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  1. It sucks it would make for a more intresting game.
  2. Is it just me, or should this post be somwhere else...
  3. ok thanks, sorry about posting in the wrong forum.
  4. Is there an way to get a matale passcard to get into there estate?
  5. Actually the jet trooper is the best for anyone who likes the precision pistol. Just get it, and you have a nice weapon to totally decimate infantry with. The you can use your EMP launcher to destroy groups of infantry, and droidekas.
  6. I am just starting a clan with freewebs.com and i need a site manager. If intrested please contact me at mfjacobsen@aol.com
  7. {GF} Matt. I saw the video contest thing and thought that i would try it out.
  8. I was wondering if any body knew a good software to take videos of battlefront.
  9. what do you mean "press print screen"?
  10. Well the Magna guards poison is nice, but i like chucking det-packs at people and then finishing them off with the award shotgun.
  11. How do i take and view sdreenshotson the PC version of the game?
  12. I agree with most of them. Demolition Level: Polis Massa Side: CIS Go outside it is easy to hit the AAT tanks in the bank panel as they exit the hanger, and it is almost impossible to get shot by people, as it is in hoth. Marksman Level: Kamino Side: CIS Go to the center platform where the main battle is (it is the one with the round barrier/cover structure on it) go just behind the top of the ramp where the Republic troopers come up. it is easy to snipe them coming up the ramp, it is easier than Kashyyyk because the either stop or keep coming straight up, so there is virtually no aiming involved.
  13. Name: Shelon Pathmeen Age: 157 Species: Wookie Home Planet: Kashyyyk Era: The Old Republic Faction: Sith Occupation: Assassin, Technological Modification Genius Stature: 7 ft. / 9 in. Weapons & Equipment: ..Custom Full Body Armor- Dart launchers, Wrist Blades, built in Flamethrower ..Helmet- Heat and Infrared Vision, Breath Filter, Microbinoucular View plates ..Modified Jet Pack with Rocket or Grappling Hook attachment ..Stealth Field Generator ..2 Semi-automatic Dart Pistols, Saberdarts, Custom Sniper Projectile Rifle ..Custom Vibro Sword, Vibro Knives, Poison Gas Vehicles: ..Self-made Light Cruiser- Laser Cannons, Turbo lasers, Torpedo Launchers, Auto-targeting Blast Cannons, Cloaking Device ..Modified Speeder Bike- Upgraded Muffler, Projectile Cannon Strengths: Stealth, Awareness, Technician Weaknesses: Sensitive to concussion weapons, very short temper Bio: Born on Kashyyyk, he was left to die by his parents, luckily a expert technician found him, and took him in. Shelon, being raised by a technician, he naturally became his apprentice. He proved to be an excellent technician. A jedi came and found that he was force sensitive. Shelons expertise in his technical skill was revealed. The jedi forced him to come with him to Coruscant. He assassinated the jedi in his sleep, he then commandeered the cruiser to Koriban, a sith planet. He there trained as an Assassin. His progidous skill in his technical ability, combined with his force sensitivity, allowed him to make his deadly arsenal. He based his armor on the Mandolorian, his jetpack is much larger than an ordinary one, with virtually silent engines and an increased fuel tanks. He modified his sniper rifle with a longer barrel for increased accuracy, and an improved scope. His vibro sword has a battery pack that sends an electric current through the blade, as do his knives. All of his weapons have silencers. Shelon hates any weapon that makes a loud sound, he prefers stealth and secrecy at all times, and likes surprise attacks. He usually sees people before they see him. He quickly eliminated all his targets, including several jedi, and became known to work for Darth Revan. As a master assassin, he became known in the Republic. Bounties were set on him and numerous bounty hunters tried and failed to kill him. He was killed when Darth Malak turned his fire on Revans ship, during the surprise attack of the jedi.
  14. I think that bodies should stay throughout the battlle, but you can blow them up with a grenade, rocket, etc... You should also be able to pick up other weapons, I mean if your a soldier, and a heavy trooper gets blown up by a spider tank, are you gonna go at it with grenades? No you pick up the guys rocket launcher.
  15. Is there actual, solid proof there is going to be a SBFIII? If not, do you think that there will be one?
  16. Name on site: Calo Fergus Name in game: Captain Matthew Platform(s): PC Position(s) I like to play as an engineer Contact info: Contact me through the forum I don't have a microphone and consider myself a good player. I play all the time, and i'm good in space battles.
  17. (this is really stupid)... What is a Clan? I saw the other thread and i did not really understand.
  18. Does the Iridorian bounty hunter (the one in yellow body armor) in the Ahoto city cantina have anything to do with the game?
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