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  1. ((Sorry for the long wait, Computer problems so I had to use a different one.))


    "Yeah, of course. I'm pretty good with ships, so just let me know what you would like me to help you with. And if you let me know what systems you think I should fix or salvage in my free time, I can handle that too."


    Vlalkor nodded. "First off we have to fix the shields and the shield generator. Both took quite a beating from Zarev and knowing our luck we'll probably run into trouble again."


    Like I said earlier the laser cannons are beyond repair but we do have a concussion missile launcher so we're not totally helpless. The main repair priorities are Shield, Engines, computer core and hull damage. The damage to the hull can wait until we land on Taris but the computer core lost quite a bit of data during the attack so we need to work on trying to recover what data we can. After that we can work on shields and engines."



    "There was a lot of Force activity going on back there. We know someone was controlling the troops from what we encountered at the base before leaving. I think very few people would have the power to take control of those troops. He might have gotten to Zarev somehow. Seems like he had no problems controlling many people, so Zarev must have been strong enough to fight him, at least somewhat. My guess is that he is either the guy we are tracking, or that guy is just a puppet and this mission is a lot more complicated than we thought."


    "I agree with Light. I think that someone is controlling these people. If someone is controlling Voleran than we're in trouble. I read up on his files. He was an extremely powerful Jedi master and if someone could break through his mental defenses and take control we're going to be in trouble when we find him."


    Vlalkor looked over at Avriela and Per'dra and than over at Varik. "So...who's in charge of the mission now? I assumed Zarev was the leader and now that he's gone...we need a new leader."

  2. Shan


    "Where are we headed? Shouldn't we perform maintenance on the ship?"


    Vlalkor was checking the Kolto tank making sure it hadn't sustained any damage during Zarev's attack on the ship. Luckily it looked as if it had managed to avoid any damage. He made sure that Kif was properly secured in the tank before turning to look at Light,


    "Avriela said that we're heading for Taris. I don't exactly know why we're going there. The planet is filled to the brim with Rakghouls. I know that the Republic is attempting to reclaim the planet but it's not looking good. As for maintenance...I had to reroute power from a few systems to get us off Balmorra and into hyperspace. Right now the only weapon we have is our concussion missle launcher. Zarev managed to do a number on the laser cannons so those are gone for good."


    "I could use some help with the repairs though. Certain repairs are going to require two people. If you've got a minute do you think you could give me a hand with them?"



    He looked over at Corsail as he stumbled into the medbay. He looked as if he was about to pass out.


    "Anyone want to explain what just happened? One second we were fighting a sith lord, the next we're attacking Zarev, who was apparently attempting to destroy the ship."


    Vlalkor grabbed a painkiller and handed it to Corsail. "This should supress the pain for awhile while your body heals." He said. "As for Zarev...I don't know what happened with him. But something was...off about him before he attacked us. He used to force to press me against the pilot's seat until I had trouble breathing. As far I know he started killing those republic troops that we're attacking us and then he just stopped and then the next thing we knew the troops formed up on him and he used the force to take out the majority of our weapons and damage the engines."


    "Why did he throw himself off the building? Was Zarev a traitor? Or...."


    Vlalkor didn't know that Zarev had thrown himself off the Republic HQ. He had assumed that someone had managed to kill him. "I don't know." He said simply. "I just don't know."

  3. Shan


    "I suppose it's for the best if he's dead, although I know in my heart it's far from it. I could be exiled for my feelings, because a Jedi is to know no passion - only serenity."



    "Really? That seems...well it seems very harsh. I was actually under the impression that under special circumstances that Jedi are allowed to begin a relationship or even marry. It was mostly from rumors that I heard from other students and jedi who had joined the sith but still...behind every rumor is a grain of truth."


    "One more thing: as a Sith, was there anything you were uniquely taught? I hear the Sith Order specializes in treating each member as if they were the only one in the galaxy of any importance. What did they tell you, and promise you, in order to get you to pledge your life to them?"


    Avriala smiled sadly at the memories that started to come to the surface of her mind at that question. "I was taught to find an enemie's weakspot and exploit it. And I was encouraged to test myself against the other students under threat of death." She said quietly. I was encouraged to fight rivals, enemies...even my friends all to the death."


    "To be totally honest...I was taken to Korriban against my will. They didn't promise me anything except a painful death if I didn't pledge myself to the sith. I managed to barely pass my trials and my master tolerated my compassion towards others. But when she died the other students quickly turned on me and I was forced to flee."


    A thoughtful expression appeared on her face. "I've often wondered what would have happened if I had been taken by the jedi. At times when I was on the run I considered turning myself over to them but I never had the courage to do it."

  4. Tatooine

    Caves of the Dune Sea, Tusken Raider Hideout


    "Can you understand basic?"


    Rarakor stared at the Transdoshan for a moment and than narrowed his eyes. "((Yes...I understand Basic. I do not speak it though. Who are you? And why do you ally yourself with these hunters? Most of your kind do not ally themselves with others."))





    Mos Eisley Cantina


    "That was nothing. You should've seen me against these two Iridorians. That was a good one."


    Daceros chuckled as they left the cantina only to find three heavily armed stormtroopers wating outside checking the IDs of those who were leaving. The chiss frowned. "I'm going to assume that they're looking for either your or me. Or possibly both of us."


    "I have a ship we could talk freely on. It's in one of the docking bays."


    Daceros looked over at Enobaria who was currently hiding herself in a waste disposal droid. "Alright. I think the best plan is to split ourselves up and meet at the docking bays. I'll escort Enobaria to the ship. Which docking bay is it located in?"





    Dune Sea


    Varias shook her head as she finally cut a hole in the cockpit and grabbed the human by one of his raised hands and pulled him out. "I have a feeling that you are not imperial and that means you have nothing to fear. But now is not a time to make introductions, now is the time to run."


    She pointed up at the falling rebel cruiser which was now extremley close to hitting the sand. She grabbed the human's hand just as the ship hit the sand.


    A large wave of sand erupted from the ground and covered the small ship she had just pulled the human out of nearly instantly. The Jedi concentrated for a moment and a barrier of force energy surrounded the two of them.


    "Hold on!" She shouted as the sand shifted around them. Varias struggled to keep on her feet. She knew that if she lost her balance and fell she would most likely be covered in an instant.


    As she struggled to keep her balance she saw what looked like a figure heading for the site where the fighter had been a moment ago but it looked as if he had fallen.

  5. Shan


    "Thank you, Avriela, and yes, there is something I desperately need. You were Sith, and so you likely have more insight into the mind of this parasite and murderer than I do. Why did he take Zarev, for instance? Was he weak, or at least any weaker than the other Jedi aboard this ship? What about me? I could just as easily have been his target! Also, does he want anything more than the full conquest of this galaxy? Not so long ago, there was a Dark Lady Traya. She wished the death and destruction of the Force itself. Please think back. This presence, whoever he is, controls not only Voleran but others as well. Why has he chosen possession as his tactic over more conventional mass slaughter? I need answers, and though you may not have all, please help me understand..."


    Avriela shook her head. "I was in Zarev's mind on Tatooine and I remember that Zarev's mental defenses were quite strong. I still don't know how that voice got through them and they were even stronger when I helped him set up more mental defenses. No...Zarev was not weak. Personally...I think that whatever this thing was, it focused in on Zarev because he was possibly one of the strongest among us. And even then I doubt it had full control over him since he managed to briefly take back control of his body."


    The former sith thought for a moment. "I don't think he wishes full control of the galaxy...At least not yet. So far we know that he has agents within the sith empire and the Jedi Order. I suspect that the sith we fought on Balmorra may have been a member of the Dark Council. This is just a theory...but I think that he hopes to take control of both the Republic and the Empire through the Order and the Dark Council with the agents he has in both. That could explain why he has chosen infiltration above an all out attack."


    Avriela could see that Per'dra was still distressed. The former sith thought for a moment on what she had seen back in Zarev's mind on Tatooine: His love for Per'dra and his willingness to give his life for her.


    "Per'dra...I...well...I think there's something you need to know about Zarev. I saw something in his mind on Tatooine and I think it's time you know what it was...if you want to know. I don't wish to cause anyone any further pain but it's your choice."

  6. Avriela turned around and saw that Varik was onboard the ship. She was torn for a brief moment. Was it possible that Zarev was somehow still alive? That he could be saved?


    But a moment later she was forced to dismiss the thought. Right now what mattered was getting the Shan away from the corrupted troopers.


    "Everyones onboard! Now get us out of here!"


    Vlalkor nodded and at that moment threw all of the spare power they had to the engines which caused the ship to quickly move out of the way of some of the heavier guns that the troopers had set up. As the Shan finally moved out of range of the weapons and headed for the sky Avriela turned to look at Vlalkor.


    "I'm going to head back and check on everyone. Can you try to get some repairs done to the engines from here?"


    Vlalkor nodded. "I should be able to reroute power from some of the other system so we can make it to our next destination. Where are we heading by the way?"


    "Taris." Avriela said quietly. "Set course for Taris as soon as we are able."


    Vlalkor nodded again and began to work on the repairs as Avriela headed for the cargo bay. The first person she saw was Per'dra.


    "Excuse me...Jedi Per'dra?" She asked gently. "How are you holding up? Do you need anything?"



    Vlalkor thought for a moment and snapped his fingers. He set the computer to begin calculations for the hyperspace jump to Taris and headed for the medbay where he saw Light and Kif.


    "Alright." he said as he saw Kif. "I've had some medical training but I think we should put him in the kolto tank as soon as possible until he gets his strength back."




    Canyon floor


    At the bottom of the abyss...among the pieces of debries and the bodies of a few of the corrupted republic solders who had been knocked over the edge by Varik's final attack...there was movement.


    A small piece of debries shifted slightly as something under it moved slightly. The debries moved a bit more as a slight groan of pain echoed through softly.


    Too weak...Zarev thought as his eyes slowly opened. The Jedi was in a tremendous amount of pain. One of his arms was badly broken, three of his ribs were most likely broken but somehow his legs had escaped serious injury.


    Master...he thought. How did you do this? How did you bring me back?


    A soft voice echoed through his mind. You are my apprentice and there is a bond between us. I have used the last of my force energy to bring you back. This is my final gift to you: Your life, knowledge of how to drive away the corruption that this dark figure brings...and possibly saving Per'dra and your friends.


    Zarev's eyes widened for a moment and then narrowed as he began to force his way out from the debries.


    "Per'dra..." he whispered softly. "I promise that I'll see you again." he whispered as he managed to get out from under and forced himself to crawl towards a large outcropping of rocks.

  7. "Would now be a good time to explain that I don't know a whole lot about being a doctor? I mean, a turnikit, a medpac, or a stim? I could help you with those. But this? I don't have the slightest idea what to do with any of them."


    Avriela didn't turn around but she did raise her voice. "Put Kif in the bacta tank for now. We'll check his readings and see what we can do for him once we get out of here."


    Vlalkor reached over and shut off an alarm that had begun to sound. "We've got a problem. The engines are still taking damage from the constant blasterfire. They must have set up some sort of heavy gun out there, the rifles aren't strong enough to punch through the shields but one of those could do it easily with our shields at their current state."


    He looked over at Avriela. "Either we leave now or we don't leave at all."


    She activated the ship's external comn system and hoped that Varik would hear it over the sound of blasterfire.


    "Varik! We need to leave now before the engines take any more damage! Get onbard now!"






    This...This isn't right...I shouldn't be dead.


    You threw yourself down an abyss. I'm sorry my apprentice, but you died. And you were the one among your crew who knew the most about the Dark Figure. You must understand, his reach extends to places that would surprise you. Members of both the Dark Council and The Jed Council have been corrupted by him and they don't realize it.


    But...Per'dra...If I don't help them she could be corrupted by him next...I...I can't let that happen to her!


    Apprentice, there is nothing you can do...I'm sorry but your rash decision may have doomed her and the others.


    Zarev's mind tried to move his body but there was no response. It appeared that the one who kept calling him his appentice was right. He was dead but somehow his mind was still alive.


    Who are you?


    You don't remember? I should have expected this and I know you don't want to hear this but I believe your mind is dying. it's the only part of your body thats still alive. In life, I was Jedi Master Tirel Beval. Your teacher and your friend.


    Master...please...I may not remember much but I remember that you once fell in love...I love Per'dra and I won't let her be corrupted by whoever this is. Please...Please help me!


    As one who is now one with the force there isn't much I can do to help you...but there is one thing and there's a good chance it won't work. But if you truly love this woman...then I will attempt it.


    Zarev's mind slowly began to register something: Colors were begining to fill his mind. Different shades of hundreds of different colors. They were filling his mind all at once. It was almost too much too handle.

  8. Tatooine

    Dune Sea


    Varias was running as quickly as she could when she saw that the fighter that had gone down near her held a person inside. She looked at a few far off large boulders that could possibly give a small amount of shelter but if she stopped to help the person in the fighter she might not reach them in time.


    The former jedi looked up at the sky at the ship which was now much closer then it had been earlier and then back at the fighter.


    No choice. She thought to herself as she ran towards the fighter and ignited her lightsaber just in case. As she approached the fighter she found that a few of the mysteries surrounding this fighter became clear.


    The reason the one inside had not left the fighter was because it looked like the controls on the outside were jammed. She could tell just by looking that the engines had either been sabotaged or shot.


    She held her ignited lightsaber up and motioned for the human inside to move to the side so she could cut a hole.




    Mos Eisley Cantina


    "I've never tested my strength against them, but if that's what I need to do in order to find my contact, I'll do it. His name is Zothressk, and he's a weapons manufacturer. Don't worry; he's not with the Empire, even though they offered him a deal he couldn't refuse. The thing is, he did, and now I have word from Ruuto that he's here on Tatooine and 'hiding' with the raiders. You may wonder why I need to find Zothressk instead of another weapons tech to share what I know, but there is no one else I trust more than the Trandoshan. He may be lethal and brutal under certain circumstances, but he also hates Sith more than anyone. I would rather have him on my side than someone 'out of the loop', if you get my meaning."


    Daceros smiled. "Don't worry. I'll get you out there. But with all the activity thats been going on we might want to leave. Now." He said quietly as two larger groups of stormtroopers entered the cantina.


    He turned to look over at Darasuum and the Twi'lek. "I think it would be best if we left as soon as possible. Sooner or later they're going to pull out the big guns and we'll be in more trouble."


    He looked at the Twi'lek. "I take it your not with the Imps?" He asked. He had a feeling that the Twi'lek had been somehow responsible for the stormtroopers that had been thrown through the air. There was a...look to the Twi'lek that Daceros just couldn't place.

  9. Tatooine

    Mos Eisley Cantina


    "Watch how a true warrior does it."


    Daceros raised his eyebrow as he watched the armored man who called himself Darasuum Kandosii managed to take down the entire squad of stormtroopers without breathing heavily. It was a bit of a shock to also see a few of the stormtroopers lifted up into the air and thrown around the cantina.


    "Impressive." Daceros said while nodding his head in approval. "I haven't seen a display of fighting skills like that in quite a while. I should be the one buying you a drink after that display."


    He turned to look at one of the other patrons approaching the table. A green skinned twi'lek who had also managed to avoid being harmed during the brawl.


    He turned to look at Darasuum, Enobaria and the rodian and motioned towards the door. "I think we should discuss our business somewhere else. I have a feeling that this place is going to be swarming with more stormtroopers any moment now."


    He turned to look at Enobaria. "I'll cover you. Just let me know where you need to go."




    Dune Sea


    Varias cursed her luck. She had crashed on the most inhospitable planet in the system and she had no idea where to go or in which direction civilization was...there was however another fighter that had crashed nearby. Possibly a survivor from the rebel cruiser that had been shot down.


    She sighed heavily, exited her fighter and headed off in the direction of the other fighter and kept her hand on her lightsaber. But a sudden thunderous sound that echoed across the barren Tatooine sky caught her attention.


    That ship the imps shot down is going to hit the sand soon. I can't be around when that happens. She thought as she started running.




    Caves of the Dune Sea, Tusken Raider Hideout


    Rarakor muttered under his breath as his eyes slowly opened and without thinking he tried to move his arms only to find himself chained to a wall. He let out a furious roar as he attempted to get free.


    (("Who dares to imprison me!? Come forth and fight like warriors!)) He roared again.

  10. Shan


    "We need to get him to the med-bay I think. Check to make sure he has healed enough to be up and about. Give me a hand, Avriela?"


    Avriela couldn't move for a moment as she watched Zarev throw himself over the edge of the building and into the abyss. Everything seemed to happen at once, Per'dra and Varik both screaming at him as he fell as the corrupted Republic solders got to their feet and raised their rifles.


    "Hold on." She said quietly as she walked over towards Light and Kif. She took ahold of Kif and quickly escorted him to the medical bay before heading to the bridge.


    "As soon as Varik gets onboard we need to get out of range as fast as possible!" She told Vlalkor as she settled into the co-pilot's seat and began hitting switches.


    "What about Zarev? Did you manage to stop him?" Vlalkor asked.


    Avriala didn't respond. She really didn't know how to answer that question.




    What is this? Am I dead?


    My apprentice...my wonderful apprentice...how could you throw your life away so carelessly? And yet...you managed to do something that no one else has had the guts to do. You drove it away...at the cost of your life.


    I am dead...aren't I?


    That is not for me to say...But I will say this: You should not have done what you did. There was another way to drive what it was away. There are many ways actually. The dark man feeds on the darkness within the heart and mind. He can be stopped by the right individual and that could have been you. But perhaps...you can still warn your friends. Let me teach you...and you may have a chance.

  11. Tatooine

    Mos Eisley Cantina


    "The offer still stands, would you like me to buy you a drink?"


    Daceros nodded slowly. "Yes. Yes I would. I apologize for the hesitation but to be honest...I've never heard someone speak the language of the first Mandalorians. It was a bit of a shock. to hear it."


    Daceros turned to look at Enobaria and the Rodian before turning back to look at the armored man. "Tell me...have you tested your strength against the native Tusken Raiders?"


    He motioned towards Enobaria and the Rodian. "From what your saying, I gathered that the two of you are planning on taking a trip out towards Tusken Raider territory. If you need my help then I'll give it under one condition: When you leave this planet, I would appreciate it if you took me with you."


    The chiss sighed. "I've been stuck here for awhile and I tire of seeing nothing but sand everywhere. I'm tired of having to take shelter whenever a sand storm forms. Get me out of here and I'll gladly assist you."


    The armored chiss turned as he heard the door to the cantina open and narrowed his eyes as a group of about nine stormtroopers entered the cantina with their weapons at the ready.


    "Hmph. I probably shouldn't have roughed that trooper up. Looks like he brought friends."




    Docking bay 12


    Delas was just for a moment tempted to run for her blaster but the need to vanished a moment later as the trooper's comnlinks went off.


    "Attention. A Rebel Cruiser has been shot down and is currently in the process of crashing in the Dune Sea. All available units are to proceed to base and prepare to hunt down rebel survivors. All units are to respond immediatly."


    The two troopers immediatly turned and left without a word and Delas was able to breath a sigh of relief as she headed towards her ship only to notice something when she reached the bridge.


    The controls has been shot out. The hyperdrive computer had been wiped. And no matter what she did she couldn't access the backups to restore the data.


    She slammed her fist down on the control board and swore violently as she ran to the cargo bay and grabbed a case of credits.


    She needed to find a slicer. Someone who could get past the damage and get the data back.





    Varias rapidly hit the thrusters as she tried to get her ship under control as it continued heading for the dune sea. As her fighter went down however, she saw that a small ship had hit the sand not far from where it looked like she was about to crash.


    It was looking grim for her as she threw all the ship's power to the thrusters on the bottom of the ship and hoped to the force that she didn't die.

  12. Balmorra, Base Exterior


    Zarev. I don't know whether or not you can hear me, but I don't want to lose you. Against the Jedi Code, I'm beginning to fall in love with you, and don't see how I could ever want to stop. Even now, I pity you, and don't want you to fall under the complete control of this monster. Whoever he is, we'll defeat him together. No one has to know--no one MUST know--but keep faith in me!


    Zarev's body stopped moving entirely as Per'dra's message forced it's way past the dark presence that was controlling him and into what remained of his personality. But it wasn't enough at the moment. The presence that was controlling him let out a chuckle as Zarev struggled to take control back.


    "I apologize my dear." Zarev's voice was a cruel echo of what it had once been as the presence spoke. "But your friend here is mine now. And the less of you that live to tell about this the better."


    "Now..." The presence chuckled. "Time to die" The stasis field around Zarev disappeared as he finally managed to break through and looked up at Per'dra with a triumphant grin that was begning to fade as the presence controlling his body noticed something.


    It no longer had control of his legs.


    You won't hurt Per'dra...I swear it! Zarev's mental roar echoed through his mind. I would rather die than have you hurt her and kill my friends! You won't win!


    Zarev's mind was fighting against the presence even as he ran towards the edge and threw himself over. He didn't know if he would live or die...but he knew that whatever happened, the presence would most likely leave his mind.


    You fool! If I am stuck within your body when you die you could kill me!


    Thats the plan! Zarev shot back as he continued falling. As he fell his mind suddenly felt...clear and open.


    The presence was gone.


    Per'dra...He thought at her sadly. Goodbye.


    ((Don't worry, we haven't seen the last of Zarev yet.))

  13. Tatooine

    Dune Sea


    Rarakor knew that Tatooine had a reputation as a world with an unforgiving climate but he hadn't expected it to be this hot. The wookiee was sweating heavily and was severely dehydrated but he continued walking towards Mos Eisley.


    Find him...The angry wookiee thought repeatedly as he continued to stagger across the dune sea. Find the murderer. Avenge Kashyyk! The wookiee's senses were dulled by the heat of Tatooine's twin suns and the lack of water but he knew that something was watching him. The problem was that he couldn't tell where this something was. The wind was carrying the sounds and smells of this planet all around him and it was confusing his senses. This was an unfamiliar hunting ground.


    It was at that moment that the something that was tracking him made a noise that he couldn't mistake even in his dehydrated state.


    Whoever it was was right behind him.


    The wookiee turned around quickly but wasn't fast enough as he was only halfway turned around when a blunt object cracked him hard across the skull and he hit the ground with a thud.


    The last thing that he heard before blacking out was the grunting and victorious howls of a party of tusken raiders. Of course he didn't know the name of the species, he only knew that he had failed in his quest. And he would most likely wake up as a captive.


    ((Warlord, could you have the raiders take him to the camp?))

  14. Mos Eisley Cantina


    "Do you have any ideas on what those 'other means' might be, Daceros? I'm a good fighter, but not phenomenal. My skills lie more in diplomatic relations than warfare, but something tells me Tuskens don't negotiate except with weapons. Would you be willing to help me? I'm actually looking for a friend of mine, whom this Rodian said is hiding with the raiders for some reason. He used to manufacture arms for the Republic, before it..."


    Daceros suddenly frowned for a moment as old memories were brought up at the thought of combat but he shook his head and a smiled appeared on his face. "I can give you a hand out there. Been a bit since I was out in Tusken raider territory and I could use the trip."


    "Before it became the Empire, I mean. Now he's with the sand people? I don't get it..."


    A sudden thought came to mind. "Hmmm...Actually hiding out with the Tusken raiders isn't a bad idea. Even the Empire prefers to leave the Tusken Raiders alone unless they have an ace up their sleeves. This friend of yours...what does he do?"


    "Kandosii! Gal'gala." (Nice one! Allow me to buy you a drink.),


    Daceros's eyes widened as he slowly turned to look at the armored man who had appeared next to him. Although he had only understood a few words of it, he knew the name of the language.


    "Excuse me for a moment. I need to speak with this one." he said pointing at the armored man next to him.


    He reached into one of his pockets and pulled out a small translation device and activated and hoped that it would translate the Mandalorian's language. He had no idea who this man was but he knew the language of the original Mandalorian race and to say that that was interesting was an understatment. It was amazing.


    "What species are you?" he asked as the small translator beeped and started translating.



    Orbit around Tatooine.


    Varias knew her fighter couldn't take much more as a small squad of fighters continued to fire at her. With the cruiser's engines out of comission the fighters had turned their attention back towards her fighter and it was taking all her skill not to hit debries left over from the battle.


    This is a battle that can't be won. She thought as one of the her fighter's laser cannon's was shot off. She turned her small fighter towards the sand covered surface of Tatooine and pushed her fighter to it's limits. The way she saw this, she would either be able to lose them in the atmosphere or they would break off their attack and head back.


    Either way, this is most likely going to hurt. she thought as the surface of the planet filled her view.

  15. Tatooine

    Mos Eisley Cantina


    "Excuse me, but I couldn't help but admire your amazing display of sheer power. Stormtroopers make me ill."


    The chiss turned away from his drink to look down at the woman. "A lot of people these days share that opinion." He muttered. "Stormtroopers are cowards, they only attack when they find someone weaker then they are or when they're numbers give them an advantage."


    "My name is Enobaria Votric, and I was wondering if you knew anything about infiltrating Tusken camps without a fight."


    The chiss raised his eyebrows in surprise. Usually people didn't mind taking out a few tusken raiders and no one had ever asked him how to get by them without a fight. Not that he didn't know but still...it was an unusual question.


    Daceros turned towards the bar and grabbed his drink before turning back to face the woman and the Rodian.


    "Didn't think I'd ever hear someone ask how to get by Tusken raiders without a fight. Usually people want to know the best way to kill them."


    The chiss extended one of his armored hands. "The name is Daceros. And to answer your question there are a few ways to avoid battles with them. The first is a stealth field generator. Just make sure you don't wear one during a sand storm. The sand is small enough to get through and wreck havoc with the circuits which can cause it to go offline."


    "Second way is to try and sneak in at night with a stealth field generator. At night most of them are either out looking for water and food or sleeping. A quiet person can sneak in the camp, take what they need and leave without a fight."


    "I myself prefer the direct approach when it comes to dealing with them. I've been stuck on tatooine for nearly seven moths now and I've dealt with them a few times while out in the Dune sea. The best way to earn their respect is to issue a challenge to their leader and win or defeat one of their scouting parties. When my ship crashed on tatooine I was stuck in the dune sea for around three days before I was found by a tusken raider scouting party. I managed to defeat them but I didn't kill them."


    Daceros grinned as he remembered that event. "Eventually I ran out of water and I guess they must have been watching me. I passed out and the next thing I knew was that I woke up in one of the sand people camps. They could have killed me at any time but they didn't."


    The chiss shook his head. "One of the few things Tusken raiders respect is strength. If you can overcome their scouting parties or show them your strength through some other means you should be fine."

  16. Hyperspace,

    En route to Tatooine


    Varias was awoken by the soft sound of her hyperspace control panel letting out a series of soft beeps. She yawned and checked the new information that was coming in and smiled when she saw it.


    She would be arriving at Tatooine in a few minutes and with it would be the start of something more than just attacking the Galactic Empire at random and being forced into hiding after each attack. No...with the assistance of the Rebels she would be able to plan coordinated attacks against the Empire and would finally be able to actually leave a lasting impression on them, the Empire would know that the few remaining jedi would not go down without a fight.


    "Attention." The computer's voice echoed through her fighter's cockpit. "Arrival at Tatooine in five...four...three...two...one.


    Varias began to hit the appropriate controls as the ship came out of hyperspace and her eyes widened when she saw the cruiser she was supposed to meet with under heavy attack by Imperial forces. She growled as she hit a different set of controls and brought the fighter's laser cannons online.


    I should have known. She thought angerly as her fighter began to chase down one of the Imperial fighters. She waited until it was directly in the center of her targeting computer before firing the laser cannons and blowing it to pieces.


    Next target. She thought as she brought her fighter around and targeted the next one.




    Mos Eisley Cantina


    Daceros was so focused on his drink that he didn't notice the Rodian who had arrived in the cantina or the woman he was playing Pazaak with. He was a bit interested however when he saw the woman grab the back of the Rodian's neck but he shrugged and got back to his drink. It didn't really matter to him what the two were talking about.


    He was on his fourth glass when he felt a sudden tapping on his armor. He slowly turned around to see an Imperial stormtrooper standing behind him. He was tempted to blast the imp where he stood but that would just make him a target.


    "What do you want?" He muttered angerly as the Stormtrooper pulled out a datapad and handed to him. "Dispatch from the Tatooine garrison. A tribe of Tusken raiders killed off a large group of stormtroopers and the officer leading them. A reward is being offered for their extermination."


    Daceros let out a soft chuckle as his eyes narrowed. "Thats how you imps handle everything isn't it? Someone gives you trouble and you send in the troops?"


    The stormtrooper suddenly couldn't breath as Daceros grabbed him by the neck and lifted him. "You tell your CO that I will never take a job from you and your empire. Do you hear me?!" He shouted angerly. The trooper was gasping for air as Daceros finally threw him over the bar and watched as he slammed into a shelf filled with empty bottles. Daceros watched through narrowed eyes as the trooper ran out of the cantina. Daceros simply returned to his drink.

  17. ((I'll post again once Kif is on the Shan. :) Zarev is going to pull off one incredible trick later.))


    "Just to be safe.",


    An internal battle was being fought within Zarev but his true mind was steadily being overwhelmed. The presence within his mind was rapidly overcoming his own mental defenses. On his own, he knew that he was going to lose this mental battle within a few minutes. He knew that at the moment the others were safe from the presence that was controlling his mind. But he knew that sooner or later the presence would be able to break through the stasis field that Per'dra had hit him with.


    "I'll die trying before I release Zarev!"


    She must think that i'm a traitor to the republic. He thought. A part of him would rather die then have Per'dra think that he had turned on her.


    No Jedi. I highly doubt that they would ever trust you again even I did release you from my control. No...The Dark council member that you ended up killing was to be my weapon but now that he is gone I will take a new body to control. Your first act will be to kill these fools.


    No...I won't hurt Per'dra...I'll die before I do that!


    You forget yourself Jedi. You will kill her and the others because I command it. Go ahead...try and resist.


    And Zarev did try. But he simply couldn't break free of the control no matter how hard he tried. But he did have one thing that he could do. He went through his memories and recalled the memories that he had with Per'dra. He took them and the emotions that were brought up with him and used them to create a shield...a barrier that was able to barely hold back the presence wthin his mind.


    Hmph. An interesting trick Jedi. It may hold me back from total control, but I still have total control over your body.


    The sith was able to break free of your control even if it was only briefly. I will break free even if it kills me! Zarev mentally shouted as the presence within his mind started to gather the force around his body as Zarev fought against the presence. Zarev's body began to break free of the stasis field as the presence pushed his body's abilities dangerously close to the limit.

  18. The Jedi Order is dead.


    It has been nearly a years since Emperor Palpatine has reformed the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire. The Jedi Temple on Coruscant is in ruins. Stormtroopers walk the streets of hundreds of worlds that fear the new Empire. Many of the few remaining Jedi have deactivated their lighsabers for the last time and have fled to the distant worlds of the Empire to avoid execution. The Empire's presence is everywhere.


    But where tyranny exists...so does resistance.


    As the Empire's brutal reach extends across the galaxy...brave men and woman will rise to fight against the Empire to save the oppressed and those who can't save themselves.


    It's time to challenge the Empire.





    Outer Rim



    Daceros couldn't help but feel a bit of anger as he watched the Imperial holonet from his seat at the bar. The announcer was smiling as she reported that a small group of resistance fighters had been wiped out on Coruscant. The former Mandalorian shook his armored head.


    A hundred credits says that they were most likely holding a demonstration and the imps sent in the stormtroopers in. Wouldn't put it past them. He thought as he continued watching the holonet transmission.


    At least the jedi had honor. He thought bitterly as he caught the bartender's attention and pointed at his empty glass. The bartender nodded nervously and refilled the glass with his favorite drink.




    Docking Bay 12


    Delas couldn't help but wonder how she had gotten herself into this situation as she looked at the three seperate blaster rifles pointed at her.


    "Look...This is all a big misunderstanding. I was supposed to deliver this shipment to an imperial officer named Kyral. I don't know why he's not here but this is perfectly legal."


    One of the stormtroopers looked at the other two next to him and let out something that sounded like a laugh.


    "Captain Kyral was killed in action against Tusken Raiders nearly two days ago. There is no one alive who can back up your claims and that means that your cargo is now property of the Galactic Empire. You will accompany us back to base and your ship will be seized in accordance with Imperial law."


    Delas was tempted to go for her blaster but she knew she wouldn't reach it in time.

  19. Roof of Republic HQ



    Zarev heard the sound of a blaster shot and moved instantly to the left. The bolt barely missed him. He didn't turn away from Varik though and unleashed another powerful wave of force energy at Varik.


    "Hey Sith! Use this!"


    Avriala knew that her lightsaber wasn't the ideal weapon for this battle. Even though she knew quite a few force tecnniques she knew that they wouldn't do much good against the seemingly posessed Zarev. She caught the blaster and immediatly pointed it at Zarev's hands.


    "Sorry about this Zarev." She muttered. She began to rapidly fire the blaster repeatedly at Zarev trying to get his attention away from Varik.


    Zarev was forced to turn around and began to deflect the bolts away from him.


    "Varik! Nows the time to get Kif! You and Light need to get him now!"


    Avriela ran down the ramp and unleashed a blast of force energy as she landed as she continued firing the blaster with one hand while reaching for her lightsaber with the other.

  20. Shan


    "Whats going on? Who's attacking us?"


    Vlalkor didn't turn from the controls. "It's Zarev. Something happened to him and now he's using his force powers against us. He's already taken out our laser cannons and now he's trying to take out our concussion missle launchers."




    Republic HQ


    "Stand down Zarev! I will NOT hesitate to hurt you.",


    Zarev slowly turned around and released his force hold on the Shan's concussion missle launchers and turned to face Varik . His hand went down to his lightsaber and ignited his double-bladed lightsaber.


    "I'm afraid your friend is no longer in control of this body." Zarev voice sounded off...as though something was speaking through him. "Your jedi friend is no longer here. I will use him to kill you all off and than my plans will continue unopposed."


    Zarev briefly gathered the force around him and unleashed a massive force wave that caused the Shan to shake violently and almost caused Avriela to loose her balance and fall off the ramp and sent Varik stumbling backward.


    Some of the republic solders were starting to get back to their feet and Zarev smiled as he grabbed a large piece of debries with the force and sent it flying towards Varik while grabbing smaller pieces and sending them flying towards the Shan.


    Vlalkor swore violently as the Shan continued to take severe damage. "We can't take much more! We need to grab Kif and leave before the engines take more damage and we won't be able to get into space!"

  21. ((Time for a new Rp :) Just so everyone is aware, this one takes place in the Galactic Civil War rather then the Old Republic Era.))


    The Jedi Order is dead.


    It has been nearly a years since Emperor Palpatine has reformed the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire. The Jedi Temple on Coruscant is in ruins. Stormtroopers walk the streets of hundreds of worlds that fear the new Empire. Many of the few remaining Jedi have deactivated their lighsabers for the last time and have fled to the distant worlds of the Empire to avoid execution. The Empire's presence is everywhere.


    But where tyranny exists...so does resistance.


    As the Empire's brutal reach extends across the galaxy...brave men and woman will rise to fight against the Empire to save the oppressed and those who can't save themselves.


    It's time to challenge the Empire.




    No Godmodding

    No Super powerful characters

    No more than four characters

    Language is to be kept at a Pg-13 level. You can insult the characters but not the people controlling them.

    No killing other characters without permission.

    Have fun!




    Character Sheet


    NAME: Daceros

    AFFILIATION: Previously the Mandalorians now a Mercenary

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: 24

    SPECIES: Chiss

    APPEARANCE: 6'4 with red eyes and no hair.

    WEAPONS: Heavily modified D-860 heavy blaster rifle that can function as a grenade launcher. Frag grenades, Concussion grenades, two D-100 blaster pistols and two vibroblades that can be extended from his armor while in close combat.

    EQUIPMENT: One set of heavily customized battle armor that has seen quite a bit of action in recent weeks. One heavily modifed freighter that has much more firepower then the average freighter and has heavy shields.

    OCCUPATION: Mercenary for Hire

    HISTORY: Although he is no longer affiliated with the Mandalorians, at one time Daceros was highly respected by many and feared by many more. Due to unknown circumstances which he refuses to speak of he has been exiled from the Mandalorians.



    NAME: Varias

    AFFILIATION: Formally a member of the Jedi Order

    GENDER: Female

    AGE: 24

    SPECIES: Cathar

    APPEARANCE: 5'9 with piercing green eyes with brownish black colored fur.

    WEAPONS: Double bladed lightsaber that can be seperated into two lightsabers. The force

    EQUIPMENT: Black robes that hide both her face and her lightsaber.

    OCCUPATION: self-proclamed freedom fighter.

    HISTORY: Not much is known of the former Jedi Varias due to temple records being destroyed during Order 66. What is known is that at one point the Empire announced that she had been killed on Coruscant during Order 66 only to have her resurface a year later on one of the more distant colony worlds. Unlike a jedi however, she usually shows imperial targets no mercy.


    NAME: Delas

    AFFILIATION: Herself

    GENDER: Female

    AGE: 30

    SPECIES: Twi'lek

    APPEARANCE: Dark blue skinned twi'lek with violet eyes. Has a scar going down her right arm due to an encounter with a stormtrooper.

    WEAPONS: Two DL-140 blaster pistol.

    EQUIPMENT: Light armor with a small amount of armor built in to protect her from light blaster bolts and a vibro knife that is hidden in her boot.

    OCCUPATION: Smuggler/Gun Runner

    HISTORY: Unknown. Imperial records on Delas are classified.



    NAME: Rarakor

    AFFILIATION: Himself

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: 104

    SPECIES: Wookiee

    APPEARANCE: Black and grey fur 6'8

    WEAPONS: Bowcaster, Transdoshan sword that was stolen from a bounty hunter. Various other weapons

    EQUIPMENT: Grenade belt, Ammo belt

    OCCUPATION: Wookiee warrior and self proclamed Avenger of Kashyyk

    HISTORY: Although Rarakor was not born into slavery, he knows of it's evil. When the Imperials came to Kashyyk looking for slaves he and his family were enslaved and his wife and son were killed for resisting. It was at this point that Rarakor was able to break his shackles and killed the stormtroopers that had murdered his family. He has dedicated his life to finding the imperial officer who ordered the attack on his village and will not rest until the Galactic Empire is in shambles.

  22. "Light needs help down there! Avirela, could you heal up my legs, so I could at least be able to walk?"


    Avriela looked down at Zarev and the corrupted Republic solders before turning to Varik.


    "I'm going to try and move some of your bones back into place in your legs. You should be able to walk but Its going to hurt pretty badly at first. Use the force to try and block the pain."


    Avriela gently took Varik's leg and positioned it.


    "Hold on!"


    Avriela used the force to hold the leg steady as she quickly began to move the bones back into place. She couldn't fix the broken ones but she was hoping that Varik would be able to assist Light.


    "Alright...one last thing." She said quietly as she grabbed a stimpack from one of the shelves and injected it into his leg.


    "That should numb the pain. I can't fix the broken bones right now but if we have more time I can."


    The Shan shook violently as two of the laser cannons were finally crushed as Zarev continued his assault on the Shan.


    Vlalkor swore violently from the pilot's chair. "He's starting to attack our concussion missle launcher! If one of them detonates we might not make it out of here!"


    The sound of blaster bolts could be heard hitting the hull and sparks began to erupt from consoles all around the ship. "Either we get Kif now or we don't! The ship can't take much more of this!"

  23. Balmorra

    Republic HQ


    "No more killing. There is a chance we can save them if we take out whoever is causing this. One more, and I will cut you down, understood?"


    Zarev chuckled. "You can't seem to sense it can you? There's nothing left to them. Their minds are gone."


    Zarev turned to slowly look at Light as he smiled again. "You however...still seem to have some common sense left in you. You can either back off now or I will kill you."


    What is this...this...this is wrong! What's in my head?!


    Zarev's body seemed to move on it's own as his other foot slammed into Light's stomach which sent him reeling backwards. He then gathered the force around him and unleashed a powerful force push that sent him backwards against the wall. He simply continued pushing Light against the wall even as what was left of his mind screamed at his body to stop.


    Your quest stops here Jedi. Voleran is the key my domination of both the Sith and the Republic. Nothing will stand in my way.


    Zarev! Are you still able to talk to me, especially of who is controlling you? Is it Voleran? If so, I'll take the risk of contacting him directly. For now, speak!


    Zarev let out a howl of rage and grief as he continued to push Light against the wall. Something...Something so much stronger. He sent back to Per'dra as whatever it was in his mind closed off his mind to everything.


    "Light...get Kif...get out of here...before he takes you as well." Zarev whispered painfully as the remaining republic solders suddenly stopped firing at Zarev and formed up on him instead and took aim at the Shan's ramp.


    "Please..." He whispered. "Get Per'dra and the others out of here before he takes them as well."


    It was at that point that Zarev's body twitched once and Light was no longer restrained by Zarev's force push. Instead he slowly turned to the Shan and gripped it with the force and began crush the vessel's laser cannons with the force.

  24. Shan

    Above Balmorra HQ


    "If you don't mind, I'll guard the ship, because I think the Republic soldiers will recognize me on sight and, after all, it was my trying to figure out where the jamming signal for Grandmaster Shan's communications was coming from that got us into this mess. If I hadn't been wandering around, I don't think we'd be in this jam in the first place."


    Zarev shrugged his shoulders and ignited his lightsaber as he prepared to jump down to the roof of the Republic HQ. He shook his head. "I'm going to need a quick pickup once I grab Kif. Keep the engines at full power."


    He couldn't help but shake his head in slight confusion. Why had he been so vicious with Vlalkor? In fact, he could barely remember the incident even though is had only happened a few minutes ago.


    What is...What is wrong with me? he thought in confusion.




    Zarev ran down to the bottom of the ramp and took a flying jump and landed safetly on the roof of the building although the landing did cause his feet to hurt for a few moments.


    Another alarm began to sound as solders began to run up to the roof in response to the alarm. Zarev ran at the group and unleashed a wave of force energy that sent most of them flying back, most of them hit one of the walls but a few of them were sent flying over the edge of the building.


    Avriela moved to the top of the ramp and watched as Zarev ran at the group of downed solders with his lightsaber ignited.


    What is he doing?!


    "Zarev! Stop this!" She shouted out urgently as he cut down two of the downed solders. She turned and stared at the group.


    "It's like he lost his mind! He's not holding back! He's killing them!"

  25. Shan


    "What ever happened to 'no man left behind'? Have you forgotten that Kif is in critical condition? If the Republic doesn't kill him then the Sith most certainly will!"


    "The mission may come first, but that's no excuse for leaving people behind to die because you 'forgot about them'. THAT IS RIDICULOUS. Jedi should know better, and especially you. Was he too much of a burden for you? Had you forgotten he put his life on the line for the rest of you?! Did you forget that too?!"


    Zarev was completly quiet for a moment as he looked down at the ground. When he rasied his head his eyes were blazing with anger and fury. "Vlalkor, bring the Shan about and head for the base. Prepare for a jump."


    Vlalkor shook his head. "I'm sorry sir, but the base's defenses would rip us apart before we reached the inside of th- Augh!" Vlalkor's voice cut off as Zarev slowly moved towards him with both of his hands facing outward. Vlalkor could feel the pressue as Zarev used the force to push him back into the pilot's seat.


    "You seem to be under the impression that that was a suggestion. You will turn this ship around towards the base or you will be relieved of duty."


    "Sto-Stop this..." Vlalkor whispered painfully as his hand tried going to his balster pistol, but Zarev grabbed it with the force and crushed it easily.


    "Now that you've had the time to think...will you turn the ship around?" Zarev asked quietly. Vlalkor nodded urgently. "Good. Now turn us around."


    Zarev turned towards the others and brushed past them as he headed for the ship's ramp. He turned to look at them with a small but dark looking smile. "Anyone who wants to come along can."


    Zarev steadied himself as the ship stopped moving above the base and the ramp extended down to the roof of the base.



    "Why were the republic soldiers attacking you in the first place? Was the entire outpost working for the empire?"


    Avriela shook her head. "I'm going to guess that Voleran got to the base somehow and corrupted them. From what I understand, all it takes is one person to spread his influence."

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