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  1. What might be better to offer is perhaps 'neutral' or 'less-DS' ways of doing particular quests. While I never played through most of the Genoharaden quests (LS FTW!), I could imagine that there would generally be 'neutral' ways of playing through the quests, meaning that you could at the very least allow LS plays to go through it without incurring huge amounts of DS points. It might screw up something badly, but I might do a playthrough at some point in the near future and have a look. I, too, thought it was odd.
  2. Well are they the same NPC? In other words, did you just change alignment? If so, you'll need to change a variable at the same time as you change alignment. Then just add a variable condition on a branch of the .dlg file you use for the now neutral NPC. If you do the whole dialogue - fight - dialogue thing, then just add the conditional change onto the second bunch of dialogue. If you need a hand, just give us a yell and I'll post screens and other goodness.
  3. Well I would very much like to have a look at that. I've got about four months to kill and that robe in TSL is looking like a mighty tempting project. As well as Nihilus with full animations? Or HK-47 with a lightsaber (though didn't someone already do that?)? Or Malak with full animations?
  4. How exactly did SS add the animations to the model? What program did he use?
  5. Well, what you'd need to do is analyse how the current "building your lightsaber" quest works, and change all the variables to fire once you're at the Telos station. You'd also need to (probably) take out the whole conversations from Kreia and Bao-Dur about making a lightsaber, so quite a lot of digging around inside the .dlg files would be necessary. But it is most definitely possible. And don't you get one lightsaber part before you leave Telos for the Polar Academy?
  6. Assuming that there is a global variable. It could just be an inventory check, but I'd have to make sure.
  7. It will probably be a global variable, or maybe an inventory check. If you're going with the two vials route, you'll have to change Zax's dialogue, so that if you're not going to double-cross him then you give him both vials (or none, if you're going LS). If you are going to double-cross him, then just write a script that destroys one of the serum's from your inventory, and keep the other one for Zelka. Here's how I would structure the options for Zax: 1) Here is all of the serum I found. 2) (Lie) Here is all of the serum I found. 3) NO! I love life and all of its runty little children. Let's go save all the nice children in the Undercity... 4) I'll have to think about this. So 1) and 3) would trigger the same reaction from Zelka, but you would then add some reaction for 2), which would be something along the lines of: "Oh my, aren't you a fiendish devil? Here, have some LS points". I would keep the LS points for double crossing the Exchange the same as if you just sided with the doctor, but have the former get some influence (or some money). Or perhaps the former could have some sort of persuade check on it? Otherwise there's no real reason not to do it.
  8. You would have to contact: ChAiNz.2da Darth333 Seprithro svösh T7nowhere All of them were active within the last few months, so there's a fair chance you can get in contact with them. I'd definitely be willing to help with the grammar, though it would be of the English variety.
  9. Mira maybe not...but I believe that G0-T0 is actually one of the most unpopular party members. Not because he's not uninteresting, but because he's useless in combat. I'd definitely download a mod that replaced him. Rather than taking up two party slots, perhaps you could have one of the sisters in your party with another one as a puppet? You'd have to make the hard choice of which one would be the major party member, but that way you wouldn't have to take up two party spots (and perhaps you could make it so that when you equip one sister with a certain item, the same item becomes equipped on the other sister).
  10. Yes, SithSpecter has a way of making new combat animations (see Revan's Moving Cape thread), but it seems to be painstakingly slow and difficult. Plus there can never be to few hammer weapons in a game.
  11. Yes, yes you could. If I remember correctly, all of the .wav files in KotOR/TSL are actually .mp3 files that have been renamed with .wav extensions. So, you could take your .mp3 files of Metallica, rename it to .wav and then place it in your steammusic folder. The only challenge would be to identify which sound file related to which track in the game.
  12. Unfortunately, you can't release a mod which uses copyrighted material from anywhere other than Kotor. So, the only metal music that you could include is that which is released in the public domain.
  13. I've been doing a playthrough of KotOR 1 and I've come up against a wall on Korriban. Currently I'm in Naga Sadow's tomb and I've reached the stage where Uthar Wynn and Yuthura Ban are about to attack each other. However, whatever I do at this point results in the game crashing; whether they attack each other, both attack me or just one attacks me, the game crashes. The save before this is a good while back and I'm wondering if anyone has encountered this issue before and has a possible workaround. I've fully updated the game and I'm not using any mods. I've only used cheats to get some items like medpacks and the Star Forge robes, so I can't imagine that that causes the problem.
  14. Some Sith patrols would be good, but I think you'd have to do some re-arranging with the whole 'access the Undercity' quest. Perhaps another quest/puzzle that you needed to do that would allow you to access the Lower City?
  15. I remember answering your question on TG's forums, but anyway: Ulic's mod has nothing to do with TE. It was included in the later builds because Ulic was on the team, but it is in no way connected to TE's extremely buggy work. Downloading Ulic's mod is an absolute must for a TSL playthrough.
  16. Allronix's dialog pack (the first one) has voice overs for those lines that were originally in game. She also included some of her own lines, and while its good, its unvoiced.
  17. Well, that's in the very long term. In the short term, we're going to be focusing on Episode 1.
  18. Ladies and Gentlemen, I hereby present to you the Chronicles Total Conversion demo for Jedi Academy! Clicky! This mod is aimed to allow players to play through all six movies in Jedi Academy single player. At the moment, we're focusing on the first movie, and we have the first part of the first mission available for release. While it may seem small, it's been a long hard slog to get this released; but it is finally here. Let me stress that this is a demo; there are bugs, imperfections and areas for improvement. If you could leave any feedback either here or on our forums, we would be much appreciative. Our forums are located here: http://chronicles.lightbb.com/forum.htm On another note: We are always looking for modders to help us help you help us all. If you have some skill in modding, come over and drop us a line.
  19. I don't believe the first one was ever made, but it WOULD be a very good idea; I never liked carrying around your saber all the time.
  20. Did they ever use HD DVDs for games? Or was it just an optional added extra which is now totally defunct and useless? Always keep the backwards compatibility issues in mind when talking about Xbox games. Halo 1 and 2 are obviously going to run fine, and Battlefront 2 is apparently relatively fine, but I've heard many complaints about the inadequacy of the 360's backwards-compatibility emulation.
  21. Ta-dah: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QJXYAY4I Just drop it in your override. Any suggestions/questions/comments, just pass them on to me here.
  22. Alright, if someone comes up with a final list, I can implement them. I'll have to invent some responses Bastila. Maybe a stroll through the dialog.tlk will produce some results.
  23. Alright, before I get too involved in this, you should contact the original author. As long as there are no porting issues, the only problem I see is copying the changes to the K2 baseitems.2da and upcrystals.2da into the K1 versions of those files. And since the two version of the files are basically identical, it shouldn't be hard at all. In fact, if you copy the files into the K1 override, then it probably will work, albeit with some possible issues with other items.
  24. Why don't you just see which script makes Hanharr pace and then beat it until it works for Mira? Or you could use the waypoints that are already in place for Hanharr (I assume he uses waypoints) and just write a series of walk scripts for Mira.
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