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  1. Dear all, I would like to know if it's possible to create new classes / prestige classes and if yes, how to do it? My ideas would be Bounty hunter, Cipher agent, Elite trooper, Gunslinger and Vanguard - so no-Force user classes. Also, is there a way to create new feats? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello! I bought this game a long time ago with "Star Wars: The Best of PC" bundle. It already is the 1.05 version. My problem is that every single time I play the Empire campaign it crashes during the opening cutscene of "Subjugating Geonosis". Curiously only the video card shuts down, I can hear the game running in the background but I can't do anything except reset the whole thing. Nothing I tried (re-install, modify video settings) can cure this problem and I haven't found any solutions online. I have Windows 7 x64, NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT with newest drive.
  3. Same problem here, on my first play I could get that damn cell right away and now I can't! It's really annoying.
  4. Try reloading a previous save and disable the cheat there.
  5. I have a similar problem. I'm solving the Sullio murder, and when the game loads the scene when we talk to Captain Riiken, it stops at about 85% and I get an error message and get back to the Desktop. EDIT: Solved - switched to Vibrosword and turned off the soft shadows. Doing just one of them wasn't enough.
  6. Adding new Force powers would be sweet indeed! Grievous, oh yeah! And the Emperor, too, with a few new skills... But seriously, how "deeply" d'you think we'll be able to mod it? Because new Force Powers and adding new animations to new possible lightsaber styles is gonna require a rather deep knowledge of the engine, correct?
  7. I only hope they'll make the porting well, don't mess up camera movement and controls. Map editor wouldn't be bad, but I hope there'll be a character editor as well (making a simple, arena-like map, put in 200 Stormies with Jar-Jar skin, then smash 'em!)
  8. With Malak in control, I think Death Star would win. Malak has absolutely no tactical side, he belives in sheer power - however, capital ships wouldn't get through the DS's shield.
  9. Lord Sidious - it was stated that he is the most powerful Sith Lord of all time. For one reason, he has a lot more knowledge at his disposal, since about 4000 years are between them - Kreia has no way to know about those secrets that were uncovered during that time, like Midichlorian manipulation, Life transfer, Force wormhole. Also, he had a Jedi Holocron (Bodo-Baas' if I remember correctly) and I think it's safe to say that he learned quite a bit of the Jedi's knowldge, too. Two, Sidious often visited Korriban to seek out the Force Ghosts of the ancient ones, so he possibly learned a lot from them in both Force abilities and lightsaber skills.
  10. Thing is, Jedi/Sith fit all the four roles depending on their class and Force powers. I guess the 4th class must be a really versatile one, since there's the Feat focused class (Trooper/BH), the Skill focused (Smuggler/Sneaky one) and the Force focused (Jedi/Sith). Being a droid might be limiting - still, playing as HK-47 would be badass.
  11. Jedi - Sith (obviously) Trooper - ?Pirate? Smuggler - Bounty hunter ?Technician? - ?Assasin Droid/Spy?
  12. I assume the classes will be - Jedi Consular/Master - Jedi Guardian/Weaponmaster - Smuggler - Trooper - Sith Lord - Sith Marauder - Bounty hunter - Pirate Not too much, but definitely balanced. I wonder if you'll be able to upgrade your stuffs like in TSL.
  13. Red, 'cos it's just plain badass. If I go dual saber style, I use either r/g or b/g, though.
  14. Hmmm... I think all Lords will bear the Darth title, but only the leader will be the Dark Lord of the Sith, the supreme ruler of the Order. Yeah, I think if you reach the level of it, you should get it, and Master on the Light side. Darth Mother-in-law sounds funny I think. But I think I'm gonna stick with my name: Darth Serion.
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