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  1. nope that starts off both light saber and guns in first person..... i want to start the game light saber and guns in third person...
  2. im not going to be pressing P every single time I start the game.... thats why im asking for a 3rd person guns option in the menu. So it goes automatically in 3rd person when using guns.
  3. yer thats a great idea. caps lock k change subject..Force lighting ive been having some beef with.. I would like the knockdown to happen at the end of the lightning, not instantly at the start. Is that possible. the only time I think lighting should instantly knock down is if your running when your hit by it.. and why isn't there a option for 3rd person guns in the option menu.?
  4. you know OJP E is really starting to shine its a shame that most people who play only have the standard models and maps..a great game like this. we need to allow al people who play this mod replicate movie duels, a custom map pack for OJP E would be great.
  5. i would love OJP E to have the same models and maps. so we dont have to download it seperatley people will all have the same thing.so all of us will be able to enjoy the high res models and maps. plus im getting sick of the same thing over and over again.
  6. why do we need one level in seeing in order to get a lightsaber style. there has been people in the past like general grievous that knew lightsaber styles that didnt have any force powers. I doubt that he had "seeing" ,. the force sense...
  7. OMG ... em im going to go and drink some smart juice.. you should do the same
  8. yes i played and finished Kotor 2, and i remember playing Kotor 1 for a LONG PERIODS of time.. but Kotor 2 really had a excellent story line and the "real feel" of the force and the understanding of it is what really impressed me. Its the RPG elements and the Role playing that I loved so much. best star wars game ever, Jedi knight academy is a rotting corpse compared to it.. (good choice of words I must say) A Kotor themed single player would make OJP really attractive, or perhaps a story of a bounty hunter.. thats something that hasn't been done before on the star wars universe.??? but in any event these all great ideas, but its really up to the developers and if they have the time or resources to accomplish such a task.
  9. i take the time to talk about things i know nothing??? i talk about things I notice in the game, and if im wrong by chance then i can learn from those that do know... its called learning.. Patronizing ... i have not done that,, i love the team members for what they do. If someone is "insulting" me then I treat them as if they are lower forms of life.. but i never make myself out to be some sort of Patriarch. Assumption is sometimes a good thing cause it saves time to learn the facts, we all have a different personality so theres no need to psychologically analyze me at least now i know the facts cause you inform me i know it may be annoying but its helping me
  10. ok thanks... so you are helpful sometimes arg.. but you also have to keep the run button held down when using force speed... meaning you have to hold down the force speed button and the run button at the same time.. just when you though it couldnt get any worse.. so now i have to hold a button down for spectating, using jet pack, and doube the amount of buttons down for Force speed.. seriously theres no way in hell im going to have always run set to On... you can forget about it... its a shame to cause "fixing" that problem is going to be quite a challenge, meh.
  11. ow i see. so it takes a bit to lock on, and ive also noticed the missle moves some what slower as well. Cool feature. Im glad that finally ive been notified of this by real "help" which max state seems to have completely forgotten about the whole point of forums.. its to help others,... its about giving people information,,, its also about a place to socialize. Maxstate is giving me advice but its not really help in my question... if he can just answer a simple question and stop treating me like im some sort of idiot that can't look through the forums and through the website.. i just find it easier to ask away for a immiedaite answer.. i take the time to play the mod everytime its released.. i take everything into account and i right it here. i spend time on this the least maxstate can do is treat me with some courtesy
  12. right mouse?? no i use that for Alternate attack.. i have to use the shift key thats near my arrow keys.. it strains my finger.. im sure alot of other people will get hell annoyed about finding out they have to hold the run key while using the Jetpack and while in spectator,, its forcing alot of people to turn always run to On .. which is the problem that most people will face.. until they find out the problem that is. You don't have to make the changes immidiatley im just saying that its a problem and that in the future perhaps it can be written down and taken care of.. When did i ever say that it "had to be done now" jesus use your head you ape
  13. i am not aware of any constant beta's been released,, and im sure that no one else knows that.. except for the beta testers.. which is probably only about 5 people... LOL im glad you think that way, another enemy to put on my list. answer my question cretin What does the alternative fire do for the Rocket launcher and thermal detonator!!!!!!! man the thermal alt seems to be the same as the primary fire... while the rocket luancher has a different sound for the alt fire but the missile seems to move slower.. anyone care to explain.. cause Maxstate seems to be in a "ass hole" sort of mood today
  14. Guys ive noticed something really terrible. as you know i like to put always run to off.. the problem is that it makes the spectating camera move slower as well.. so i have to hold the run button down to move the spec camera faster which is very straining on my finger.. not to mention the Jet pack moves slower while walking and uses the same amount of fuel... that means i have to hold to run button down while using jetpack and while spectating.. so regrettably i have been forced to turn always run back to on.. Is there a way to fix this?
  15. but your right about the reserve ammo. i think it should either be unlimited (that was the whole point for making the "regenerate ammo" thing.) and put a limit on ammo for some weapon that don't use batteries. like the rocket launcher.
  16. lol yer i said that back when i was confused about the personnel working on the mod .. i thought it was only Razorace.. but apperently razorace isnt working on the mod.. hes retired and theres actually a team working Maxstate, JRhockney, Darthdie, UDM, and some other people have also contributed on occasions. like Jack and Witchking
  17. Ive just gotten the enchancedstuff.pk3 ... it took ages until it finally worked. I was trying all day.. finally tried it again 10 minutes ago and it worked. God dam... anyways finally played it now. Wanna note a bug. the new menus for controls dont have the writing for quick parry, ?? its a blank line but you can set a control for the blank line.. im guessing the line hasnt been given a name. disruptor seems to kill one shot when in scope, just by tapping the fire button... it removes the whole point of charging the gun... so its seems to be the most over powered weapon on the game. lol i killed 6 saberists the other day before they came up to me with that scoped tap fire.. lol and how come all the weapons now have a x/300 ammo... even the rocket launcher has the 1/300 ? that dosen't seem right.. you should have unlimited ammo in reserve??
  18. WAHh... installer.. im newb POO PANTS.. no im serious.. If you do a official release i hope it will be in a installer, cause this will confuse the oready confused masses
  19. thanks mate i just wanted you guys to be aware of the problem.. but silly me you guys where on top of things before i even realized it, lol yep max states got it all on his signature... even the updated Saber manual.. lol we should call maxstates signature "the window to heaven" wait thats not funny...
  20. ahha i finally realized what i was doing wrong.. bots only use the xp they get at the beggining of the game.. meaning you have to alter the starting Xp points... i could never find out how to do that cause you have to put that into the console or the dedicated server config file.. will someone please allow starting xp to be set through the main way instead of just through the console... >> the option to set xp points dosent work in the create a game settings.. this makes it hard for new people to play a proper game... frustrations like this just to play a mod is really what turns people off. maybe its the reason why so many people leave the mod after 15 minutes
  21. So why dosent it work for me... how do you get bots to use different lightsaber styles .. i heard someone mentioning something about modifying a text file so starting XP points are higher so bots will use it to buy skills.. Is that what i have to do??
  22. .... you don't buy it?? Some lightsaber styles are good at certain things and are worse at other things. Makashi bolt deflection is was the draw back of the style.. Despite its effectiveness, Makashi was not without its weaknesses. Among the first of these was the fact that it was somewhat harder to block against blaster fire with this style. Makashi was developed before blasters had become common place in the galaxy, and Form II training taught its practitioners to defend solely against blades. There was little lightsaber-to-lightsaber combat involved in a Jedi's life, so Jedi Masters found such forms as Makashi impractical. Although many Jedi historians considered Form II to be the ultimate refinement in lightsaber-to-lightsaber combat, it was dropped in favor of Form III combat when blaster weapons became prevalent in the galaxy. After the clone wars the makashi style died with Count dooku..
  23. lol.. apparently, i havent noticed bots use anything besides starting Shi cho...
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