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  1. Hello Shem. I know that you might not remember me, but do you remember the TSL Robe stat boost Mod. You told us that using the Corpse in the morgue was a bad idea. Well, this mod also uses that corpse. I know that the user that created it might not be around any longer, but I thought you might want to know.



  2. Hey Trex, can I ask how to get apprentices in 2.0 Beta?


    Edit 04-09-2013: Found out how

  3. Hey Trex, I can't download any of your files on your website.

  4. yea well, I just created it to be random.

  5. I LOVE JAZZRABBIT! (Jazz Jackarabbit)

  6. Are you having trouble logging in lately? Cause I am.

  7. I'm a Revan fan too

  8. I sent one because I felt like it, lol

  9. @ Te Darasuum Mandalor


    If you'd read the text, he says that he only has five. You have to save before you use one.

  10. ^ Should realize that the two are related That's actually the Justice there
  11. ^ For Mand'alor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7D8DZIEzuyo Another fine song
  12. ^ No, it's your lucky day as I said earlier, it sings about two things that the Mandalorians stand for.
  13. ^ Has no signature It's a song, the song is about battle and conquest. Two things that the Mandalorians love.
  14. ^ Should just put TARDIS in his location, as he's usually found there I just don't get many responses at times and I go away, when I come back there's a few waiting, lol
  15. ^ is in the TARDIS, that's Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space Meh Note: I put the s in the brackets cause people like both, so they're both there
  16. ^ Has a quote in his signature It involves the hitting of a Dalek with some kind of board, if the trailer is anything to go on! lol
  17. ^ Thinks the customer isn't right You realized what class the ship is? The same as the Ravager, just in better shape.
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