Especally the ones that have borg ships caught in them...borg ships make me laugh when they go "Boomith"

  21. Why not just start when your character is in the cantina and you see my character being chased by CQ's character, maybe your character could take this opportunity to help me out against CQ's character, or your character could leave before CQ's character finds out she's a jedi


    you don't have to choose either of those, just a suggestion

  22. Hey Doctor, hows life treating you?

  23. The guy with the flamethrowe remind me of you

    Trigger with a flame thrower

  24. No, we didn't have any problems like that. He is was in the military so he got a 21 gun salute.


    What do you mean you extended family was fighting over what? didn't they leave wills or something?

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