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  1. "You wanted to speak with me on something?" he asked a bit cautiously. "...and what makes you think I have something to regret?"


    Avriela continued to work on Velox's wounds. She didn't respond for a moment and then said, "Everyone has something that they regret. A path not taken, a choice not made...a life not lived. Everyone has regrets Velox. Even the jedi."


    She took another look at his arm and saw that she had done all that she could for it and then moved onto the other one. "I was actually going to ask you who you were before you joined the Sith. Were you a Jedi? A loner with force abilities? Or were you simply raised in the Sith Empire?"



    Vlalkor headed towards Zarev who was still out cold on the floor next to Per'dra's bunk and he shook his head slightly as he gently lifted the wounded jedi and placed him in a bunk. He looked down at him and asked the question that he had beent thinking since he had seen him stagger onboard.


    "So...can anyone tell me how Zarev can be here when he apparently killed himself on Balmorra? Any theories on how he survived? And how did he get here before we did?"


    He looked over at Zarev again and began to pilot the ship towards Republic HQ for repairs. The Shan had been through quite a bit these last few days, she deserved a few repairs before the next adventure.

  2. Station


    "Should we?"


    "I don't know." Alriana answered. "Are we sure that whatever is down this corridor isn't dangerous? For all we know it could be some sort of trap that Tyrannus set."




    "And I am familiar with those ways too. Though I think it would be best served against the sangtahut standing with you. If you studied your history, you would know why."


    Xandros smiled darkly. "I'm not falling for your games, sith. And trust me, you have no idea what I have planned for you. They aren't the traditional means of dispatching an opponet...no...these are a bit more...creative."



    "And don't think that I won't give up on going after that precious young mind."


    Varith looked over at the others and then with eyes blazing with hatred he turned to look back at Tyrannus. "Thats it. You just sealed your fate by threatning Velra."


    "You'll need help,"


    Varith didn't even have to think about it. "I'll take whatever help I can get. But be warned, you may have to run very soon if what I have planned works." He said as he grabbed a set of pipes that ran across the celling and began to pull them down with the force.

  3. "We should probably take her to Republic HQ, if there's anything left of it. Those holes on the hull have started to expand slightly which could indicate a bigger problem."


    Vlalkor nodded in agreement. "From what I've been hearing over the comn channels Republic HQ is still in one piece. The solders were able to hold the rakghouls back and a very short time ago...well, the rakghouls turned on each other. Republic troops managed to finish them off."


    "We should probably get the holes patched and head for wherever it is we need to go next. I have a feeling this isn't over. If Voleran was controlling the rakghouls...than what was controlling Voleran?"


    As Vlalkor looked on, he watched as Zarev carried the still unconscious Per'dra to her quarters. Zarev looked like he was in very bad shape. His eyes were almost closed, he was limping and staggering but he still didn't stop. He gently laid Per'dra down in one of the bunks and then proceeded to collapse on the floor next to her bunk.



    Avriela was doing her best to hold Velox up as they boarded the Shan and gave Corsail a look that could have punched a hole through durasteel as his hands went for his blasters. "We've all done things we regret Corsail." She said quietly as she sat him down on one of the benches near the ship's holoterminal. "Some of us more then others." She said as she looked down at Velox.


    She grabbed a medkit from a bench and began to work on Velox's wounds as best she could. "This may hurt," She said as she worked on his wounds. "But rest assured, I'm not going to deliberately hurt you."

  4. "Were you the one that once made the joke about following a computer's orders?"


    Alriana thought for a moment. "I might have. To be honest I don't quite remember." she said as she headed for the south corridor.




    "A little out of practice Shinigami?"


    Xandros winced slightly as the shock hit him and shook his head. "A true Shinigami is never out of practice. Trust me, Right now I can think of three separate ways to kill you.


    A familiar voice came from the corner. "I think I know what your thinking." Varith's voice echoed through the room as the cathar dark jedi got to his feet. "And it's not an option. What your planning to do would tear the station apart and kill everyone on it."


    He motioned around the room. "We can't risk compromising the hull here. Everything on this station is jury rigged, if we cause enough damage we'll be dealing with severe power surges that will cause explosions everywhere."


    A sudden idea came to Varith's mind as he reignited his lightsaber and held it in a makashi stance as he smiled at Tyrannus and then at the others. "I'd leave the area if I were you two. It's about to get very cold in here." He said to Xandros and Tavaryn.

  5. For you, I always will try.


    Alriana smiled for a moment. She knew that Tavaryn would always keep his promise to the best of the ability. Good luck. She sent As the small group headed for the exit as quickly as possible. She turned around and took one last look at the battling combatants and ran after them with the child's hand in hers.


    "Are you familiar with two prong maneuver?"


    Xandros looked at Tavaryn and nodded as he began to move into position.




    Command Deck


    Belina watched as the small shuttle containing the two ambassadors and a small security patrol shot into hyperspace. She looked back at the communications panel.


    "The ambassadors are on their way." She said to the armored figure that was on the screen. "And as I said, if you are to join us, your planet will recieve as much planetary aid as you need. You will also be permitted full use of the Resistance's facilities and that includes spacedocks and repair yards."


    The figure nodded for a moment. "We will see what else your ambassadors have to offer and rest assured, you will get a response shortly. But you were correct when you said this new sith threat is a threat to the galaxy. When we decide on a course of action we will notify you. Re'turcye mhi "


    Belina deactivated the panel and looked out the window and hoped to the force that everything would work out. She looked down at the intercom and shook her head for a moment. "Attention. Master Kol Skywalker, please report to the briefing room on the bridge." She said into the intercom as she headed for the briefing room.

  6. Station


    "I can't allow them to go. You see I've learned a lot about your family and a thing about interrogation. You are familiar with pressure points?"


    Alriana stopped just as a quick series of force lightning blasts hit the area in front of them. She watched as Tavaryn placed himself between the group and Tyrannus.


    As much as I would like it, I can't have you help. I agree he needs to die but first get you and the girl out. Be ready.


    I understand...Just promise me that you'll be safe. She sent back as she prepared to grab the child and run with her. She looked down at the child and spoke quietly. "Be prepared to run as fast as you can when we leave. Don't look back...don't draw attention to yourself."


    The child did look back and shook her head. "What about my father?" She whispered as she looked back at the Cathar Dark Jedi was was trying to get back to his feet.


    Varith stumbled to his feet and ignited his lightsaber with a scowl on his face. He looked over at Tavaryn and Xandros. "I'm prepared to put aside my hatred of the jedi for a few minutes if you'll give me the honor of helping you put down this fool." He said as he looked over at his daughter for a moment and then at Alriana.


    "You better make sure my daughter is safe." He said quietly as he turned around and faced Tyrannus.


    "Tell me what is your motivation for being here when it is clear that you have animosity towards your brother Shinigami?"


    Xandros muttered something under his breath. "The reason I'm here is to protect Jedi Alriana. And yes, I am angry at Tavaryn for what he did, but killing you takes priority here. Rest assured, you will die today."

  7. Station


    Do not do anything rash moi chroi


    I wasn't planning to. She sent back as she looked over at Jun-la. "I think we should get the child back to the ship. After that, we come back and get rid of Tyrannus once and for all." She whispered.


    "Perhaps but it seems you are more interested in fighting. You have what you wanted... me. Let the others go and we can have all the fun you want."


    Alriana couldn't help but be nervous. She had never seen Tavaryn like this. She knew that he and Tyrannus had some sort of feud between families but this...He had insulted Tavaryn and his mother's side of the family and if she had anything to say about she was going to join Tavaryn's family.


    That meant Tyrannus had just insulted her as well.


    Do you want help fighting him? She sent. This man either needs to die or be imprisoned, in carbonite if possible but I'd like to see him dead.

  8. Shan


    "Let's hope others managed to take down Voleran."


    Vlalkor sat down in the pilot's chair and began to hit controls and the Shan slowly rose off the ground.It looked as if the Rakghouls hadn't managed to do any serious damage to the ship and the hull was still intact.


    "If anyone could do it, they could." He said quietly as the Shan slowly turned around as Vlalkor scanned for humanoid life signs and quickly found them. "I've found them. They're not too far away, but I think they're fighting Rakghouls. There's a massive amount of them and the rakghouls lifesigns are constantly fading. There's only around twenty ghouls left and the lifesigns are still fading.


    Vlalkor shook his head and the ship shot off towards the group.




    "What in the hell...?"


    Zarev was getting dizzy as he continued carrying Per'dra but his eyes widend as he looked down. "When Voleran died...he must have lost whatever hold he had over the Rakghouls. Whatever minds they had are probably gone."


    He looked up as a massive shadow covered the group and the sound of an engine filled the air.


    Zarev smiled again as the Shan's boarding ramp extended down to the group and Vlalkor appeared at the top of the ramp.


    "Hurry up and get in!" He shouted down at the group. "Those ghouls are going to notice the ship any second now!"


    Zarev ran up the ramp with Per'dra in his arms and Avriala looked at Velox. "You can either join us in fighting this threat or try and get back to your ship and leave. Just remember...your choice can affect the rest of the galaxy."

  9. Stay behind us and if something should happen, you run to our ship.


    The cathar child nodded and quickly ran behind Jun-la and silently peeked for a moment at Tyrannus and Xandros. She could feel the anger that was radiating off of Xandros and she didn't know who she was more scared of at the moment. Tyrannus or Xandros.


    "Very good. Funny thing is I am surprised your brother Shinigami doesn't know the story as well. Most would have grown up with that since your mother, the direct descendant was a part of their number. She was good at hiding even when you were born." He looked at Xandros, "Don't tell me you've never heard the tale?"


    Xandros was practiclly shaking he wanted to attack Tyrannus so badly. "I"ve never heard the story and truth be told, I don't want to hear it from you. You'd twist it to your own ends.

  10. Enroute to the Shan


    Vlalkor was trying his best to avoid the Rakghouls but for some reason, a few of them seemed to be immune to whatever had affected their minds.


    "Corsail!" He shouted over his shoulder at the other man who was hopefully right behind him. "Look sharp. Small group of Rakghouls coming in from the left!" He shouted as he grabbed his rifle and began blasting at the rakghouls as they ran at the two of them.


    "We're close to the Shan now. If we can get past this last group we should be able to reach the ship!" He called as the Shan came into view. It looks as if the Rakghouls had left the ship alone for the most part which had surprised him.


    Looks like our luck is finally turning around. he thought.




    "What about exactly?"


    "You'll find out when we reach the ship." She replied as she kept an eye out for Rakghouls. It was a long shot...but was it possible she could turn her attacker away from the darkside? Was it possible that she could find out who he had once been? She knew he hadn't always been sith. Maybe there was still something of who he had once been underneath all that armor.

  11. Station


    The child whimpered in fear as Tyrannus continued to hold her as a human shield. But the fear quickly vanished as Tyrannus was sent flying backwards with a force push. She fully expected him to continue holding onto her but the man who had hit tyrannus with the force push managed to keep her away.


    Little one. Do you know how to play keep away?


    The cathar child looked up at Jun-la as Tavaryn moved her towards Alriana. She quickly nodded her head as she watched wide eyed as Tavaryn and Tyrannus watched each other.



    "Oh you would know it as the green eyed monster though a Hutt would more accurately describe it."


    Xandros was about to charge Tyrannus and was prepared to hit him with everything he had when Tavaryn charged into the room. He watched the other Shinigami with narrowed eyes as he force pushed Tyrannus back.


    "Tell me something Shinigami, is it wrong for your brotherhood to mingle with the Jedi?"


    Hes trying to turn you against Tavaryn and the others. Don't play his game. You can yell at Tavaryn later. he thought.


    "I'm not going to play your game." He said quietly as he looked over at Tavaryn again. "We can talk later. And rest assured, we will be talking later. But now is the time to kill this sith."

  12. Station


    Keep him calm. He does not know this one like my family and the Jedi who know him.


    I'll do my best. Alriana sent back as she watched as Tyrannus began to circle Xandros.


    "Are you certain it is protection you are doing? This anger... I have seen it many times before and there is a word for it."


    Xandros's hands began to tighten around the hilt of the lightsaber. In fact a small indent appeared on the hilt, not enough to damage it but enough to show that he was rapidly losing control of his anger.


    "I will protect her for as long as I live. And you claim to have seen this anger so many times before...indulge me. Tell me what it is."


    "Now I knwo you wouldn't want tempers flaring now do you?"


    Xandros almost attacked at that moment but he managed to hold himself back as Alriana's voice echoed through the area.


    "Listen to me Xandros...He's trying to get you to do something that you'll regret for the rest of your life. He wants you to attack him, he wants you to attack him and he will use her as a shield against you.You don' want the blood of a child on your hands."


    Xandros's hands clenched and unclenched as he fought the urge to attack Tyrannus with everything he had. He looked back at Alriana and she was shocked by how sad his eyes seemed.

  13. ((It's fine. :) I'm just glad your here with us again.))


    "Oh so much anger. I wonder why you should be protecting the Jedi since that is your calling Shinigami?" He twirled his lightsaber. "Feel free to attack when you want. The one I have business with has just arrived."


    Xandros reignited his lightsaber and held it with both hands as he tried to get his anger under control.


    "I protect Jedi Alriana because it is my duty. It is a duty that I always take seriously." He growled. "She may have made a choice that I disapprove of but that doesn't mean that I won't let her be harmed." He began to circle the sith slowly looking for an opening.



    "I think it is out of our hands. He has no need for the child. He wants someone close to my father... He wants Tavaryn."


    "Then it's a good thing that Tavaryn arrived." She said quietly. "Once he arrives I think we'll have a good chance of taking Tyrannus down once and for all. But for now we need to try and keep Xandros calm. Otherwise I think he's going to attack Tyrannus and that will put the child in extreme danger."


    Explanations for later moi chroi. Right now, don't do anything rash... He is after me.


    I understand...but Xandros is losing control here. When heard about the pregnancy I could sense his anger. Right now I think he's about to go after Tyrannus.

  14. "How sweet,"


    Avriala shook her head and took the offered lightsabers and clipped them to her belt. "I just don't want to see you hurt. There's been enough death around here for quite awhile." She said quietly as she turned towards Per'dra as she spoke.


    "No! He'll...kill us...not fit..."


    Avriela couldn't help but feel bad for Per'dra. She had taken the brunt of Voleran's attack and she had been hurt badly. She could only watch as she fell unconscious.


    "Don't worry Per'dra." She said quietly even though she knew Per'dra couldn't hear her. "I'll keep an eye on him." She said as she turned towards Velox. "Once we get back to our ship...we're going to have a chat."


    Zarev groaned in pain as his eyes finally opened. The first thing he saw was Voleran impailed on a piece of debris, finally dead.


    The second thing he saw was Per'dra laying on the ground. Apparently unconscious. I'm...I'm going to get her back to the ship. He decided as he starggered to his feet and walked past the others as he clipped his own lightsaber to his belt.


    "Voleran's force lightning...It must have hit her pretty hard." He gasped as he staggered over to her and gently picked her up in his arms. His whold body was sore but he knew that if had to be him who carried her back to the ship. He had to make sure that she was safe. He had to make sure that she wouldn't be bothered while she recovered.


    "Come on..." He muttered. "We need to get back to the ship."




    "Vlalkor, let's go while we can!"


    Vlalkor took a last few shot at the Rakghouls before running after Corsail. "We need to get back to the ship and power it back up! The sooner we get the others the sooner we can get out of here!"

  15. NAME: Zassos

    AFFILIATION: Unknown. Use to work for the Sith Empire until he decided to sever ties with them.

    GENDER: Male


    SPECIES: Chiss

    APPEARANCE: True apperence is not known. He wears full Mandalorian Battle armor that covers his entire body.

    WEAPONS: Mandalorian Assault rifle and two heavily modified blaster pistols. Two vibro knives.

    EQUIPMENT: Black and silver Mandalorian battle armor. D5-Mantis Patrol Ship. Small ration pack.

    OCCUPATION: Bounty Hunter

    HISTORY: All that is known about Zassos is that he started out on hutta and worked his way up until an unknown incident with the sith caused him to sever all ties with them. He doesn't go out of his way to fight them but he does avoid working with them.



    NAME: Delros

    AFFILIATION: Unknown

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: 26

    SPECIES: Human

    APPEARANCE: Delros wears a suit of medium weight armor that is grey in color and wears an eyepiece that allows him to zoom in on a target.

    WEAPONS: Imperial D-87 sniper rifle that was stolen from an assassin sent to kill him. One blaster pistol, heavily modified.

    EQUIPMENT: None at this time.

    OCCUPATION: Assassin

    HISTORY: Unknown. All that is know he became a person of interest to the sith empire after the death of a Hutt that was allied with the empire although there is no public evidence that he was involved in the death.

  16. "So...go team?"


    Aveiala shook his head at Velox as Light forced him to stand. "Be careful with him. He may be Sith but he did help us out with Voleran. Don't hurt him."


    "So, where do we go now? Republic HQ, the ship, or somewhere I don't know about?"


    Avriela thought for a moment. "I think we should head back to the ship and plan our next move. We may have taken out Volean but someone or something was clearly taking control of him during the last part of that battle."





    "Vlalkor, I've lost this side!"


    Vlalkor fired a series of blaster shots at a small group of Rakghouls and dropped the group of them. "I'm about to lose this side!" He shouted as he threw a frag grenade at another group. He noticed something odd for a moment right before the Grenade had exploded. The Rakghoul at the center of the group had turned on the others.


    "Corsail! Look at the Rakghouls!" He shouted as little by little, the Rakghouls started to stop and then quickly turned on the others.


    "I don't know whats going on but keep blasting! Knowing our luck whatevers affecting them won't last long!"


    Vlalkor continued blasting the various rakghouls as they fought amongst themselves.

  17. "Sorry, it's not the time to exchange pleasantries. I wasn't tracking your saber. Get up."


    Zarev gratefully took the offered hand the saber as he got to his feet and ignited the saber even as he looked around his more familiar green double bladed lightsaber. He could only watch as Voleran easily dodged the rocks the sith had thrown at him and force jumped up and backwards away from the group for a moment.


    Zarev narrowed his eyes. Voleran, or what was currently taking control of Voleran's body could not be allowed to regain his strength. Whatever the cost.


    "Avriela! Keep an eye on Per'dra and the others!" He shouted as he began to run and finally located his own lightsaber next to a pile of debris. He force jumped up into the air with Light's saber in his hand as he used the force to summor his own lightsaber into his hand. Voleran unleashed a stream of lightning at him that was less powerful than what he had hit Per'dra with. Zarev was able to catch it on Light's Lightsaber as he rapidly closed the gap between them.


    "It ends now!" He shouted as the force of the jump brought the lightsaber into contact with the hand Voleran was fighting. A rapidly flickering purple light was seen as the lightsaber pressed against his hand and the light grew brighter and brighter.


    Is this it? Am I really going to die? Zarev thought as the light enveloped both Voleran and himself. He heard no answer as the light seemed to flicker one last time and a moment later an explosion of force energy sent him flying backward and he slammed into a wall behind him, he slid to the ground.


    Voleran wasn't so lucky.


    Voleran roared in anger as he was sent flying backward as the force powered explosion rendered all of the force abilities he was trying to use to slow himself down useless. He continued yelling out in anger even as a sharp piece of debris finally was slammed directly through his stomach as he finally came to a stop on a pile of debris.


    "It...It will not end like this!" The voice of Voleran was still not quite right. "This galaxy will be mine! You cannot stop me!" His shouting began to get quieter and quieter as the blood left his body until finally he was silent for the last time.


    A dark shadow seemed to leave his body and lingered for a brief moment before shooting towards the sky.

  18. "Sorry pal, but I've got dibs on that already. Looks like you'll have to fight me too, but don't be scared in fact you should be honored to fight someone like me."


    The posessed Voleran quickly turned around and gripped the sith with the force and slammed him face first against a piece of debris. "You should not have interfered in this, sith. You think yourself strong...but compared to me you are but a child."


    The former Jedi Master than raised a larger piece of debris from the ground and slammed it against the center of his chest.


    "You will die." He said as he dropped the sith and focused back on Per'dra. What he had done to Velox had taken about half a minute. He extended his hand forward and unleashed a massive stream of lightning at Per'dra. The heat from the lightning was so powerful that the skin on his hand began to burn.


    "Are you okay? Can you fight?"


    Zarev's body stopped spasming after a moment and he turned to look up at Light."Nice to see you to." He muttered as he looked around for his lightsaber. "Yes...I can still fight. Find out where my lightsaber landed and I'll be glad to get back in the fight."

  19. Voleran roared in pain as Per'dra landed on his back. He shook his back rapidly and unleashed a massive wave of force energy that sent Per'dra flying off his back.


    He walked past the still spasming Zarev and gripped Per'dra in an incredibly powerful force grip. He began to crush her throat using the force and Voleran spoke again. But his voice was...off again.


    "You two are too great of a threat to let live. All of you. I can sense the other members of your group approaching. I had honestly considered using your bodies to become my vessels but you are simply too much trouble."


    He continued crushing her throat but didn't notice as Zarev staggered back to his feet and reignited his lightsaber.


    "It's time to end this." He whispered painfully as his body was wracked by small volts of electricity. He brought his lightsaber back and drove it forward through Voleran's stomach.


    The former Master's eyes went wide as he lost his grip on Per'dra and she dropped to the floor even as he looked down at the lightsaber protuding from his stomach.


    You have failed me Voleran. But you can still be of use. Your body will continue to fight even if your spirit cannot.


    A dark shadow appeared from the ground and it shot into Voleran's body. The former Jedi Master screamed as he grabbed his head in his hands. The Master looked up at them and shook his head as what was left of him took control for just a moment.


    "Voss. Go to Voss."


    The eyes of the Master flashed once for a moment before they turned totally black. Zarev's lightsaber deactivated as what was now posessing Voleran waved his hand.


    "You should have just died." He said as he moved impossibly fast and sent the lightsaber flying away the battlezone even as he reignited his lightsaber and slammed shoulder first into Zarev's ribs. Zarev was sent flying backwards and Voleran turned to Per'dra.


    "Child. You will die next."




    "You lead, I'll follow. If you fear a stab in the back...don't. I'm much more interested in seeing just what this force can do."


    "I doubt you'll think the same way after seeing what this can do." Avriala replied as she took off towards the battlefield as quickly as she could. After a few minutes of running she arrived at the battlezone and saw that Voleran was fighting with Per'dra and Zarev.

  20. "As much as I'd enjoy fighting this thing, I'm pretty sure you're just trying to save your skin here. Sadly though, that's not gonna happen Unless I see this with my very own eyes, I'm not gonna be changing my opinion."


    Avriala began to twirl her lightsaber around and around as Velox broke off his attack as he spoke to Varik. She took the opporunity to speak.


    "Listen to me. I've seen what this thing can do. Darth Sevaris is dead. Whatever this force is managed to take over his mind on Balmorra. When he managed to fight it off for a brief instant he begged for death. If a member of the Dark Council couldn't stand against this thing, what chance would you have against it by yourself?"


    "And look at the Rakghouls! They're organized! They're fighting with tactics! Thats whatever this force's affect is on them."


    "He joins, and I will hunt down your friend Per'dra. Don't think for a second that I won't kill her. I felt her anger, Avriela. I can play her with absolute ease."


    She didn't take her eyes off Velox for a moment. "If you ever touch Per'dra Velox, if you harm her...I'll turn this around and hunt you across the galaxy. No planet you go to will be safe."


    "Very well, if you'd like to face a true warrior, then look no further.",


    Avriela looked over at Varik and shook her head. "I really don't know what to do here." As she returned her gaze to Velox. "Varik. If you let your guard down...even for an instance. He will kill you without hesitation. I've seen the kind of strength he has."




    Ruined City


    "You possess people like they're only empty vessels to be filled, but we'll put an end to that."


    Voleran smiled an empty smile as his voice seemed to change for just a moment. "I am the one who posses them. There is really nothing left of Voleran anymore. Only his body remains."


    Voleran shook his head and looked up as Per'dra came down on him. He was about to move when the Force push pinned him for a moment. He extended his hands and a massive force push back up at Per'dra that sent her flying. Voleran...or what was left of him prepared to hit her with a powerful burst of lightning.


    "No!" Zarev roared as he got back to his feet and ran at Voleran. Voleran tried to bring his lightsaber around but Zarev was moving to fast as the jedi slammed into him and knocked him off balance for a moment even as Voleran unleashed the stream of lightning meant for Per'dra at Zarev.


    The lightning enveloped him easily and his body began to shake violently as spasms ran through his body.

  21. "Friend? You mean the coward you left you here alone? Some friend,"


    Avriala pushed her blade against Velox's blade and was able to push it back a bit as she snarled. "At least they don't use me for their own ends and then try to kill me! I finally found people who apprecaite me for who I am. I have people who I'm willing to die for. Can you say the same thing?"


    What are you talking about, and what makes you so sure of that?"


    "Because the threat that we're trying to stop is more dangerous than anything we've ever seen before. What we're fighting has the ability to corrupt others. Sith Lords, Jedi Masters, even members of the Dark Council aren't safe. We fought a member of the Dark Council who was corrupted by this thing and we were barely able to stop him."


    She narrowed her eyes. "You've heard the rumors haven't you? Rumors of odd behavior among both Jedi and Sith. The republic garrison on Balmorra was totally corrupted and we lost one of our own there."


    She shook her head. "I may have turned my back on the Sith, but I'm fighting with these people to save the Galaxy. If this thing is able to turn others, eventually the galaxy will fall to whatever this force is."


    Avriala turned around and looked over at Varik as he arrived.


    "What's up guys?",


    "Oh, nothing much. A sith managed to track me down. Apparently I'm still considered a target even after all this time." She said nonchalantly. "If you'd like to help me out that would be great."

  22. "Avriela...You still look as lovely as ever,"


    Avriala smiled as she dropped into a defensive stance as Velox dropped to his feet as the whirlwind subsided. She would have to push her physical and mental limits to the edge if she wanted to stop Velox. To be honest, she doubted that she could stop him. But if it was her destiny to die helping them stop Voleran than so be it.


    "Velox." She said quietly. "You look a bit...different. Did you do something with your hair?" She asked sarcasticly.


    "You know there's no hard feelings, right? I'm just doing what I have to do. If you want to throw your life away to save that jedi, then so be it."


    "I'm not throwing my life away for a Jedi. I'm throwing it away for a friend. A friend who won't try to backstab me and kill me."


    She shook her head. "If you only knew what was happening...I have a feeling you would have done everything in your power to stop what is to come."




    Ruined city


    Voleran sensed the attack coming and was forced to break off his attack on Zarev as he was forced to roll to the side as the attack came. He got back to his feet and began to gather lightning in his other hand as he held his lightsaber in a one handed defensive stance with the other.


    "Ahhh...I may not be a Jedi Master anymore but I remember this one. Per'dra...At one point I actually thought of taking you as my Padawan but I decided on another.


    He saw the look of joy on Zarev's face as Per'dra appeared and a dark smile appeared on his face. "So...this is the other half of the pair that decided to break the Rules of the Jedi. Tsk."


    Zarev looked over at Per'dra and smiled so widely he thought he was going to hurt his jaw.


    "You have no idea how happy I am to see you right now!"

  23. The Galactic Republic and Sith Empire are at War. Planet after Planet is being dragged into the war and thousands of lives are being affected every day. But as the War rages, secrets are unveiled.


    A smuggler on a distant war-torn world has found the key to a once thought lost fortune that both sides will do anything to posess. However, unknown to both the Republic and Sith the Kingpins and Crimelords of the underworld have also heard rumors of this forune and are willing to do anything to beat the two superpowers to it.


    A small circle of inviduals have sent out an urgent message across the galaxy to those they believe can be trusted to find and retrieve this mysterious fortune.


    You have been selected.


    The call has gone out among the stars. A lost fortune that could turn the tide in either the Sith Empire or the Galactic Republic's favor is now rumored to exist somewhere in the Galaxy. The underworld has also heard rumors of this vast fortune and has begun the search for it.


    This cannot be allowed to happen. The Sith Empire, the Galactic Republic, The so-called kingpins of the Underworld, none of them can posess this fortune. If you wish to assist us in finding this fortune, come to these coordiantes in the Dune Sea of Tatooine. You will see a D5-Mantis Patrol Ship near a rocky outcropping. One of our represenatives will be waiting to meet with you.







    No jedi or Sith characters unless I give the Okay. In this Rp, we're going to be using smugglers and Bounty hunters and other non-force sensatives. If you want to ask a question regarding this feel free to send me a PM

    No Godmodding

    No Super powerful characters

    No more than three characters

    Language is to be kept at a Pg-13 level. You can insult the characters but not the people controlling them.

    No killing other characters without permission.

    Feel Free to use your characters from The Old Republic! You don't have to but if you want to, you can.

    Have fun!



    Character Sheet












  24. "You're next,"


    Avriala narrowed his eyes and a wave of rage flowed through her as she watched as the sith warrior ran after Per'dra.


    "Velox." She snarled as she began running after him. I heard rumors that they may have sent a full fledged Darth after me but why did it have to be him?


    She had seen Velox once before at the academy. Only once but he had nearly scared the life out of her with the display of power she had seen from him.


    I am no longer sith. If that means that I'm going to die defending a former enemy than so be it.


    Avriela continued running until she managed to run past the ground and then force jumped up onto a small piece of ruined building and watched for only a moment as Per'dra and Velox fought.


    "Don't worry, I'll make your death quick and painless"


    She ignited her double bladed lightsaber and landed a bit out of range of the fight.


    "I'm afraid that yours won't be." She said as she launched herself at the sith and went right for his legs as she attacked fast and low with a sweeping slash.


    "Per'dra." She said as she began her attack. "Go on. Go find Zarev and help him. Don't worry, I can handle this."







    "To me! We have a new foe to face!"


    Vlalkor grabbed his rifle as he ran alongside Light and the others. "Just when I thought we were in the clear, another sith shows up. I saw the way he looked at Avriela. Friend of hers you think?"





    Ruined city


    Kriff! I'll get this piece of scum out of the way and then I'm coming to help you, love.


    Zarev was distracted for a moment. Just a moment but that was enough for Voleran to hit him with a powerful force push that sent him flying backward. He was barely able to dodge the lightsaber attack and ended up staggering to his feet as Voleran unleashed a massive blast of lighting that he was barely able to catch on his lightsaber blade.


    Per'dra...she must have run into trouble. He thought as he attempted to close the gap between Voleran and himself only to find that Voleran couldn't push the lightning towards him and he couldn't push the lightning back.


    "Do you really think you can win?!" He shouted over the sounds of the lightning. "I can hold out longer than you can Master Voleran. Eventually you will lose your concentration and then I'll be free to finsh you off."


    "Perhaps!" Voleran shouted back. "But eventually this will be too much for you to bear. Your defenses will fall and I will end your interference in my Master's plans."

  25. Vlalkor watched the sole remaining Rakghoul ran at them and saw promptly impaled on Avriela's lightsaber as she jumped behind the slobbering creature and impaled it. Avriela promptly withdrew the blade of energy from it, twirled the blade and deactivated it.


    "Looks like that's the last of them." She said as she looked around and failed to see any more Rakghouls. "Now. We need to decide what to do." She said as she suddenly gripped her head as a deep voice boomed through the minds of each member of the group.


    It seems that you have proved me wrong on several occasions. The voice of Voleran echoed. You have continued to defy the wishes of my Master and have slain his Herald to the Sith Empire. For this, your lives are now mine. I will continue to send my Rakghouls against the Republic forces on this world until they fall to my Master and become extensions of his will. Your friend who managed to defy my Master on Balmorra will be the first to die.



    Ruined City


    As Zarev jumped at Voleran again the former Jedi master managed to catch him in mid-leap and slammed him repeatedly against a ruined wall that caused pieces of rock to fall down among the two combatants. Zarev barely managed to grip the rocks and sent them flying at Voleran who was forced to drop him to dodge the attack.


    "You are skilled." Voleran commented as he unleashed a stream of lightning at Zarev who was barely able to catch it on his lightsaber. Zarev smiled as he pointed above Voleran and Voleran slowly looked up and saw a cascade of rocks come down as Zarev brought his fist down in a slashing motion.


    "I've learned a few things." Zarev commented back as Voleran barely managed to dodge the rocks. The former Jedi launched himself at Zarev with his lightsaber pointed directly at his chest.

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