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  1. Hi, i just bought Tales of Monkey Island a few days ago in my local store (yeah, i know i'm late), but i wanted to ask if anyone knows where to find the manual for the game. There wasn't a print one in the dvd case, so i looked for it in the dvd folders, but didn't find anything. Also searching on Google haven't helped me so far. Maybe one of you has the pdf or a link or a clue where to find it? Thanks a lot in advance!
  2. i started rather late with computer games ( i played a lot with my Sega Game Gear before), but my first pc game was an adventure game, namely the fabulous Curse of Monkey Island! I remember that i got it from my parents, because of a good mark in a math test. i didn't have internet at that time, so no cheap walkthrough-reading-puzzles-soluting. i rather asked a friend of mine at school, who recommended me CMI in the first place, for advice and somedays we played CMI together. After CMI, i bought all the Classic LucasArts Adventures and many more...
  3. i would buy a MI5 at once! i love all 4 games, especially CMI, and there is no better adventure series than the Monkey Island one. i imagine a fith one to be a little bit "darker" than EMI, with a new adversary who found Big Whoop too, became a zombie pirate like LeChuck, creates a skeleton army and steals all Grog reserves which is naturally a part of a bigger sinister plan... No one else than Guybrush and Elaine depart from melee island to search for the only one who can help them to defeat this new threat...LECHUCK!
  4. I've joined finally this forum just in order to thank you for your great works. The Infernal Machine Artwork has always been one of my favorites! Keep going on!
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