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  1. Here's for all the people that really liked hydroball but were too *insert excuse here* to host/rent their own server. I've heard of many people that they wanted to play Hydroball II on Jedi Academy, but that they couldn't for silly reasons. So now You no longer have an excuse not to play if you wanted to in the past. So what is it?! Hydroball II is a mod for JKA based upon Final Fantasy's 10 Blitzball. You can compare it to a sort of underwater soccer, with the added element of full body contact and throwing balls instead of kicking them. Sadly enough it didn't really gain enough attention to become popular, and so after a while the servers (and thus community) slowly died out. A link can be found Here So where can I play this awesome mod?! Introducing: Multiplay.co.uk Hydroball | Main Rented by: BlitzBall Elite Club (Yaguro) Server Info: Server Main - Multiplay.co.uk Hydroball | Main Server Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands Maximum Players: 12 Server IP: Current Maps: Waterball/Hydrodesert/Abyss Stadium/Za Stadium So for all of you that wanted to play Hydroball in the past but couldn't anymore, now's your chance! Let it be noted that people even wanted to host a tournament at the ESL once, but it got cancelled due to the lack of servers, but no more! Contact is currently going on to see if we can get that ESL tournament back up, but until then you can just play at the server whenever you want. (24/7 hopefully) For info about the ESL tournament that never happened, click Here! Hope to see you there! P.s: If you wish to contact me, please let me refer you to my profile to add me on MSN (Preferably) or X-fire (Never online lol)
  2. Many roleplayers claimed they were great at OJP / knew how to play. Of course they were capable, inside their own community. When they went to Jask's server (dead) they would suddenly be on the bottom of the ladder.
  3. Many roleplayers feel themselves to be superior in one way or another to other players, and refuse to learn to fight properly, and disregard skill completely. (An initiate might be polite, and whoop the Jedi master's ass, but they'll just act like nothing ever happened.) Many roleplayers seem to think that OJP is awesome for roleplaying but still maintain the old combat-style of non-ojp mods, and totally ignore the fact that kicking people down is an option now, rather than killing someone in a spar and then pretending he or she never died. Many roleplayers seem to think that ''forceregentime 0'' is realistic. The concept of roleplaying though, there's nothing wrong with that. URPC was another RP Community that fell apart due to internal conflicts. Protip: lern2play cuz if max keeps his current mindset RP-ers will be forced to use the old version, lest they want to be obliterated in the new version.
  4. Who cares about the RP / FFA server ratio if the FFA servers aren't even populated half the time. Oh well, since it's just ''another'' rp community I'll just consider it the same as all the others. Nothing to see here. Oh look at that. Internal community conflict, specifically referring to: http://z13.invisionfree.com/JKA_WW/index.php?showtopic=313 Guess that puts it in the same section as URPC.
  5. Excuses excuses, it's not that hard to parry yawers at 1.2 speed
  6. Except that the anims on the server are ****ed lol.
  7. One giant + About JASK server. Direct FTP Access. Anyway, multiplay? The UK host? lolololololololololol No there's nothing funny about multiplay.
  8. Which means like En Vogue so you're never gonna get it. http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j306/mjwest1958/OutThere/santaclausRIP-1.jpg
  9. OJP does not work in singleplayer. However, you can play quite a few single player maps in multiplayer (Even with other players, integrated into the "Coop" gamemode.) Note that not all maps work properly though, but many *can* be completed.
  10. Cuz liek, >100 Pro so, need model tradez. Post ur most used modelz here (1 only lulz) Ok here's mine, Covenant Elite with modified taunt. http://www.fileducky.com/CUrgMMiQ/ Max post urs, Rev post ur Kane, and Kal'Dar post ur if u hav one aside of Jan. edit: Ok wtf, just let everyone post their most used model here so we can see no moar kyles.
  11. Can't hurt to release it already, if people find out about dedicated forums they might go there for help / comments instead of remaining lost on the internet.
  12. I don't really know about their usefulness as an indicator though. I can usually just watch my DP and mishap or their bounces to see whether I did or did not parry. Perhaps a tutorial mission that would teach people how to fight would be better?
  13. Very Cinematic *imagines 3 episodes of DBZ worth of "GRAAAHHHAAAAAH"-ing to charge teh lazaah, just to make it fizzle in the end.* Either that or weird hand gestures oblivion style.
  14. I assume that they have superfast Force Regen time settings on as well? Allowing lightningspam to dominate the server..
  15. Deciphered: Okay, I spent all my day packing up stuff. (Seriously, the only breaks I had were to eat) and the moving truck will come tomorrow, don't know when. It will just take six or more hours to get to the mobile home and I will probably set up my computer soon after that. (At the very least I will use my laptop.) PS.: (Six plus hours only because I got like 8 siblings of which most of them are little so they have ''to go'' almost every 30 minutes.)
  16. If it would work like quickparry, then I'm all for the slower movement style. Not too sure about the extra DP ''benefit'' & DP dmg penalty though. As for the armor, I almost never play as a gunner and when I do I wouldn't really know how much armor actually affects your life. The inventory messaging is nice, would be perfect if it would show up in the topleft corner like those messages from CTF (or where-ever they appear, the small ones.)
  17. All RP servers in OJP I have seen so far have failed for various reasons. And they are also the biggest offenders in not ''grasping'' what OJP is all about. Good luck.
  18. There's an OJP group on x-fire that you can join, it has some people that are playing the game in it. Quite a lot actually. Open Jedi Project Enhanced Players, or something like that. If you still wish to have people's individual addies, mine's 0megaD.
  19. nuuz not teh DPI. I always play at max sensitivity so when I replaced my default optical dell mouse with a Logitech G3, I couldn't aim anywhere anymoar.
  20. The acrobatic dodge I am referring to is the sideflip backwards roll. For maximum distance you need to do a SIDEJUMP *away* from the enemy, then roll backwards away from the enemy. This becomes impossible when locked on to the enemy. This is Jedi Academy, where the enemy can do weird tricks. If you try to roll away you do not try to face your opponent, you try to roll without headsmacking into a traffic light. In the current system you already face the enemy unless you lose track of him. If you ask me, the current system is more realistic than if you miraculously managed to stay locked on to the enemy regardless of your or his moves.
  21. Especially for duels? no, it would prevent you from doing specific dodge moves efficiently. As for the other game modes. LOCKED ON.. ATTAACK!! *Random guy jumps in swinging* ****, RE-LOCK, RELOCK!!! *You die* If you make it so they keep targeting the last agresssor. LOCKED ON.. ATTAAACK!! *Guy1 almost dead* *Guy2 does a quick swing* ****, RELOCK ON GUY 1, RELOCK!!! *You die* If you decide that you can switch targets with buttons. ARRGH QUIRKY BINDS, **** WRONG KEY *You die* + It might make it worse for newbies, they can't see what's around them.
  22. lol I remember that from URPC. Some guy kept spamvoting and after I informed the admin voting got disabled, and everyone got mad at me. Only problem with ''suicide'' reducing skillpoints is that at the moment some of the ''grip into abyss'' kills count as suicides due to collision with other objects or something. I guess you'll have to either fix that, or just accept it.
  23. Wasn't that 2.4 beta 3 only the client-side plugin? Or did they update the server too after all these years?
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