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  1. sounds good. I'll be working some overtime this week, so I might not make it home by 8, but I'll log on anyway, whatever time it is.

  2. Good to hear you got the new files. Yeah, Kaila's portrait now has the neck tat showing (it's small but it's there).


    I don't log onto FB too often, but I can try to log in at noon Mountain time every weekday. Would that be 2pm your time? Would that cut into your day job? If that doesn't work out, how about 8pm Mountain time (10 Eastern)?

  3. I sent you the e-mail earlier. I hope you got it :D

  4. hey, sorry I've been incomunicado lately. You already know about my surgery, but I also got my new computer right at the beginning of my recovery. Transferring programs, settings and files from XP to Win 7 doesn't go so smooth when you're on a pain killer induced fog :lol:. I still haven't got any of the KotOR modding tools loaded or set up. The good news, is that I've loaded (a student copy) of 3DS Max, and I've got a computer that can handle it. The down side (for modding anyway) is that it also handles Mass Effect 2 to it's highest graphics levels, and I've been playing it a lot ;).


    I've still got some files to e-mail you, and I'll try to get to it tonight.


    I hope things are going well for you :D

  5. lots better. My nose is still tender to the touch, but at least my top two teeth have stopped hurting. I'm back at work today, and I should be back into a normal routine soon. Too many days getting up at noon and going to bed after midnight :lol:

  6. on second thought, I think it sounds too Nazi :argh:

  7. Aye-Aye Captain SS :xp:

  8. I DL'd the file. I see that you still haven't deleted those useless tga's yet. I haven't installed to test it, but I will soon.

  9. sorry, I was busy all weekend. I'll take a look at it tonight :D

  10. [sarcasm]I have NO idea what you're talking about :xp:[/sarcasm]

    I'd have to look at the files, but I'd guess that it is a matter of adding text to the dialog.tlk file, and changing the feats.2da line for that particular feat, so that it looks at the new dialog.tlk entry instead of the existing entry. TSLPatcher has instructions for that.

  11. The extra ones for non player species are holdovers from my K1 mod. We won't need them for now. Maybe in the future we'll figure out how to use ALL species as players.

  12. I've sent mail for the icons, but not all of them are ready yet.

  13. I haven't resolved the problem with the third one yet. I haven't looked at it in a while either :xp:


    That'd be great about the build, since New Years eve is tomorrow :D

  14. what did you decide for the stats? Is it in the S.G.?


    I've sent mail for the masks. Just two for now, but they should help with the species start up.

  15. I'll try working on fixing them this week; there were a few uv problems.


    I'll also have to fix one of the male Miraluka (the Caucasian coloured one), since it's goggle hook is in the wrong place. The eye wear floats a bit too far away from the front of his face. It'll require some hex editing and monkeying around.

  16. nope. Besides, I'm at my work computer right now.


    How's things?

  17. the joke about the Devaronians? Yeah, I saw that. Kinda funny in a gutter kinda way ;)

  18. I've got to get going, but I'll check in later. Why don't you start a new thread for this question, and we'll stick to Attributes and skills for now. If things need spicing up afterwards, we can try adding special bonuses.


    don't forget, Miraluka will have Force Sight all the time in first person view, which is a pretty heafty bonus.



  19. we could. We might get some funky responses, and have to reduce it down so that it all balances out.


    I'm just in the process of making an Excel spread sheet, just so it's easier for me to visualize who gets what.

  20. you mean stats for the species? I've already sent you all the items (included with the whole package of skins and models), but they only have the description and name. I didn't put in any stat modifiers because it might have upset the balance of character creation. I figured that you'd want to set that up yourself. We can talk more in the social group thread I started for it.


    As for the eye gear, I've only made 1 so far, and can convert my K1 version easy enough (it's based on a model available in both games). That should be good enough for the demo, at least until I can make more.

  21. I couldn't log in here earlier, so I sent ya an e-mail at the new address (I also sent it to hotmail, just in case). It has some spoilerific pix :D

  22. Christmas party for work is tonight. It's a murder mystery theme; just perfect for celebrating the birth of Jesus :doh:. Well, it should be more fun than previous years when the party was at a casino, and as soon as dinner is done, everyone splits up to gamble or go home.

  23. Ah, it was in my junk mail. I took a quick look. Overall, it looks classy, with the black and silver/grey fades. The orangey/gold text fits well with the logo colours.


    maybe the images with the dark background and fog can be altered so they don't have hard edges. I could easily Photoshop them so that they fade to black at the edges.


    BTW you can use my real name on the team page.

  24. nope. I've only seen the PM with the domain name.

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