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  1. yeah i can chat

  2. Hey how do you edit light maps to make an existing game module darker-ie. less light

  3. Hey how can you edit existing lightmaps- if per say you want a room to be darker?

  4. sent you a pm at DS

  5. Hey, i got you PM

    My mailbox is full but I will send you a response to your Deadlystreams account

  6. Did you get the email ?

  7. Sent you an email

  8. Hey whats up


    I personally didn't do the final Cain/Chiss skin.


    I can answer basic skinning question if you want

  9. Hey what's new!

  10. Quick question. Can Global Variables - number be 0,1,2,3,4..etc OR can you only have 0 and 1?

  11. Ugh, hate delays like those and adding a child yelling like that,..ugh


    Actually - I got a call today that they are delivering my laptop tomorrow.

    I actually called them back to make sure they got the right person.


    If everything goes as plans- I will have the laptop tomorrow


    After getting the anti virus all up- then comes downloading kotor2 and mod tools!

  12. Hey, How was your flight back?


    I bought the computer- should be shipped to me in 5-7 biz days. =)

  13. Things are going well. =)

  14. ok sounds like you removed the files from the override folder.


    There are also files in the module folder and the movies which need to be removed and place back with the original.


    There is a file 001EBO.modin the module folder which needs to be removed.


    Then you need to remove the the PerMov01.bik and put back the original


    Then you need to remove the the Credits.bik and put back the origin


    Let me know if you need any copies of the original files.


    Now if your saying you uninstalled Kotor2 and then re installed it with no RoR and it's not working? Then I will ask if you patched the kotor2 to 1.0b version.


    Let me know how i can help

  15. If you played up to the scene where you talk to the red hair girl and a Duro - after you open that door it ends and the credits play- after it tosses you into a blue room since at the time I didn't know the code to send the player back to the main menu, =(


    I now know the code so the next release- Half of the full game will have this resolved.

  16. I emailed the files

  17. Hey is it possible for you to upload all the textures from kotor2 onto either sugarsync or a dropbox?

  18. Ok, I see what the issue was. When you use the the link in kotorfiles it send you to a page that has no Download button. (if it's there the webpage is way to busy to see)

    But if you type in "Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge" into Game Front's -Search- then you will get a page with a list of the files with the download button present.


    Basically Game Front need to place a download button on the page which you are directed too when clicking the kotorfile's link or they need to send to the page with the list since this does have the download button.


    EDIT: Of I have to answer some survey questions to get the link


    Hope everything is going well with you

  19. Fingers crossed it works!

  20. get it to the proper 1.ob or something patch- the official ones.


    That might be your issue since i remember it could cause hiccups






    this last one also has a patch to make the movies better and this one also has the same patch the first link has as well.


    We will get the game to work lol

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