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  1. I'm going to start this off by pissing off a lot of people, by saying... the new movie sucks! Besides being a near carbon copy of the Fourth movie, superweapon and all with quite a few plot conveniences so that the story can just happen as it does. What was the point of it? Because, there's not just the fourth movie in there, there's several EU events included just for the hell of it and unlike in the EU, they're not done well because there's little to no buildup to them. So... now that I've probably pissed off quite a few people, please don't just shout at me. In short, I don't think I'll be going to see the sequel.
  2. Note: At no point during this, do I mean to be rude. I am simply pointing out problems that I have encountered during the usage of other mods of this nature. I simply do not have a good amount of Tact, so I don't mean any offense. Now, I know there are two mods out there for this. But I can't find either of them with up-to-date dl links and even then, the one that turns him in to a Sith Marauder is bugged to prevent you from using more than the basic feat for Lightsabers. So, I was hoping that someone could make me a mod. As I use the All Party Jedi mod in the first game, I think it would be a good follow on from that. Other than when it's mandatory on Onderon, I don't really use Mandalore in combat. If he was a Force User though, I would definitely use him a lot more. Lord Mandalore: Class: Jedi Guardian turned Jedi Weaponmaster -I know that he's dark side aligned, but I think it would be too obvious to make him a Sith Marauder.- Wearing: Robes instead of the armour in the slot, so he can use all of the Force powers that I'd like. Lightsaber: Blue Single and a Shoto Any Feats that he should Have: At least second tier of the basic Lightsaber feats and the Dual wielding feats. Any Force Powers that he should have: Cure, Basic Speed, basic armour power, the basic Valor power and Shock. Any Lightsaber Forms that he should have: Shii-Cho, Makashi, Soresu, Ataru and Juyo Final Note: Can you please make sure that all of the feats work properly, as stated above the Sith Marauder mod didn't work properly.
  3. Hi there, I am looking for two mods that I usually got from FileFront. One I know the name of for sure and the other I don't. Both of them are for KOTOR II TSL. The one I know the name of for sure, at least on FileFront.: Mandalore as a Jedi Note: I have searched for this one and found the thread, but the link in the thread doesn't work anymore and I only got it from FileFront anyway. I have searched Gamefront, but as I always went to it from FileFront, I didn't know what it's called on GameFront. I am after the one that turns him in to A Sith Marauder, however the Lightsaber feats in the mod are bugged. He can't go past the Lightsaber feat that allows him to use them. The one that I know what it is, but do not remember the name of.: It's the mod that changes the dialog for training your companions/party members in to Jedi. It allows you to choose which Jedi class they will become.
  4. Hi there, how is ROR going? I haven't heard anything recently.

  5. As I said, there are mods for the Jedi ones. I'm pretty sure there is a mod for choosing what Jedi Class the party member becomes.
  6. Off topic but, wow, I just noticed your join date. That's a long time ago.
  7. As my Jedi question, seems moderately okay. I want to do the opposite. Me, mine would be Darth Baras or Darth Malgus. Minus the betrayal to the Empire. Something about using Force Lightning in combination with the Lightsaber skills.
  8. BEFORE YOU MOVE IT, IT IS PART OF THE 8 STARTING CLASSES. BECAUSE HE APPEARS IN ONE OF THE QUESTS. PROOF: It's been ages since I played the game, having stopped a while ago. But, I find it odd that he's not even mentioned on here. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Selkath Can someone please tell me what his name is, if he has a name? Edit: Found it. He still isn't mentioned. I wanted to delete this, but I couldn't find the option.
  9. I picked the wrong one, I meant to pick Plo Koon.
  10. From any era, canon or non-canon. Including Legends, who would you have? Please provide pictures if character is obscure. Note to moderatprs: this might be up from someone else, but I am posting from my phone and it won't let me search on my phone.
  11. RIP Christopher Lee AKA Count Dooku http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/celebritynews/11666316/christopher-lee-dies-live.html
  12. Please pick and tell me which one you'd choose and why. If none of the above, pick other and tell me. Hell, tell me about you in this as well if you want and what crew that you'd take on the ship, taking in to account the size of the ship, of course. The crew can be from any era, so pick your dream team crew from throughout the Star Wars Universe. This can include the ships like the Eagle from the Jedi Masters Mod, but I didn't want to include mod only ships. Character: Name: Wedge Suron Title: Jedi Master Class: Jedi Guardian turned Jedi Master Mission: Protect the ideals of the Republic, if not the Republic itself. Preference of style in Combat: A Healthy mix of Lightsaber Combat and Force powers. With both constantly being strengthened through constant training. Combat Mentality: Take down and disable the opponent as quickly as possible, but if necessary, cut loose in a long slugging match until the opponent is dead. Preferred Lightsaber Style: Form V Shien/Djem-So Note: Think less Anakin Skywalker and more suited Darth Vader -because their fighting styles are very different.- Other Combat Styles Mixed in: Teras Kasi -for Hand to Hand Combat- Shii-Cho -for multiple opponents- Makashi -for a more refined skill set.- Soresu -for increased endurance.- Ataru -for using the whole body as a weapon and to counter the style of other Ataru users- Niman -for incorporating Force powers in to his duels.- Full Soldier's training -it helps him be more combat efficient.- Morgukai Training Techniques -To increase his ability to kill enemy Sith.- Lightsaber: Hilt: Curved Crystal: Blue Reason for a curved Hilt: Because, it works just as well for Power Attacks as it does for Makashi. Other Equipment: Full set of Jedi Armoured Robes. What ship would I be on board? The Visionary AKA Goto's Yacht AKA a Starscape-class Yacht. But more combat orientated. Why? Because it's so freaking huge inside! I could get an army on board that thing and still have room to spare. -as seen in The Jedi Masters Mod, which uses the inside of Goto's Yacht for the Eagle.- Other ships: G-Wing Class Shuttle -as seen in The Jedi Masters Mod. As it's so big, this serves as the transport down to planets or on to stations.- Command Crew: Number of Crew: 75 Ship's Commanding Officer: Jedi Master Wedge Suron Ship's Executive Officer and Wedge Suron's Former Jedi Master: Plo Koon Pilot: Commander Carth Onasi Co-Pilot: Jedi Atton Rand -just given him the Rank Jedi, because he's never really given a Jedi Rank.- Engineer -like the Eagle, using the conference room that the Exile is held in as the Engine Room.-: Jedi Bao-Dur -he's a mechanic, I can't think of anyone else.- Leader of the Mandalorian Squad: Captain Bo Katan -from Death Watch. Instead of being renegades, they're allied to the Jedi in this.- Other: Engineering Droid: T3-M4 -I don't CARE about his fate. I miss the little droid, so he doesn't die.- Rest of the Crew: Squad of Mandalorian Death Watch Soldiers Weapons: 12 Dual Turbolaser cannons -Spread around the ship, covering all angles.- Other Systems: Stygium Based Cloaking Device
  13. I have never been able to use neither the KSE or the KOTOR Tool due to the fact that it's hard to figure out -for me at least.-, which is why I make requests.
  14. Atton Rand Scoundrel to Soldier Reason: I'd like more combat savvy people in my team. I might actually use him more often, other than when it's necessary and after he becomes a Jedi, if he was more combat savvy from the start. Visas Jedi Sentinel to Jedi Guardian Reason: Same as Atton, it also gives her a bit more options in combat. I am tired of having her be limited in combat options. Mira Scout to Soldier Reason: If she's supposed to hunt people, she would need good combat training/experience. Other things: Can this be uploaded to KOTOR Files, just in case the modder drops off the map. Or something happens to the link that you give me. As for the Jedi classes, I can sort that with the Choose the Jedi Mod I don't remember the name of it on top of my head, but you can choose which Jedi Class your companions can become. I'm pretty sure there's a Hanharr mod, so he's covered. No, I can't do this with KSE, I have never been able to figure out how to get it to work.
  15. Don't mean to bump, the Source is on Palpatine's Legends Article. I haven't been on here in ages. But, the information that I put in the first post about his knowledge, is what's on the article, copied and pasted.
  16. Before you go spouting off about Kenobi being a badass in ROTS. I think it doesn't make much sense in the context of life. He's skilled, certainly, but no high level Lightsaber duellist. So he's a great Soresu Master with a speciality in Ataru, so what? That means he's good at defending and blocking Blaster Bolts. He can also jump around a lot, but as we can see with most Ataru Duellists, Ataru is not supposed to be a specialization. Until some idiot *cough*Yoda*cough* -I'll come back to that another time, or you can just watch Jensaarai's video- came along, Ataru wasn't meant to be a stand alone form and only to be used in short bursts, now it's the go-to form for attacking. He went and defeated multiple Lightsaber duellists in the Clone Wars and was good against Dooku at the end of the war, well, in most of those duels he either had assistance or his opponents were inconsistently strong/weak. Also, he lost the duel with Dooku at the end of the war. You're probably going to say, that Obi-Wan Kenobi defeated Darth Maul as a Padawan. Two problems with that idea. One: It was Maul's Arrogance as well as a surprise cutting strike that defeated Maul. Not an actual duel that finished it, even if you say: There was a duel before that, there was a lull in combat. So we can't consider it part of the same section of the duel. Two: I highly doubt that if Obi-Wan had been fighting Darth Maul alone and in a fresh state, I doubt his Ataru mastery could've defeated Maul's Juyo Style. Most people think that Maul got better in the Clone Wars, because he could defeat Obi-Wan. WRONG! That is my proof, that if Obi-Wan had duelled him in Episode 1 on his own, he would've lost. In my younger misinformed days, I did read a fanfic that had Qui-Gon split off near the start of the duel, which had Obi-Wan win the duel alone. But looking at it now and reading a lot more about how things work, I am entirely confident, that Obi-Wan Kenobi only won that duel out of sheer luck. If Maul had been focusing on Obi-Wan alone, Maul would've won. Hell, Anakin Skywalker's Djem-So could fight Maul far better than Obi-Wan probably could at any point in his life. Now that would be one duel that I would liked to have seen.
  17. For the record, KOTOR 1 has problems with it too. I would suggest getting it on Steam, that's how I get them to work on Win 7 Both games are only £6.99 each at the moment. I can't speak for other countries, than England.
  18. I can't find anywhere else to put this, so I'll put it here. - also, I trust you guys. I've been wondering, were the Death Stars designed to fight the Yuuzhan Vong? Because, they're designed to destroy planets, or things of a planetary size. I'm no expert on the Yuuzhan Vong, but I find it odd given what I have learned recently. No sources that specifically state this as either fiction or fact, but I do have other sources you might find interesting, that may point towards the possibility. All from Wookieepedia, I might add. Copied straight from the history paragraph of the Yuuzhan Vong Article: Information of Yuuzhan Vong activity within the galaxy for the next few decades is scarce. It is known that, by 27 BBY, at the start of the Outbound Flight Project, Palpatine had somehow gained knowledge of the incoming Yuuzhan Vong fleet, though he planned to withhold it from the Republic until after his New Order could be instituted. At least one of his subordinates, Kinman Doriana, was informed, however. The distant threat of invasion was also part of the reason Palpatine ordered the destruction of Outbound Flight in order to prevent its occupants from falling into the hands of the Yuuzhan Vong (and also to eliminate six Jedi Masters and 12 Jedi Knights). Following the end of the Clone Wars, Emperor Palpatine let out hints of the Yuuzhan Vong to the public. One of his official justifications for maintaining the Imperial Navy even after the war had ended was to ward off the threat of extra-galactic invasion So, Palpatine knew about them from even before the Clone Wars and continued his military build-up, because of it? The Project that would become Death Star, started it's work roughly around that time too. Palpatine may have manipulated the two sides to combine it to make the Death Star. Yeah yeah, the Battle Planetoid project started in 29 BBY, but if Palpatine knew about them from at least 27 BBY, perhaps he knew about it sooner. Or perhaps he saw it as an opportunity later on. So, I put it to you. What if the Galactic Empire, despite it's flaws, had the best of intentions when they designed the Death Star? If they did not, then why start to build a second one so soon after the first one failed so spectacularly? Also, why create a Superlaser that could target ships as well as planets? So, I say that The Imperial Military had three purposes: Destroy ships landing on planets, sometimes with the help of a Death Star. Their fleet to counter any fighters as they can. And finally, the Death Star to destroy planets that get over-run If you're going to mention how Tarkin destroyed Alderaan, from what I think from his pre-destruction of Alderaan personality. I think that the guy was not only power mad, but he also believed in the fear through oppression ideal too much. He did set up the modern Imperial policy of how to deal with the Empire's Enemies, don't forget and I think that he just went too far with his schemes. Please, speak your mind. But at the same time, please be polite. It's something I've been thinking a lot about, as well as working on for a fanfic. Oh yeah. Just as an easter egg for you. The Yuuzhan Vong are mentioned in KOTOR and Exar Kun saw something from them. Both of these from the same article, as the one above: Exar Kun: It would appear that by 3997 BBY, sometime after Exar Kun became the new Dark Lord of the Sith, the Praetorite Vong's slivilith probe creatures had arrived Canderous, leading on from the last line of the Exar Kun statement: and as of 3963 BBY, at least one scout had reached the Wild Space region of the known galaxy. In that year, a group of Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders under the command of Canderous Ordo encountered what would later come to be known as a Yorik-stronha, disguised as an asteroid in the Crispin system, while chasing a group of pirates in the system's asteroid belt. When Ordo used a thermal generator to melt the frozen methane covering the "asteroid", the Yorik-Stronha, in Ordo's words, "woke up". The asteroid began to spin quickly and then proceeded to fire plasma at the Mandalorians. The extragalactic weaponry was able to melt through the Mandalorian's armor "like wax". The attack on the Mandalorians became the "first contact" with the Known Galaxy. The probe fled soon after the brief battle with Canderous Ordo's Mandalorians. Ordo followed in hot pursuit, but was unable to keep up with the probe. The Mandalorians were able to track the probe's hyperspace wake to the edge of the galaxy, where the Neo-Crusaders turned back, apparently thinking that the mysterious ship was going on a suicide run into the great void outside the galaxy. It's obvious that the Yuuzhan Vong have been known, if not KNOWN to the galaxy for millennia.
  19. Note: I was about to point you to Steam, but never mind. I'm no expert, but I can recommend the use of Steam, which makes it work on Win 7. I understand where you're coming from though. But... both games cost £6.99 each on Steam. That's not a bad price. Especially since the second game hasn't been on Steam half as long as the original. In the end, if you can't find any other way, then I would suggest Steam. It means that you don't have to worry about losing/damaging a CD. It's there, ready to download. Note: If anyone else can help the original poster, then fine
  20. Well, as I said. Both games are on Steam. So if you have problems on post-XP, you could use it to play em.
  21. with both games now on Steam, you'd think that there'd be no problem.
  22. It's sad when you look at KOTOR Files and see no new mods on there for years, yet this forum is still active. Yet you look at EAW Files and it's respective forums, and it's the other way around. The Latest mod on EAW Files, is April this year. I do miss the days when mods came out nearly every day or two. - NOTE: May be exaggerating a bit on that last line - Is it because SWTOR is out? I myself still play KOTOR/TSL and rarely play SWTOR. So, this poll is to say, do you miss the days.
  23. hey Trex, how's life?

  24. wow, it's a real shame, you were the best. I loved the youtube channel.

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