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  1. There is nothing to suggest that full capacity, Revan avoided contact so he didn't end up like the rakatan, there is nothing to suggest that he stopped it from building ships. ...It has to be somewhat comparable in size to the death star. It's needs constant energy to fuel the machines that build the ships,defense placements,power,stablizers,etc. This has nothing to do with the rate at which it creates ships. According to wookieepedia the infinite empire dissolved in 25,200 BBY. In LOTF, Caedus calls Confederation ships from the clone wars era to be outdated and "ancient hardware" (or something along those lines) We have never seen any Rakatan ships, the sith interdictor (leviathan) and the Centurion-class battlecruiser (Ravager) were both made in the republic originally not the star forge. One on one the imperial class star destroyers are better armed for combat then either capital ship in Revan's empire.(and the centurion's haven't been seen to be mass produced either) It will be extremely hard to take one down, plus t the systems/controls inside the star destroyers may very well be too advanced and unfamiliar for Revan's sith. Luke Skywalker has trouble flying starfighters (let alone massive warships,that needs all crew members to be competent) that he isn't familiar with (in fact he crashes one in the thrawn trilogy because of this), how do you expect them to understand the controls of 4000 yr. advanced. tech. the learning curve for an entire empire would be huge.(even if they tried to add the current tech to their current ship classes,there is no gaurantee those ship dimensions would allow it to be installed and they still have a huge learning curve against them) And in that time their current (outdated) ships would be suffering huge casualties.
  2. What were some of the alien species that you would have liked to have seen included in either game but weren't. I would have liked to have seen a couple Chiss, Mon Calamari and Umbarans included in the games.
  3. I think he did have more the Bodo-Bass' holocron, I believe the clone troopers also took more jedi holocrons when they attacked the temple. Plus he has knowledge from other force groups.
  4. Revan limited his personal contact with it, there is nothing to suggest that it didn't keep turning out warships. As we see the "full capacity" of the star forge involves it using feed on the darskide of captives, there is nothing to suggest that it all over a sudden stopped building ship and given's Revan genius it would have been smart to build more ships. The whole war effort was partially driven to protect the galaxy from the ancient sith empire (who based on the actions of Revan and Traya's comments, made the invasion seem pretty close, or at least in their minds). Like I said in my post the republic was down at least one third of its entire navy. The more ships Revan had at his disposal the easier it would be to spread the lines of the (already war tired) republic to a thread. Also I pointed out the war 3 years long. Revan had 1/3 of the republic ships +what the SF created in the year prior to the war. Even Revan slowed it down somewhat (which I already shown why it was illogical) Malak tripling its rate of construction would make up for that. Plus they captured a fleet at Foerost, and I'd imagine they took over some of he shipyards in the outer/mid rim. What is your source that Malak relied solely on "brute strength?" There is nothing to suggest that he had "no brains" as you put it. Yes, he was reckless and put himself into danger on the front lines (not an entirely bad trait for moral in battle to see your general fighting next to you) at times in the mandalorian wars. Sure he ordered planets to be glassed which spread the reputation of his ruthlessness and for people to fear him.(Grand Moff Tarkin would have loved him) But. "no brains," his betrayal of Revan shows he wasn't exactly a moron. Then you have to consider the fact that Revan or Malak can't be everywhere in the war. They had the same exact generals/admirals commanding the troops/ships on the frontlines.
  5. This will probably be my last post in this thread. And this post really has nothing to do with the battle itself but it is about the star forge and how I believe the time at which it can produce ships is being greatly exaggerated. And I will explain below. I highly doubt that and I will explain why below, using the facts that we know. Fact 1: The Mandalorian Wars, ended in 3,960 BBY and Revan and Malak took one-third of the republic fleet with them. This means that the republic only has two-thirds of its fleet/navy remaining and a number of those ships would naturally be damaged and may have not have been worth repairing. Fact 2: A year later (3,959 BBY) Revan and Malak invade the republic with a massive armada. The first known/major battle was a surprise attack against the repulic military base at(3,958 BBY, technically it's the 2nd year)) Foerost where they captured a substantial portion of the ships docked and those ships joined their sith navy. This means now that the republic has under two-thirds of its fleet/navy to combat the sith. Fact 3:Sometime in 3,957, Malak betrays Revan, and becomes DLOTS. Fact 4: Three years into the war (3,956 BBY) the events of kotor happen and the sith are defeated, and the star forge is blown up. Now during this time this sith are preparing to form their invasion fleet (s) to attack the inner rim/core worlds. (the argument from a sith and republic trooper on Manaa,also says much) So in the 3-4 year period in which the star forge was under Revan/Malak's control they didn't have enough ships to make a successful bid (and have enough ships to protect their current territories.) on the inner/core planets until the very end. Yet you expect them out number the Galactic Empire within a year? This is highly unlikely considering that they have more ship yards/ship building facilities then just Republic (less than two-thirds of its original it had at the end of another war, so its forces/resources were pretty drained) and have a bigger (not to mention 4000 yeas more advance) fleet to begin with. And the manpower the sith would need for a navy to take on the GE would thus have to been staggering and may even slow up their war effort finding enough men to properly man the ships. (not to mention their skills of those recruits would be in question) So in-conclusion I hoped I put some perspective of how fast the star forge produces ships. And I how feel people use the title of the infinite fleet erroneously, and how fast they think it can produce ships.
  6. Um, I know that already? It's says that they were "Scattered across the Death Star's surface" I was posting it's statistics originally for everyone to see and my point still stands. And the second time I posted (which was solely about space combat) this I told him to "exclude the ground vehicles and such"
  7. I apologize if this post and the last sound a bit snippy. How do you expect them to concentrate? They have way have to deal with all of this from the death star alone(exclude the ground vehicles and such) Scattered across the Death Star's surface were thousands of weapons emplacements: a total of 10,000 turbolaser batteries, 2,500 laser cannons, 2,500 ion cannons and 768 tractor beam projectors. The station carried a crew of 265,675, plus 52,276 gunners, 607,360 troops, 25,984 stormtroopers, 42,782 ship support staff, and 167,216 pilots and support crew. The station also carried 7,200 starfighters, four strike cruisers, 3,600 assault shuttles, 1,400 AT-ATs, 1,400 AT-STs, 1,860 drop ships, and more. (source is the sw databank This isn't including what stars destroyers would add to the battle Luke was solely focusing on the duel, and the duel alone. He wouldn't have other distractions, even the slightest slip up when your concentration is on the battle could lead to your death but you expect Revan to divert his at the very least some of attention from the incoming star fighters and antifighter turrets to find a weakness on moon size battle station. Luke by LOTF is alot more powerful then Revan, not to mention if Revan even attempts this, his navy would be under the command of lesser beings (and god help them if Grand Admiral Thrawn was in command of the imperials.) But even by LOTF Luke isn't that powerful to do what you suggest in the middle of space battle. We could only speculate at best, until he has shown the ability or has been stated by a credible source to have it, then as far as I'm concerned he doesn't.
  8. There's nothing to suggest that they go under ground. I'm convinced that forcefield is only ground level(the force field doesn't stop dark jedi from entering the temple itself from the top and im talking about force field not disruptor field), hell it maybe only on the door, it's not like anyone who crashed landed before has any heavy weapons, nor would the said weapons be from the future. No numbers were ever given, for the temple. Vader and Sidious wouldn't come alone. And in the resurrection comic(which features a good battle between Darth Maul and Darth Vader and it is cannon), Sidious's lightning turns 3 or 4 prophets of the darkside to ash. He has such great control of his lightning that when Moff Kadir and his cadre of loyal storm troopers went to kill Palpatine he used his lightning to kill them all but he directed i to avoid his own red guard who were trying to protect him. So the numbers of "average joe dark jedi and no name sith, wouldn't be enough to stop Vader and Sidious, and their reinforcements which would be considerable due to their importance. It's was never confirmed to be, the name itself, "force field" by itself doesn't mean anything though the ritual could suggest it being created of the force. Though I'm not sure how well this would work, against Vader(or god help it Sidious himself) due to his power. I mean we have no idea how powerful Revan was when he first visited the temple, plus there is nothing to suggest that it could stop Vader from tking the entire temple, remember Revan needed to get inside, Vader needs to destroy it. It's too big to get sucked down, it has it's own gravitational pull, if the disruptor field would do anything, it would probably overload it's systems and cause it to get stuck in Lehon's orbit but I don't see how how. And this is assuming that they don't destroy the planet first. Not to mention that if it did fall the planet is done for. So the star forge wouldn't have it's first (and most effective) line of defense. My whole point here was that the sith fleet weren't going to let them get near the planet(which was the point I was addressing) which is where the disruptor field comes from, they would be fighting beyond the planet and out of range... They might lose a few ships but once they realize it, there is nothing to stop them from glassing the planet from a safe range outside it's orbit. I'm curious for the sources. I guess it could be that the death star wasn't quite completed in the novel and the shield may have been the very last edition. No offense but this is the stuff that gets frustrating to deal with it. Your entire argument is "Revan is uber" and therefore he will magically become an ace fighter pilot find a small exhaust port on 160 km (if this is the first death star which hasn't been confirmed to be) all the while avoiding thousands of tie fighters, turbo lasers,ion canons,etc. And the same goes for the dark jedi, none of them were noted to be ace pilots and they would be to preoccupied to look for a weakness with their eyes let alone trying to concentrate to use the force. This "what if" is not going to happen.
  9. I still think Palpatine has her in force knowledge (if you disagree then, just say so and I'll post the rest of the knowledge that I know he had access to, that I'm aware of). If you would like my friend on another site posted a pro Palpatine essay, and in it he has a "chapter" specifically for his force knowledge, now it's a little bias in opinion but the facts are there and he cites his sources. As far a wit/intelligence goes, I still give it to Palpatine. This is a man who manipulated the entire galaxy and was playing both sides in the clone wars. He has spent extensive time near powerful jedi like Mace and Yoda and neither (or the other 10,000 jedi in the order) had any clue that Palpatine was really the sith lord they were looking for years. He also caused the destruction of outbound flight to lower the jedi numbers,order 66, the trade federations blockade of naboo,hell he convinced the senate to turn against the jedi who just won a war for them.
  10. After thinking about this I have to somewhat agree, Vader looks menacing in the suit, and Palpatine well we all know what he looks, neither of them look "good." Though I wonder what the Elders reaction would when they hear that they want to destroy the star forge. Or they could do my theory of digging underneath it. Or if they have enough artillery, I would love to see how much energy the temple's force field could take from various vehicles like the ATST. There are various ways to get down to the surface. Should the sith fleet try to prevent them from reaching the planet (and thus not getting near the disruptor field) a massive space battle would occur and the facts are the Galactic Empire has a big tech. advantage, more variety of ships and man power (overall) to its advantage. Which is both a good and bad thing. I have a few scenario ideas that I would like to run by you if we do a full scale war thread.
  11. If you want to create such a thread then message me so we can set up the proper scenario
  12. Right, the disruptor field affects electrical systems not superlasers. The disruptor field could cause it’s electrical systems to overload but due to it’s size it would stay in orbit and not crash into the planet (if it was in Lehon’s orbit) Wont stand much of a chance, the first death star had the following armaments: Scattered across the Death Star's surface were thousands of weapons emplacements: a total of 10,000 turbolaser batteries, 2,500 laser cannons, 2,500 ion cannons and 768 tractor beam projectors. The station carried a crew of 265,675, plus 52,276 gunners, 607,360 troops, 25,984 stormtroopers, 42,782 ship support staff, and 167,216 pilots and support crew. The station also carried 7,200 starfighters, four strike cruisers, 3,600 assault shuttles, 1,400 AT-ATs, 1,400 AT-STs, 1,860 drop ships, and more. (source is the sw databank And the second death star would be a lot stronger. And even at 4% power the beam of the first death star could destroy a 3000 km ship as did to the rebel alliance's Lucrehulk-class battleship called the Fortressa. The following is Tarkins thoughts in the death star novel: There must be trade-offs, he had said. In order to mount a weapon of mundicidal means, shielding capabilities would have to be downgraded to a rudimentary level. Power, Bevel had said, was not infinite, even on a station this size, fueled by the largest hypermatter reactor ever built. However, given the surface-to-vacuum defenses, the number of fighters, turbolaser batteries, charged-particle blasters, magnetic railguns, proton torpedo banks, ion cannons, and a host of other protective devices, no naval ship of any size would be even a remote threat. A fleet of Imperial-class Star Destroyers—even a fleet of Super-class Star Destroyers, should such a thing ever exist—would offer no real danger to the battle station once it was fully operational. Given all that, a shield system that was less than perfect at times wasn't such a high price to pay for the ability to vaporize a planet. Though he is probably arrogant there is truth in his words (just look at the armaments i posted, i am aware that i posted info about the shield capabilities but i am all for getting the facts out) and now we know how the rebels destroyed it with starfighters but we have to consider the following facts about it's destruction, before we can assume that the same could happen here. 1.The rebels knew it weakness if the death star, if the Malak(who the OP puts in charge of the SF in the original post) doesn't know it's weakness he will be sending his interdictors to their destruction. Should the DS come with a fleet (which it likely would because once the empire knows of the SF,they would of the fleet present) then that further increases the Empire's chances at a victory because the fleet would be superior in every single way except maybe numbers (no number is given for the sith at the battle of the star forge though we have to consider the size of the GE fleet at Endor and the fact that if the GE knew of the star forge's location they likely know it's the capital of Malak's war effort so they would probably send a bigger fleet. ) 2.The rebels got real lucky.(or as the jedi would say, they had the force on their side) Most the of the rebel starfighters were destroyed, Luke was the only fighter to really escape the trench run (Vader let Wedge escape because he was no longer a threat) and Luke only got the shot off because Han's interference. 3. To quote myself regarding the exhaust port: The sith fighter aren't known for having proton torpedos either, for the record. (im sure they may have some of the sort (or we could give them it in a new fair thread) but it had to be brought up) They would have to know when the Empire was coming for that to happen. Not to mention then they would have face even more then before since without the disruptor field to take down a couple of SD’s. But the Empire has man resources available to attack the temple. If they reroute the disruptor field to an energy shield then the planet would be unprotected from being glassed by SDs or blown up by the DS And I would like post the following from the "destruction of Alderaan's" page" from wookieepedia Although it has been debated, a shield effect is still present in the post-1997 version of Alderaan's destruction. In frames 4 and 5, the glow is concentrated in an area surrounding the point of impact, like shield interactions seen elsewhere in the films. The uniform glow also extends far out into space, beyond the limits of natural atmospheres. The original novelization of the film also has a reference to defense systems on Alderaan, which were as strong as any in the Empire, and helped make the demonstration even more impressive I will say this again, I believe we need to make a new thread and I welcome anyone to help me make the parameters because there are too many scenarios that can happen here, due to the vagueness of this thread.
  13. I assume you mean the Death Star, not the star forge. But you have to look at how the rebel leaders first found about it purposes. The rebels knew of the death star pior to Vade capturing the rebel leaders and bringing them to Palpatine on the death star (during the force unleashed game,) where he revealed the stations name and purpose. So unless Revan tries to pull a starkiller move, then his empire would find out the hard way. And again your coming up with a scenario that makes this a major military campaign but as I have been saying I would like to make a new thread with a fair scenario because this is becoming the Galactic Empire vs Revan/Malak's sith empire (and this would allow for other circumstances not mentioned to come into play, so we must haves some sort of guideline, feel free to message me if anyone wants to) Otherwise you can't compare the two due to their different purposes.(The OP really made a bad thread) Revan is not a military technician, he would need to acquire the death star plans and have a technician team extensively look over them (again this assuming were talking about the DS 1 and not some version of the second DS which has no exhaust port) as the empire looked over the exhaust port as a weakness then so could his. (im not saying they will but it is certainly a possibility) but Revan himself wont solve it, his best mechanical feat is building HK47 but building a droid (not matter how cool HK is) is not comparable to this. And where will he get these schematics? No droids in his time could do this. And the empire doesn't make use of them. (i will say it again, we need to come up with a scenario because this can go a lot of different ways)
  14. *chokes* Apology accepted Captain Needa *chokes* I'll address your post a little later as I'm on my way out now.
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