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  1. Bleh I'll write my list when I get home, class just left out... >_> Times flies when you're in programming.
  2. I wouldn't mind seeing the Mass Effect or even Jade Empire style combat system. THough the only thing I wouldn't want with the Jade Empire system is the wall that keeps you in the battle arena.
  3. Haha... I LOVE Lego Star Wars. Sadly I lost my game while traveling and haven't played in ages.


    Thanks for the compliment on my avy.



    Oh and ps: your avy is pretty evil for those who don't know key strokes. XD I like it.

  4. Haha... I LOVE Lego Star Wars. Sadly I lost my game while traveling and haven't played in ages. :(


    Thanks for the compliment on my avy.

  5. nice avy, I didn't know you liked lego star wars

  6. Yeah there is I'm not sure where it is since I got it from pcgamemods when it was still around.
  7. Okay, So I have finally installed Kotor onto my newest computer (note: it worked fine on my last computer which had worse specs) and shocker: it doesn't work right! I ran a hardware scan, and everything is in the green except for my Nvidia Geforce 6200 (I can't check to be certain at the moment, as I'm posting from the library.) Anyways, it's inthe Yellow, which means it meets the minimum requirements so far as I know... yet when I get past the lucasarts logo and the screen showing that awesoem shot of Malak, the main title screen is pure black. I can see only my cursor, and if a move it around the screen, I can hear things as if I were actually hovering the mouse over buttons. Any idea what I could do to fix this? Kotor is one of my favorite games ever and I miss it dearly.
  8. As for mods I highly highly recommend FCOM. It adds a ton to the game. Also you must get Lost Spires, Gates to Asegaard (I think that's the name of it), and what else? Hmmm... well just search around Planet Elder Scrolls and TESNexus.
  9. I'm currently working on a series of gems. Now I'm guessing you put how much they modify your stats in the dialog.tlk, but how DO you know how much to put there? Take one of my gems for example I'm using effects 62, 64, and 65. With the parameters each 12. So would I say that this gem adds 12 to body, mind, and chi?
  10. O_O I... I would like this too. Oh Mira... I have something for you to wear. >_>
  11. I believe it would, don't you fight rodians in this k1 who switch between blasters and swords? I'm not sure if there are any flurry, power, etc. animations though.
  12. Hmmm... with the development of custom modules, would it be possible to make a walkway to these areas?
  13. There are multiple areas you can do the pushing trick, I'll try to take so more pics later. Would it be possible to somehow use these areas for future mods? Not that I can think of anything to use them for, but I'm sure they could be usable if possible.
  14. I think modders will find this hard to do as the pic you've provided is a bit hard to see with the gun blocking it and all.
  15. First I'd like to say sorry if this is the wrong forum... not sure where I would post this normally. Now to the point. I had just gotten on Telos and on my way to getting my weapons back when I got to the spot where that one guy is staring off into the distance near the Telos authority place. Well I noticed Kreia was missing, so I clicked on her pic and she was down below that guy on the ground. So upon further exploration of the the entertainment module I found about 5 (possibly 6) walkable areas that I think may have been planned modules for more of Telos. The weirdest thing about one of the areas was that there is a female Republic Soldier down there. Very strange if you ask me. Here are some screenies. If you want me to explain how to get there I'll try and I'll take more screen caps of other areas I found. EDIT: This topic is number 666 on the Taris Upper City Emporium! The sign of the Beast! Mod note: Moved thread from Taris Upper City Emporium to Telos Tourist Bureau since it's not a mod release thread. ~M
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