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    I haate my school, I'm starwarsobsessedfan on jk3files
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    Staunton, VA
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    Playing Star Wars, Hangiing out with CA
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  1. I got an entertainer but my macro for the flourishes got bugged and I want to delete them HELP
  2. Knights of the force FTW
  3. Let me just give a straight answer Yes all the jedi knight games work on vista this is from a vista owner
  4. there are no virus's so STFU you *******s and ive played kotf and its fine, no problems included you can delete your main JKA folder since the game copies ur assets folders and I LOVE KOTF!
  5. Im gonna make this short and sweet KOTF IS OUT!!!!! http://www.kotf.com/main.htm
  6. This post is for opinions on Knights of the Force which will hopefully soon be released. Post your opinions and don't forcet to answer the poll. It's multiple choice
  7. What is your fav species in JKA
  8. the dark side is more powerful >=)
  9. linken


    i tried that version it didnt work
  10. linken


    any1 know if i can find a fraps program for windows 98? I'd really appreciate it if you could send me the link.
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