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  1. Hey vod, I was looking at your ARC trooper mod box cover-art, and I was curious as to where you got the "Games for Windows" white label on the internet.



  2. Not sure all I know is that I was suppose to be voicing Flare and those are his combat lines some are specific to actions but will make sence in combat

  3. like, what sound package is that going to replace? or you just did some phrases that you remebered?

  4. I am afraid I don't understand the question.

  5. so are the voices from a particular level/package otehr than the 62commando??

  6. anytime and if you need anything else written let me know

  7. My apologies I thought it said he was he was a Jedi: "Listen up troopers your next target is Alto Stratus he is an extremely capable warrior. He has taken out Jedi before. Your job is to find a way in and... [static]"

  8. i like it, except, he wasnt a jedi, he absolutly hated them and im lovin the avie!

    "please dissmiss what it says in teh event you hear it talk. it is an inanimate object"

  9. "Listen up troopers your next target is Alto Stratus he is an extremely capable Jedi that has unfortunately allied himself with the separatists. Your job is to find a way in and... [static]"

  10. well, i do need some with the advisor talking about alto stratus for 10 seconds and then he gets cut off as your gunship gets hit by a flak round


    info on alto: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Alto_Stratus

  11. Well if you would like I could write some if you give me guide lines like when the dialogue is happening and what it regards

  12. Only dialogue we have so far or the only dialogue we will have?

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