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  1. ((Sorry for the wait, been busy))


    Voleran unleashed a stream of lightning from his left hand as he came at Zarev with his lightsaber ignited in the right hand. He launched the lightsaber at Zarev as he unleashed the stream of lightning, forcing Zarev to roll to the left as he force pushed Voleran back only to have Voleran capture the blast of energy and manage to redirect it away from him.


    "Nice trick." Zarev muttered as he watched Voleran's lightsaber return to the hand. "You may have once been been a Jedi Master but i've learned a few things myself."


    Zarev force jumped at him and in mid-jump he summoned a large amount of debris and threw it at Voleran who was barely able to dodge it and was left open to an attack by Zarev's lightsaber which he was barely able to parry.


    The two of them continued attacking each other, dodging and parrying each other's attacks without hitting each other. At this stage of the battle, the two of them were testing each other's strength, looking for weaknesses.


    Voleran smiled. "Perhaps when I kill you...I'll take your friend Per'dra to my master and have her become the Herald to the Sith Empire."


    Zarev's rage could be felt through the force as he jumped over Voleran's blade. "Per'dra will never turn! I'll die before I let you get to her!"


    "You are correct. You will die." Voleran said calmly.



    Taris Spaceport


    Vlalkor watched as the Rakghouls got closer and he pulled a concussion grenade off his belt and launched it at the far left Rakghoul and then launched a series of blaster bolts at it. He managed to hit one of it's legs and then once it staggered towards him he shot it through the head.

  2. Avriela felt a tear begin to gather in the corner of her eye as she heard Per'dra's message. She knew who and what she had sensed through the force even though it had only been a brief moment of contact. What she didn't know was that Zarev hadn't sensed her as of yet. But she didn't wish to bring Per'dra any pain.


    He is one with the Force now. He can't still be alive - not after the fall he took, and his sacrifice! Still...


    I know it seems impossible but the Galaxy is full of impossible things. He's alive Per'dra! I felt him in the force and even though it was only briefly he was free of whatever it was that held him in it's grasp on Balmorra.




    Ruined City



    Zarev! If you are there, and still among the living, know that I love you!


    Zarev paused for just a moment as Per'dra message washed over him like a wave as Voleran gathered his energy about him. Joy and happiness washed over him like an ocean. I know, he sent back. It was hearing your love for me that helped me break free of the possesion back on Balmorra. I owe you my life Per'dra and that is why I'm fighting for you and the others even now.


    He slowly turned back to Voleran as he heard a chuckle. "Ahhh...so the jedi has broken the laws of the Order. Whatever happend to "There is no Passion, There is Serenity?"


    Voleran laughed. "I suppose that it was destined to happen. "But know this: Once I finish you, your friends will die. They interfered on Balmorra and killed the one whom was to be his Herald to the Sith Empire. Their continued existance will no longer be tolerated."


    Zarev's eyes flashed once as he finally reached Voleran and held his lightsaber ignited in a battle stance.


    "You will not harm Per'dra and the others, this I swear." He vowed as Voleran ignited his own lightsaber and the duel began.

  3. "Alright, we should leave someone here with you, Vlalkor, just in case. I'll take the rest with me. I'd like to go after Voleran, but we don't know where he is. Helping the Republic forces has a definite location, but we are going to be fighting a practically endless battle against Rakghouls. So, what should we do Vlalkor? And who do you want to stay with you?"


    Vlalkor watched the group of Rakghouls get closer and closer and he thought about his choices quickly.


    "I'd like to have Avriela stay with me." He said quietly. She shot a look over in Vlalkor's direction. "No offense intended. I just need someone with close quarter combat experience with me just in case."


    Avriala sighed heavily. "No problem." She said turning away from Per'dra and heading over by Vlalkor. "Together we can most likely keep the Rakghouls away from the republic forces."



    Ruined City



    "I am no longer Voleran of the Jedi." The figure spoke quietly as Zarev forced jumped up from the ground towards Voleran as quickly as he could with his lightsaber ignited. He was jumping from various pieces of debris to get closer to him.


    "I am now the Herald. He who shall bring the Galaxy to it's knees for the one who cloaks himself with Shadows. He is the one who will bring peace to this shattered galaxy. The jedi order, the Sith empire, they shall both fall before him. Even the Emperor of the Sith fears him."


    Voleran extended his hand and a massive blast of lightning shot out that Zarev was barely able to dodge.


    "As should you."

  4. "Avriela? What's wrong? Do you see or hear something?"


    "I...I don't know what it is." She said quietly as she reached out through the force. For a moment...just for a moment...she could feel the presence of someone very familiar. And then it shut herself off from her.


    Her mouth widend in shock and her mouth was wide open. She slowly turned to Per'dra and whispered something that she still couldn't believe despite just touching his presence a moment ago.


    "By the force...Zarev...It's Zarev. He's here." She whispered to Per'dra in amazement. "But...I thought he was dead. He died on Balmorra."



    Ruined city



    The man with the black robes smiled as he watched Zarev approach from below. The rakghouls that he had taken control of to defend his ship were proving no match for the jedi. He rasied his voice and called out.


    "Surrender Jedi! You have no idea of what your getting into. There are powers here far beyond your understanding."


    Zarev looked up and narrowed his eyes.


    "Hello Master Voleran...or do you go by another name now?"

  5. ((Well, I have more time to be on here now so I can post more.))


    "I think we should, we can't just leave the ship behind to be torn up by rakghouls I suppose....Can't we just stick somebody in the ship's turret and be on our way?"


    Vlalkor stuck his head back in the ship for a moment. "If I can get the shields back up and send the controls to a remote we can leave the Shan for a little while at least. But I think it would be best if I stuck back here and did repairs. Best part of this is is that I can program the turrents to target Rakghoul lifesigns and open up on them. But like I said, I should probably stick around to make sure nothing goes wrong."


    Avriala shook her head again. Something or somone one this planet felt very familiar to her.

  6. Station


    "Maybe you should ask her or the one who tries to hide what he is."


    Xandros looked back at Alriana and his eyes grew large and then narrowed as he reached out though the force and was able to sense that Tyrannus had been able to sense earlier.


    "I..." He whispered sadly. "I...can't believe it." He muttered as he turned back towards Tyrannus and clenched his teeth together. "I can't take what I'm feeling out on Jedi Alriana, but I think you qualify as something I can take my anger out on."


    "Don't think about moving. Personally I like an audience since I estimate that an old adversary shall be arriving shortly."


    Varith roared in pain and collapsed back to the floor as his lightsaber fell out of his hand as he lost conciousness.


    "But it is much more fun when you can put even the most powerful of Jedi at a standstill."


    Don't worry moi chroi. I am here.


    Xandros knows. She sent back to Tavaryn. And Tyrannus is using the child as a shield.


    Alriana didn't know what to do about the current situation. Xandros was angry, Varith was out of comission and the child was being used as a shield by a sith who had a hard time staying down.


    "What do we do?" She asked Jun-la quietly.


    Death's Head


    "Ma'am, I checked in with the Ackbar and repairs are on their way. Prisoners accounted for and Admiral Garja reports good status."


    "Good to hear." Belina responded. "Once everyone has returned to the ship, I plan on calling a meeting about our next step in this war. I'm dispatching two of the resistance's best ambassador's out on a mission that may help us turn the tide."

  7. "It's not rakghouls I fear. Even if I become one of them, there's no way any monster can frighten me worse than Voleran. He already has Zarev, but he won't claim any more of us. Not if I have anything to say about it..."


    I'm Ready, Lets stop Voleran


    Vlalkor looked over the group with pride in his eyes and a smile on his face. Before he headed for the ramp though, he accessed the Shan's external cameras to check and see if there were any Rakghouls waiting outside the Shan for them. There were a small number of them heading past the Shan and two of them were clawing at the hull.


    "We've got two Ghouls outside the hull and a few more heading in the general direction of the Spaceport control center. I think the Republic troops can handle the group heading for control center but we can't let them get at the Shan's interior parts. Sooner or later they're going to realize that there are still holes in the hull from Balmorra that they can get into."


    Vlalkor headed for the ramp and lowered the ramp down low enough that he was able to get a clear shoot at the two ghouls and shot them both in the head. Vlalkor smiled and lowered the ramp down the entire way and stood down at the entrance.


    "Are you all ready?" He asked as he scanned the area for more ghouls. Avriela headed down the ramp and ignited her own double bladed lightsaber and shook her head.


    There's something here...it's so familiar but I can't quite place it...She thought to herself.

  8. Shan


    "We should send a message back offering to provide help. Then if any of the soldiers down there fire on us intentionally, it should tip us off that they have been contaminated."


    "I know some of us might not want to chance being exposed to the Rakhgoul disease, but if we don't do this, we could end up waiting for the Republic to send reinforcements. We all know how thin they are spread these days. That said, what do you think, boss?"


    Vlalkor answered without any hesitation. "Good plan Light. I agree. We should head out there and help out as best we can. And I've been thinking, Avriela, from what I heard back on Balmorra you were able to tell that something was wrong with that sith that you fought back on Balmorra through the force somehow. Is it possible that if you concentrate you can tell us who is controlled and who isn't?"


    The former sith thought for a moment. "It's more of a feeling than an ability but yes...I suppose I could. I should warn you that I can't pinpoint exactly who is being controlled, I can tell you if they're approaching or are near us but thats it."


    "Good enough." Vlalkor said as he grabbed his blaster rifle and headed for the ramp but paused for a moment to turn and look back the group.


    "I don't need to tell you all whats at stake here. Whatever Voleran is doing...we can't allow it to continue. If we fail, he will either kill us or use his abilities to turn us against the republic. It stops here whatever the cost."

  9. Shan


    "Also, when Zarev...last spoke, his voice was lower than normal, not quite a bass tone, but there was something peculiarly 'off' about it. The timbre was almost otherworldly, come to think of it, and that's what scared me so much."


    "I've been reviewing some of the security images that the computer was able to grab while Zarev was attacking us. " Vlalkor said thoughtfully as he remembered something. "It looked almost as if he was having small muscle seizures while attacking us. It's possible that seizures were casued by him trying to fight back against whatever was in his mind."


    "Well, we have three things that may be able to tell us the difference between someone who is not possessed and who is. It's possible that there's more but at least we have something to work with now."


    A small chiming sound came from the cockpit and Vlalkor got up. "Excuse me for a moment. Be right back."


    As he reached the bridge he was able to see that there was some sort of high priority message coming in from the Taris spaceport command. It was on all frequencies and was being sent to all ships that were currently docked.


    "Attention. Rakghouls have been sighted inside the defense perimeter. All troops are to divide into squads. Please be aware that this is a condition five alert. All crews should stay aboard their respective ships."


    Condition five...He thought as he accessed what was left of the ship's computer and linked it to the Taris spaceport computer. The color left his face as he read what condition five meant.


    He headed back down to the area where the rest of the group was and cleared his throat. "I think we can safetly assume that Voleran is here. The Taris spaceport has just issued a Condition five alert. I checked it, it means that the Rakghouls that are inside the defensive perimeter are using organized tactics against the republic forces."




    Ruined Landscape



    Zarev unleashed a massive force wave that sent quite a few of the Rakghouls back towards the runined walls and debries that littered the landscape of Taris. But they kept getting up and kept running at him


    Time to switch strategies. He thought as he threw his lightsaber and used the force to adjust it's trajectory so that it cut down a group of Rakghouls.


    I should have tried to shroud my presence in the force. He thought as he pulled a grenade off his belt and threw it into another group of Rakghouls that were coming at him. He turned away from the blast but as he reached out through the force he couldn't detect anymore of them coming after him.


    Nice try Voleran. But it's going to take more than that to stop me. He thought as his lightsaber returned to his hands and he deactivated it. He had been given a second chance. And he would use to it to protect Per'dra and the others even if it cost him his life in the attempt.


    Stay safe my friends. He thought as he continued on his way towards his destiny.

  10. ((Sorry for the wait.))


    Tusken Raider Hideout


    "I can't promise you that we'll find the imperials who killed your family, however if you let me aid you, I can guarantee you that you'll have a good opportunity to strike a great blow against the empire itself."


    Rarakor thought for a moment. He hated the Empire with a passion and the opportunity to strike a blow against it seemed like a great opportunity. He looked over the Transdoshan and thought for a moment. He had assumed that he wouldn't live very long after completing his quest.


    Hmph. I am already an outcast on Kashyyyk and don't plan on returning there at any time. Not after what he had done.


    (("Your offer intrigues me.")) He said as he turned his body so that he show the Transdoshan a small piece of armor on his shoulder. (("I wear a small piece of armor that I took from one of the troopers before I was knocked out back on Kashyyyk. I will assist you but If I finally do meet the squad that took my family from me I will expect you to aid me in killing them."))



    Dune Sea


    Varias was barely able to hold her own against a few of the Tusken Raiders and she knew she was in trouble as many of them poured over sand dunes. She gathered the force around her and unleashed a massive force wave that sent many of them flying backward but more and more of them just kept coming at her.


    "We need to fall back!" She shouted at Tyler. "I'll hold them back, you grab the human and head for the wreckage! I'll cover you!"


    She pulled her second lightsaber it and connect the two of them at the hilt and ignited the other end of the Lightsaber staff.


    She unleashed another wave of force energy. It was a powerful defensive move but she was quickly weakening.

  11. Station


    "Stay with the child. If we can get her back to the Hawk..."


    "Understood." Alriana said quietly as Xandros continued fighting it out with Tyrannus who quickly changed his tactics by grabbing the Cathar child with the force.


    Alriana's face lost its color as the child let out a scream of fear as she felt the grip on her. At the sound of her scream, Varith's eyes snapped open.


    "Perhaps you have already failed in that there are things I know that ate tantilizingly good. Tell me this: how far does one go? It is a question you should ask the one responsible for the state of your Jedi now."


    Xandros immediatly dropped back as the sith grabbed the cathar child in a force grip. He could sense that this sith was powerful and he assumed that he wouldn't hesitate to use the child as a shield against his attacks.


    Xandros paused for a moment as a moment of confusion set in. "What are you talking about? What exactly has happened to Jedi Alriana?"


    Behind Tyrannus, Varith was trying to get to his feet. He knew that he was badly wounded but there was no chance he would allow this sith to kill his only remaining family.

  12. Shan


    "We should probably ask there first, chase down any leads they give us, and work on a way to differentiate the controlled and the free. Anything any of these people say to us could be a trap, so we should figure out how to tell them apart first."


    Vlalkor nodded in agreement. "Agreed. If we do find anyone who has been controlled we should study their movements without raising their suspicians. We don't want another incident like the one on Balmorra."


    "Do you think they would display lack of emotion? If their being controlled, I would think the controller would have a hard time putting fake expressions over so many at one time, since his influence apparently spans over several worlds. I don't know much about how his power is supposed to work so i'm just making guesses."


    Vlalkor thought for a moment. "It's possible. Whoever the controller is may be focusing the majority of his abilities on those who are fighting back against his control while using only a small amount to take control of the ones who's mind's are already gone. Keep an eyes out for anything unusual."




    Smugger Vessell


    The smuggler looked at his passenger who was standing near the loading ramp and shook his head. "Be careful down there, I tried to find an area thats clear of Rakghouls but there may be a few I missed." He said as he manuvered the ship above a wrecked wall so his passenger could land on something other then the ground.


    "Don't worry." The cloaked figure said as he jumped down from the ramp onto the wall and began to climb down to the ground . "The thing I'm worried about makes the Rakghouls look like Iriz." The smuggler's ship turned towards the sky and vanished after a few moments as the cloaked figure threw back his hood.


    "Alright Voleran..." Zarev muttered as he turned towards a large building that was off in the distance. "I think it's time you and I have a chat." He started walking off towards the building with his hand down on his lightsaber just in case he ran into a rakghoul.

  13. ((Alright, time for the three day timeskip))


    Three Days Later



    Vlalkor manned the controls of the Shan as the damaged ship gently settled in the hanger at the Olaris Republic base. There had been a few occasions where the Hyperdrive had began to develop problems due to the damage the ship had sustained on Balmorra. Hopefully the repair crews could repair some of the damage while the group took care of Voleran.


    "Taris control. This is the Shan on special assighment from the Jedi Council. We have sustained damage on Balmorra and require repairs immediatly."


    "Acknowledged Shan. Damage assement in progress...How exactly did you lose your laser cannons?"


    "Rogue force user on Balmorra and blaster fire. Hyperdrive and the hull took quite a bit of damage as well.


    "Acknowledged Shan. We'll put you on the top of the repair list. Are you able to compile a full list of damage to repair?"


    "We did so in orbit. You've got your work cut out for you. Shan out."


    Vlalkor turned to look at the group. "Well, we've arrived on Taris. Now we just need to track down our force user and take him out. Any ideas on where to start looking?"

  14. ((Once again, I apologize for the wait.))


    "We can discuss freely here. You have no fear of me or my ship.",


    Daceros looked around just to be safe as he made sure that Enobaria was safetly aboard the ship before boarding. His senses were warning him that something was wrong here but he couldn't figure out what it was. He knew that jedi had the ability to sense when danger was nearby but as far as he knew he had no force sensativity to speak of.


    He made sure that his blaster pistol was set to stun before turning to face the force user, He was sure this mysterious force user was not a sith since he wasn't dead yet or being force choked...to be honest, he wasn't sure this one was a jedi.


    "I think it's time for introductions." He said. "I am Daceros, I was a Mandalorian warrior before the Empire destroyed my clan.



    Dune Sea


    Varias was about to try and wake the armored individual when she suddenly whipped around just in time to block a gaffi stick that would have most likely bashed in her head.


    Tusken Raiders! Where did they come from?!


    She extended one of her hands and sent the raider flying through the air only to see seven more of them running over the edge of one of the sand dunes towards her and Tyler who was still hopefully hidden.


    She raised her lightsaber in a defensive stance and began deflecting blaster bolts back at the few raiders that were firing at her while the rest began to close the gap between the raiders and herself.

  15. Death's Head


    Admiral Belina watched as the small prototype launched into hyperspace and she sighed as Velerc walked up next to her. "I take it you don't bring good news." She said quietly.


    Velerc shook his head. "No. I just recieved word. One of our battle groups was destroyed about an hour ago by a sith attack group. Only two survivors were picked up."


    Belina shook her head. "We can't keep losing ships and men like this. We don't have access to the training facilities we used to have and most of our major shipyards have been destroyed. What we need are allies and access to repair yards and training facilities."


    Belina suddenly smiled as something came to mind. It was a hope at best and it was possible that it wouldn't work but it was worth a shot.


    "I think I just came up with something that could solve all our problems." She said as she turned and looked at her father. "We're going to need the best Ambassador you have ready wthin an hour. I'm dispatching ours as well."


    She looked out the window and her smile widend.


    "I think it's time we turn the tide of this war."




    "That is good."


    She turned to look at Tyrannus who had slammed Varith against a bulkhead with the force apparently becoming annoyed with his clumsy attacks. The cathar muttered something under his breath as he hit the bulkhead. His daughter who was still in the cell looked up sharply as if she had heard him.


    Run...Her father's voice in her head echoed. Run away from him or he will kill you.


    "He bleeds which means he can be killed. He is not undying Sith. He just has a nasty habit of surviving. We just have to be smart about it."


    "That good to know. I say we disable him somehow and then don't give him a chance to get away."


    Well, well, well. It has been a long time since I have seen one of you but then again it was fairly recent I believe. So the Shinigami still serve as guardians of Jedi?"


    Xandros blocked one of Tyrannus's strikes and attempted to use the force to push him back away from him.


    "I watch over this Jedi. I watched over her a hundred years ago and because of my failure she was captured. I refuse to fail her again." Xandros said.

  16. Death's Head


    "That might do."


    "I hope is does." Belina said quietly as Tavaryn walked away towards the hanger. She walked over to the wall and hit the intercom and opened up a channel to the hanger bay.


    "This is Admiral Belina. Tavaryn Onashi has my authorization to take one of the prototype Guardian class fighters out. Get one of them ready for departure at once."


    "At once Admiral."


    She watched as Tavaryn headed for the lift that would take him to the hanger bay. "Good luck Onashi." She said quietly.





    Varith couldn't help but shout out in pain as one of the lightsaber strikes hit his leg. It cut deeply into his leg but it wasn't nearly enough to sever the leg. He forced himself to force jump backwards and let out a roar of anger and pain as he used what was left of his strength to unleash a massve amount of lightning at Tyrannus.


    WHY WON'T YOU DIE?!" He yelled as his rage got the better of him as he force jumped into the air and brought his lightsaber down on Tyrannus. He brought the saber down over and over again on Tyrannus with furious, angry strikes.


    Xandros was force to break off his attack against Tyrannus and was forced to go on the defensive to deflect the lightning. He looked over at Varith and his eyes widened in alarm. "Your leaving your defenses open you fool!" he shouted out urgently.



    I am coming moi chroi.


    I'll be waiting with open arms. she sent back as Jun-la ran into the room.


    "You all right,"


    Alriana nodded. "I've been better but so far I'm okay." She said quietly as she watched as Xandros and Varith continued battling it out with Tyrannus. The Cathar dark jedi was getting angrier and was continuing his assault even with his wounded leg.


    "How exactly are we going to kill him?" She asked.

  17. Death's Head


    "It is an old enemy going back to the days of Kirabaros, the Heart of the Guardian. My family is from that line. It is complicated but I will not see my children harmed by it. Is there a way to get to that station?"


    Belina answered without a moment of hesitation. "Both you and Alriana have saved my life more times then I can count and I refuse to see any of you or your children hurt. Take anything you need. The fastest ship aboard the Death's Head is most likely one of those new one man resistance fighters we've been working on. Heavily armed and faster than anything else we've got. But be careful: There are a few glitches with the targeting scanners."






    "All right brother of the Shadows this enemy is one that has declared the line of the Heart of the Guardian a sangtahut. May grace be with us."


    Xandros nodded and ignited his own lightsaber and grabbed one of the flashbangs in his other hand. "Fight well." He said as he ran into the room and immediatly targeted Tyrannus and gathered the force around himself and unleashed a blast of force energy towards Tyrannus.



    We're coming. Don't be afraid.


    It's difficult not to be. She sent back as Xandros charged into the room with his lightsaber ignited and a flashbang in his hand. She continued trying to push Tyrannus against the wall as Varith continued to assault the sith with streams of lightning. The Cathar dark jedi was getting weaker as he continued to use force lightning against Tyrannus.

  18. Station


    "On the contrary, I never make a mistake when it comes to one from the family that is my blood feud enemy. A shame that it must be carried on to the offspring."


    Varith dropped to the ground as the Sith ignited his lightsaber and countered the attack only to extend his hand and unleash a stream of force lightning at Tyrannus at close range. He growled in pain as some of the lighting went back up his arm and shocked him but he kept unleashing it on Tyrannus while Alriana froze for just a moment as the force wave headed towards her. She quickly force jumped out of the way of it and raised her lightsaber in a defensive stance as she used the force to try and push Tyrannus back against the wall.


    She could sense Jun-la and Xandros approaching quickly and transmitted a message to her that was laced with no small amount of panic in it.


    Jun-La...Tyrannus knows! He said that he intends to carry out of the blood feud on my baby!




    "Best come up with it now."


    "First we're going to drive him back into a corner and then as soon as he makes a mistake and his defenses go down even for a moment we're going to hit him with everything we've got. Thats just the first idea. That or we can stun him with a flash bang and just kill him when he tries to send it back."





    Death's Head


    "An old enemy has come back Admiral."


    Belina shook her head. "We've got quite a few enemies Tavaryn but I'm going to assume since the alarms aren't going off it has something to do with Alriana and where she is. Is there anything I can do to help you with this enemy?"

  19. ((Alrighty, after this post, Light and LDR's post and MisFicWriter's post we'll have our three day timeskip))




    "Well, I'm not against leading either, but we really shouldn't drag this out. Here is an idea that should suit everyone: Vlalkor takes up the leadership role, and I'll be his second-in-command. This way, if he should be absent for whatever reason, I can give direction without another one of these discussions, and, if any major decisions shall be made, he will consult me as an advisor. How does that sound?"


    Vlalkor let out a sigh of relief. That sounded good to him. Truth be told, he was content to be a solder for the time being and was going to suggest that Light be leader but this also worked.


    "Sounds good to me." He said to the others as Corsail and Light left the room and Avriela followed the two of them. She got into the medbay just as Corsail was put in the tank. She put his blaster on the table next to the tank and quietly left. Vlalkor watched as they left and then headed to the bridge and began his work on the ship's damaged systems.

  20. ((Alrighty everyone. After everyone posts on more time we're going to have a three day time skip for the journey to Taris.))




    "In any event, we don't know precisely how it is done. We have a mission to do, and it is convenient to have a leader. Who do you think should be the leader here, Avriela? Vlalkor?"


    Avriela cleared her throat before speaking. She had given this a few moments of thought and had made her decision. "I hope you don't take any offense to this Light, but I'm going to have to go with Vlalkor. People who are more sensative to the force seem to be more at risk."


    She turned to look at Vlalkor who shrugged. "I very well can't vote for myself, but if you want me to take command then I will."

  21. Tatooine

    Dune Sea


    "I thought Jedi were supposed to be much calmer than to name a whole group their enemy. I am 'with' no one, though I support most of those who oppose the Empire. You may be Jedi, or you may not. However, so long as you do not side with the Empire, I will pay my debt to you."


    Varias couldn't help but raise an eyebrow in confusion as Tyler began walking towards the figure who was out in the sand. Not the reaction I usually get...still, as long as he's not with the Empire he has nothing to fear.


    She shrugged and started heading towards the figure, she soon found herself walking side by side with Tyler and they soon reached the figure. She knelt down next to the figure who appeared to be a human male but she couldn't be sure as he was still wearing armor and had a vibrosword strapped to his back.


    She was about to remove the helmet when she suddenly felt something: A disturbance in the force. She reached out and felt...something that made her fur stand on edge.


    "Keep alert. I can sense...something. Some sort of danger near by." She whispered to Tyler.

  22. Shan


    "I have the gut feeling that I'll need your help even more during the second half of this mission. This is horrible to say, but I'm glad you know the minds of our enemies better than I do. Specifically, you know their hate, and it's time to counter it with what we Jedi know is right: fairness and honor."


    Avriala smiled as she got to her feet. "Agreed." She said as she watched Light come into the room.


    "Hey, the group is trying to decide on a leader. Everyone else is in the med-bay, so if you will come with me, we can all discuss it."


    "Of course." Avriela said with a smile. "I'l be there in just a moment." She said quietly as she turned to Per'dra. "Let me know if you ever need someone to talk to."





    Smuggler Spaceport


    "Let me get this straight...you want to go to Taris? You have a nearly infinite choice of planets to go to and you choose to go to that Rakghoul infested toxic hole?" The smuggler shook his head. "I'm sorry but you have to be out of your mind to want to go there. I was there once and I don't plan on ever going again. I still have nightmares about that place."


    The man facing the smuggler was dressed in a black cloak that he aquired in exchange for one of his few of his remaining kolto packs. The people of Balmorra needed help and though he hated himself for doing it, he had exchanged one of his three remaining packs in exchange for the cloak.


    "Listen." The figure began quietly. "I am offering you quite a few credits in exchange for this journey to Taris. You don't even have to drop me off on the planet itself. Just the orbital station. I swear you won't even see a Rakghoul. You are the only captain that has a functioning kolto tank aboard his ship and Its a three day journey and I need at least two days to heal my injuries. I promise you won't hear a word from me."


    The smuggler paused for a moment and finally shook his head in defeat. "Fine. You have a deal. Five hundred credits in exchange for a trip to the most nightmarish planet in galactic history. I saw that you were limping earlier, if your paying that much the least I can do is give you a hand to the ship."


    "Much appreciated." The figure muttered as he got to his feet and the smuggler grabbed his arm and helped him walk out towards the hanger.

  23. Tatooine

    Dune Sea


    "My name is Tyler, and I am in your debt."


    Varias turned and extended her hand and smiled. "My name is Varias. And you have nothing to fear from me. Before Order 66 I was a jedi knight. Now my only enemy is the Empire and those who stand with it."


    She looked him over for a moment. "If I may ask...are you with the Rebellion by any chance?"





    Mos Eisley


    "Thanks for the offer of an escort. I daresay that you're far more skilled at the martial arts, while I favor intrigue. Zothressk, my Trandoshan contact, is a perfectly balanced prototype of what a survivalist should be: warrior, engineer and diplomat all in one. I admire him."


    Daceros smiled as he pulled his battle worn helmet off the back of his armor and placed it on his head and shook it slightly as the HUD targeting system activated. "To be honest, back in the cantina that was the first time in a long time that I stood up to the Empire. Most likely would have been the only time as well if you hadn't shown up and asked for help."


    He looked down at Enobaria and smiled grimly. "At one point I was part of a Mandalorian clan. A clan that valued honor. But the Empire exterminated us for refusing a mission. Now I'm the only one left." He said as he headed towards the stormtroopers.


    "Halt. Present your ID chip." The lead stormtrooper ordered. Daceros smiled darkly under the helmet as he pulled it out of one of his poches and handed it to the stormtrooper. The stormtrooper looked at the chip and then up at him and quickly raised his blaster rifle. The other two raised their weapons and pointed them at Daceros.


    "So...it looks as if one of Clan Jikor survived. We'll have to fix that won't we?"

    The stormtrooper chuckled. Daceros didn't make a sound and the trooper stopped laughing.


    "There's a reason I survived where the rest of my clan died." He said quietly as he pulled out a blaster pistol and shot the first trooper directly in the center of his helmet. "I knew when I was outmatched."


    He quickly turned to look at Enobaria and motioned for her to get down as the other two began firing their blasters at him. He ducked the first few shots, grabbed one the troopers and threw him at the other one. While both of them were on the ground he quickly shot them both in the head.



    "As a weapons specialist for the Republic, he was second to none. I even suspect that he was working on a certain 'special project' that would target the Sith and their ilk. He may not be able to use the Force, but Zothressk certainly knows how it operates. That means against the Empire, he'll be a monster, if I can find him."


    Daceros looked down at the dead troopers and back at Enobaria. "If what you say is true...the Empire would be in serious danger. Unfortunatly that also means that they may be looking for him as well. We need to find him first."


    An alarm began to sound and Daceros could hear the sound of heavy bootsteps heading in their direction. He looked at the Twi'lek and at Darasuum. "We really need to leave now before they begin locking down the hanger bays."





    Caves of the Dune Sea, Tusken Raider Hideout


    "You didn't come here to get captured by the tuskens, and listen to me I take it? What is a wookie doing all the way out on tatooine? What were you hoping to find amongst the sands of the Dune Sea?"


    ((I have fought against the Empire since it formed.")) Rarakor grunted. (("If you are an enemy of the Empire than you may fear nothing from me."))


    (("I am not on this planet by choice. I am the Avenger of Kashyyyk and I am searching for a certain Imperial squad that was responsible for the death of my Wife Chalurra and my son Arribecca. They were killed when the Empire attacked our village and now I hunt them across the stars. My ship crashed here due to damage from a previous battle.))

  24. ((Once again, I apologize for the long wait.))



    Dune Sea


    As the sand continued to shift and threatened to bury the two of them, Varias continued to hold the sand at bay with her force barrier. After a short amount of time, the sand stopped shifting and finally stopped. The former Cathar jedi almost dropped to the ground due to exhaustion but just barely managed to keep on her feet.


    She looked over at the human and smiled. "I think that was the worst of it. But right now we may have a bigger problem. That was a rebel ship that went down and knowing how much the Imperials hate the rebellion they're most likely going to send out squads to search the wreckage for survivors."


    She looked over in the distance at the figure who was laying out in the sand. "I'm going to assume he's a survivor. We need to get to him before the imps do and then we need to get out of here as quickly as we can before the imps show up."

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