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  1. I'd like to see using an electro staff. Reason your melae attacks are shorted to Electro blade and your own weapon, Plus your comrades can perform special attacks but I found I coudn't.
  2. Don't they already do that? You know I think those things they carry to revive fallen comrades is a Bacta thing.
  3. Basically we talked on all things involing the topic at least 1.
  4. Thanks Commander. I would go with Scorch- 1162 it must be good.
  5. As a Clone Commander..I send greetings...

  6. Yep there is hopes that the next book series will lead to a sequel.
  7. Problem is we don't know wether or not Lucasarts come on here.
  8. Welcome! Sev my faverate, I like althourgh I prefer playing the whole game as him but I guess the sequel could have two storys one is you play as Sev another could be Boss as an imperal Commando and at some point in the game the two stories cross eachother. what do you think?
  9. I'm for one staying positive on this. So can we see this picture of an Imperal Commando.
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