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  1. I... I don't know what you're talking about... Some parts get more and more boring the more you play it. But others manage to retain their coolness for a few playthroughs. I've played the first KotOr probably five times, and Korriban is just now getting dull. A little. I hated Tatooine, Kashyyyyyk, and Manaan. And Taris. And the Leviathan. Yes, that probably comprised like 80% of the game, but whatever.
  2. Yep, Ragnos, Sadow, and Kresh didn't have laser-swords. Ragnos used his h4x0r staff, and the other two used voodoo.
  3. Girls should play BioShock. It makes playing video games feel unbiased and non-sexist. There's equal treatment for BOTH genders! If hitting women over the heads with a wrench after setting them on fire isn't fun for the whole family, then I don't know what is. Well, it's nice to know that the stores clerk records my gender every time I buy a video game.
  4. Vash was thought to be alive, and in cut-content, she was. Others could've died in the Jedi Civil War or something.
  5. I'm not talking about the stats. I'm talking about charisma exclusively, and willpower abstractly.
  6. Gives you more willpower and determination and all that junk, which adds to your mental state, which makes your Force powers more efficient.
  7. A slim Zabrak stepped into the CorSec office, clutching his left arm, which had a dash of blood on the ebony jacket covering it. Blotches of dirt stained his lightly armored clothes, and there was a slight limp to his step. He proceeded into the investigations section, where Darja and Tarek were moving away from the interrogation room. "Eh. Who tried to assassinate the governor this time?" he said in his quiet, mechanical voice. "Or did you guys just finish beating the hell out of another person who tried to trade without requisition papers?"
  8. I could do the skinning, but to get the appropriate tattoos, you'd need to remap the UV so that each side of the face can be skinned differently. I know nothing of modeling.
  9. Split from this thread ~tk Let me answer that by asking you this: how come you literally beat people with your club, I mean lightsaber, several times before they die?
  10. ~snipped~ Don't flame. --Jae I was being facetious. --MM This isn't the place to be facetious MM, please leave that type of thing out of your posts around here in the future. You know the rules, so follow them. -RH Anyway, there is (or was) a mod that put Fett-style Mandalorian armor into the game. One of those armors is Boba Fett, if I recall correctly. It's not being hosted anywhere, but a few people do still have it. Ask in the PCGameMods request thread if you're interested.
  11. Name: Cole Cassius Gender: Male Age: 35 Species: Zabrak Skills: Cole has remarkable stealth and tech skills, making him the ideal agent to infiltrate a base. He served the Imperial Military as a sniper for a short period of time, which gave him combat experience. Cole also has a talent for hacking devices and engineering machines. Equipment: DC-15A blaster rifle, a DH-17 pistol, and a combat knife Appearance: History: Cole joined the Imperial Military at the age of 20 as a sniper, but left two years later when he saw the horrors of some Imperial prisons. Since Imperials were extremely strict on soldiers leaving the army, he had to break into an Imperial compound and hack the mainframe to wipe out any record of him ever joining the military. Afterwards, he lived in Corellia, and five years after moving there, he joined Corsec's infiltration and reconnaissance regiment.
  12. Ask in the PCGM thread in this forum. This mod's pretty rare at this point, though.
  13. Revan got the message. Their communication transcended words. It was almost as if their emotions were being channeled directly into each other's minds, and now, he could almost touch her. When he received her thoughts, Revan was surprised. Did she still feel the same as she did so long ago? He had left the weight of the Republic on her shoulders. But he wanted to embrace it. Bastila... was all that he could utter. But he meant so much more. Tell me the bad news.
  14. If fodder is food, then what the heck is cannon fodder? Anyway, I wouldn't call damn cursing, and it only appears once, twice, maybe thrice in the duration of the entire game, but if it bothers you... A schutta is supposed to be a small rodent on Ryloth or something, if I recall correctly. But I don't think that shows up in K1.
  15. Revan felt a strange disturbance. What was that? Never mind. Communicating for this long will make us both weak. We both need all of our strength. I might not be very far out from the Outer Rim. I feel like I've been traveling in circles for the past few months... You should be able to find me in a few days if you go straight to my coordinates.
  16. I've got nothing against Sion, but Kreia always finds some way to reprimand you at every turn until the end.
  17. Third Planet by Modest Mouse... Some pretty deep lyrics. They actually come close to Bob Dylan's lyrics almost. Really listen to them. And no, it's not a religiously-based song.
  18. Yeah, and that's exactly what I did. It was fun. But when Atton tries to hit on you, it's funny (You got to love his "Damn it!" when you tell him that you found clothes.) But when Carth does it, it's just plain creepy to me. It's sort of cliche, too.
  19. Dude, Exile, you're 1337. Could you PM me the link to those? If so, I promise to give you a free "You just got roasted." token.
  20. Actually, Darth Bane named Rain "Darth Zannah" when he found out that Zannah was he real name. It could've happen with Revan and Malak as well.
  21. As did Dooku. If he hadn't, they would've been able to take him easily. Dooku and Obi-Wan both had the time and opportunity to bring themselves up. But I've already stated why Makashi is effective against Soresu. The reason Anakin became so much more powerful was because he wasn't even finished with his training, and his potential had barely been realized. It really became evident during the Clone Wars.
  22. I personally liked the male Revan far more. I've played both genders, and male Revan just seemed right to me. I also hated Carth with a passion. In TSL, I loved female Exile. I didn't have to feel all queasy about any annoying guys hitting on my character, since there are no real romances in the game. Atton hits on you, but that's much more tolerable than "I COULD LOVE YOU IF YOU GAVE ME THE CHANCE." to me.
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