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  1. Hey Cyborg. :) Did you check out the new Rp?

  2. Well Hello thar. :) Long time no see.

  3. Well the format is basically the same here at Lucasforums. The only thing you have to watch out for is Godmodding or taking major control of another person's character. The language is basically PG-13 here as well.


    By the way, the Rp will either be up later tonight or tomorrow.

  4. Did you happen to Rp on another site? Just thought I'd ask. :)

  5. Well CQ, One more person and I think we'll be able to start up the Rp. :)

  6. Yes it is. :) It's actually set in the Old Man Logan universe itself but at a later time period.

  7. Thanks for joining the RP CQ :) Been a long time since I was able to Rp with you. I just added my first character and I'm working on my second. I was wondering though, would you like to play one of the major villians in the Rp?


    If your interested I'll PM you the details. :)

  8. I posted a new Rp in the backstage casting call. :)

  9. Superhero Rp will be up in the casting call either tonight or tomorrow morning. :)

  10. Can't complain. All is right with the world so far. :D I still try to post a new casting call now and again, in fact I was going to post a superhero one tonight actually. I'm more active on another Rping site but I still like to visit here once in awhile. But yeah man, I think a lot of people missed you. XD

  11. Can't really complain. I'm planning a few new Rps to breath some life into the DTC but it's pretty quiet here so I've started roleplaying on a massive Rping site. Lots of fun on there XD but I often come back to try up a new Rp. In fact, I was going to post a casting call for a superhero rp later tonight. If your interested in the site let me know and I'll PM you a link.


    Glad to see you back. :) I think alot of people missed you XD

  12. Nice man. XD At least you can grow one.


    How have you been CQ? This place just hasn't been the same without you.

  13. *Salutes in disbelief*


    Greetings Commander!

  14. Well, hello there :D Haven't seen you here in awhile.

  15. I'll post later today. :) I finally got this old computer to work right.

  16. I plan to post soon :) I'm currently working with an older computer and it's a bit tempramental. I'll try to post when I can.

  17. Think I could persuade you to return to The Darkness Within? :)

  18. I shall post as soon as I can. :) And by that I mean either tonight or tomorrow.

  19. Just so you know, Belina did ask Skywalker to meet her in the briefing room. :) Just figured I'd bring you back in the Rp.

  20. Hey Cyborg, how you been? :)

  21. So...I wonder if there's any trace of who Velox was before joining the sith under all of that armor? :) Avriela intends to find out.

  22. Posted in the Darkness Within. Ready to finally get back to the Shan? :)

  23. I mean that Vlalkor and Corsail will reach the ship, start it up and pilot it towards the others and then we'll pick the other group as they continue on their way towards where the ship originally was.

  24. Sounds good. :) I'll have Vlalkor reach the ship, have Corsail jump onboard and then we can pick you all up so we can go from there.

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