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  1. I was up all night with my friend playing halo 3, decided to get lunch. We walk out the front door and i tell him to hop in the gunner seat haha. The whole time i was driving i thought i was in a worthog =X Oh and one time i was playing kotor 2 days straight (raining i could think of nothing better XD) i get up to get something to drink and i thought "Where is my mini-map? How am I gunna find the fridge?" while i was walking to the fridge.
  2. After I click "Game" on the launcher menu I imediatley get an error saying "star wars knights of the old republic II: the sith lords has stopped working" and closes. The game is up to date and so are my drivers, I re-installed the game, and I passed on system requirments lab with maximum results. What could be wrong?? Mod note: Moved thread to the troubleshooting forum. Hopefully someone who knows will see it there. ~M
  3. Can someone email these to me? my computer crashed a while back and i no longer have these files. Thanks in advance! [PRIME edit: snipped email. Please use PMs instead. Thank you ]
  4. >.< i used force persuade... http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o169/GhettoFreakshow121/ggg.jpg But for the video hw transform & lighting is weird. Im running need for speed carbon that reguires it.
  5. Hello this is a 2 part question. First is for the recruit redhawke mod, Where exactly is she? i cant find her and i dont know if im having problems or just cant find her. The second is for TSL. I have it, installed it, but when starting out after the oppening credits it locks up and gives me a screen (screenshot a little later) with colered bars going across it then it crashes. I would really appreciate help in getting this going!
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