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  1. well, any PC head can also be used as an NPC. I'll just make sure that they have one value in the Normalhead column, and one in the Backuphead column. By having at least 3 of each species, I should be able to cover all the bases, and no player will meet their twin.


    It'll be just like what I did for the playable Rattataki that I've already completed. Each of those PCs can also be used as generic NPCs, but I'd also included a bunch of unique NPCs as well. I could do something similar if we needed, say, an old greyhaired Zeltron, or anything else.

  2. I sent you a PM (on behalf of Sith Holocron) with a couple of screenshots. Just wondering if you saw them, and what you think.

  3. good to see you're looking on the bright side of a volotile job market.


    Real time voice brainstorming... can't wait :D


    Yeah ME2 has some great story moments. Some people are dissapointed with the shorter main story, but I'm enjoying the character missions just as much (if not more so). The best parts are all the little snippets of conversation between NPCs. I'd :rofl: but I'd be too worried about waking my wife when I play at 1am :lol:.

  4. Finished? I still haven't picked up all my party members yet :( I guess I just don't have enough hours in the day. My friend here at work has finished it twice, and started a third campaign. If only I had that kind of time :lol:


    Modding on lunch hours, and I've put together about 19 female head skins (LS only so far). At least it's something, hey? But, if things at work keep slowing down, I'll have lots more time to mod (good or bad? :giveup:). Most likely, everyone will be scaled back to 4 work days a week, which isn't so bad.


    How 'bout you? Work's still going ok?

  5. I've been playing Mass Effect 2. So far it's been lots of fun. I haven't picked up all of the party members yet, nor have I done any loyalty missions, but I've been to Horizon. I definitely like the story so far.


    Have you played it yet?

  6. ouch. I hope that hasn't caused any serious problems for the honest people.


    As for my progress, I've got most of the shirt done (one sleeve still has uvw issues), and all I have left to texture is the pants and boots. Once that's done, I'll try adding some scuffs and dirt (from working hard on Dantooine ;)).


    Take it easy :)

  7. wow, that does sound like a fun idea. I definately want to help out, but it would have to be worked around RoR. I can easily supply you with some textures for the female small, medium & large underwear model, as well as the female Twi'leks (since they're pretty much already done).


    I'm not sure which models I'd use for club wear tho, especially for males. The only ones I can think of are commoner model, Republic Admiral maybe. The scout & scoundrel default clothes might work, but the holsters might look out of place in a club (then again, it is Star Wars).

  8. I've got a screen shot for you to critique in the team social group :D

  9. so, are you gonna update your avatar pic with that new Cain screenshot in the RoR thread?

  10. say, have you ever had the chance to finish your playable Rodian?

  11. The characters on the main menu don't seem to care about the appearance.2da or any .utc files either. I've done a bit of searching around, and found that there are several seperate models (named "mainmenu01.mdl", "mainmenu02.mdl", etc). Which one shows up is determined by a value in the swkotor.ini file (called "CurSithLord"). Check them out, 'cause each one has the black floor, black background with green stripes, the character, Aurora lights, and fog. I don't know if we'd be able to use Khrizby's method to replace the single body models. The most interesting one is mainmenu04.mdl, since it doesn't have a model, and instead inserts the player character. If we can find out how it picks an apppearance, we might be able to copy it.

  12. green's smile is nice now, very subtle :). The latest shots you sent should make for some nice posters in Sleheyron :naughty:. Whould you be able to use a Sleheyron interior shot for the poster background?

  13. oh, BTW, Miss Green's facial expression isn't very friendly looking.

  14. sorry, I don't know at all how to help with your auto update problem :(

  15. they're all the Twi'lek female body model. I suppose, if you wanted some variety, you could also use the underwear models. I could do some custom DS leathers for you, with standard skin instead of the red cloth. It wouldn't take me too long, maybe by tomorrow.


    Tonight I'll send you a couple to start, and then you can place an order ;) for exactly what you want

  16. alright, I'll take care of it tonight (I'm at work right now). I'll send a mix of colours, since I've got the whole rainbow, plus the A, B, C's and Echani & Rattataki too.


    If you're gonna pose a group, you gotta do them Rockettes style can-can kick line :xp:

  17. so, how should I get some Twi'lek skins to ya for rendering?

  18. Hey miro, I just thought I should let you know that I've finally started getting serious with the Bespin skin. I guess I was a bit daunted by it, 'cause I'm trying to do it mostly from scratch. Anyway, I'm gung-ho now :D

  19. I tried to e-mail the drexl files to you, but it came back as "Delivery Status Notification (Failure)". Maybe you could PM me a different e-mail address?

  20. thanks, hopefully we'll be able to use 'em in RoR as well. It'll all come down to getting the model animations to work.

  21. Hey, what do you know about this model?




    It seems to be a Boss Drexl, and has almost the exact same uvw map as the Ambiant one (but called c_bdrex01.tga). Could you check it out to see what kind of animations it has? The appearance.2da line is



  22. well, I took a look at it, and it was pretty bland. Instead, I've taken the in-game drexl larva and cut and pasted parts of it onto the adult female. That way, they'll look related. Right now it is green, but I can always make a purple version of both as well. I'm just working on the wings now, but I have to do them from scratch.


    The model is looking for c_drex01.tga, so that I wouldn't need to do much to the 2da file.


    I figure it'll still be a good use of time making this skin, since we can use this for RoR as well.

  23. Thanks. All the heads are default. I only changed the bodies.

  24. sure, I'll take a look at it later. It doesn't sound too hard.

  25. it depends on how quick you need it. I'll be away for most of the holidays, but I might have a little time in the middle of next week.


    What have you got in mind?

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