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    Im a Dark Lord of the Sith with my lover Bastila....
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    In Space, on the Star Forge
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    Slaughtering my victoms, loving Bastila, Rulling my Empire....
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    Sith Lord, Hunting down the powerful presence in the Unknown Regions
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  1. i find that offensive na not really i like and always do bastila and Mission...NO REASON WELL THERE IS BUT NOT TELLIN
  2. ya like i said before kex and kelborn r my main men they always have something to say and most of all theyre like brothers to me wen i play i actually get respect...mandalore like i said Mandalore The Utlimate oh and other legendary Mandalore....I think is and always will be CASSUS FETT!!!!!
  3. Hi Lord Revan here, Just talking about everyones favorite Brutes the Mandalorians...lol, i Wanted to start this forum because i dont think people give mandalorians alot of respect. Or maybe im wrong but still. this forums discusses what your favorite Mandalorian/Mandalore, what they did in there time, and there great adventures.....My Favorite Mandalorian is Kex in KOTOR 2 he is found on Dxun. my Favorite mandalore is "Mandalore the Ultimate".....i have no real reason tho!!!
  4. Hey im still new to the KOTOR Tool stuff and i was in a deep thought. Can I, if possible,Make KOTOR 1 like i want it i mean like i had an idea to change the whole game to wear revan(me) and malak recruit jedi for the mandalorian war, then fight mandalorians on planets.After that, do what they did in finding the Starmaps mainly the one on dantooine.after that have the Leviathen (a.k.a revans flagship) and have a tour of it as revan(in whole darkside revan robe).....like as if u were Malak on his ship. then have a few space fights(enemys board or u(revan) and ur troops board a ship. then it leads up to the jedi trap of Bastila and her jedi !!!! there is one mod i found but it isnt like what i wanted...i know how to make a mod but i wanted to know if i could do it before i actually started. the mod is at """"FileFront.com"""". Plz help me.....the mod is under "added content" and is called "Brother Hood of Shadow" plz help me .....here are some photos i was meaning in the starmap finding and the jedi trap, oh and the jedi recruit...... they r not my game pics but i want to show u wat i mean(these r from the modder there r more but they r the ones i dont want)
  5. Im glad others find Bastila Super lol.......She is the second most important character in KOTOR 1 and if ya think maybe 30% in KOTOR 2
  6. I'm curious to see how many people like the Sith Empire or the Galactic Republic, I for one like the Sith Empire because they have alot of freedom in thier empire.But i kinda like the Galactic Republic, thier capital fleets, fighter planes, and thier armor is just cool but i still like the Sith more!!! P.S. This is for KOTOR 1 Factions!
  7. I find the Sith Great but at one point no Both Jedi and Sith are good and bad.... Sith---they care for eachother(meaning to stay alive in a way)but they kill whoever is not strong. Jedi---care for all things, but innocent people die while they wait and meditate!
  8. WOW WOW WOW.....hold on here didnt i have the same Thread as this oh w/e ppls opinion(dont want to be deleted as a member) lol........ok i think Revan is a male tho i had at one time Revan was a female but i thought it over and Isnt the word "Lord" only for males and mistress for females, why would revan if Female be Lord Revan, it should be Mistress Revan but thats my thought, revan has the outlook of a Female and in KOTOR 2 if ya said Revan a female u wouldnt get to see bastila at all or maybe i wasnt paying attention. P.S. I wasnt trying to be Sexist at ALL i was stateing an opinion!
  9. well wasn't that something i saw that video..i like shems Kissing Bastila 3.0 it was a little weird how they kiss like they both bend down to kiss but its funny they look at the bed adn it was just great lol....
  10. I Think I like what others said like Oh W/e planets....But 1 Good Altime one would be Kamino Yes its a little boring but like ur own clone....they're never told about and in Episode 2 that guy at the Restraunt.. when obi-wan see's him about the dart they should let u see the Place in its pride and glory, and why it was a lost world(i mean before anyone knew about it in Records)
  11. Sorry I will next time. But chainz did it, I think, when I put it up... this is my first thread. I did? Damn my old bones.. hehehe. "Neither" works fine for this particular poll since their is a "both" option. -Cz Edit: Ok 1, the bisexual thing... uhhhh weird and awkward in soooooooooooooo many ways. And 2, why does everyone have a fit on Revan being spelled Raven? Just deal with it crybabies. And uhhh, off subject but can anyone please go and comment on my other poll? (Male Revan and Bastila's Daughter.) Just look it'll be there. Calling people 'crybabies' or any other names is flaming on this forum. Please don't flame. Please also avoid IM speak--it's very difficult for our members who speak English as a second language to understand. --Jae
  12. *BOOM*.......Revan can and always will be w/e u want it to be..yes im arguing my comments but i think the revan would be a male and then on other terms a female......lucasarts made it very hard to really figure it out, so well wait how did the revan gender go to tavion.???
  13. love the pic nancy.......and yes that was sweet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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