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  1. ^ Thinks the customer isn't right You realized what class the ship is? The same as the Ravager, just in better shape.
  2. ^ is on flight 187 I just randomly picked the avatar
  3. ^ Is in playing a Batman Game nope. Just a name
  4. Star Wars: The Old Republic Walkthrough Trailer


    Hehe, I like this. It looks excellent, this reveals 3 classes a few areas and a choice.

  5. so, what should we do to improve them? Could we give them Mandalorian Toughness that Mandalore has? Because, some of them are Veterans too.
  6. What you going to do?

  7. hehe, I was honestly wondering if anyone had noticed.
  8. As I said, KOTORFiles would be a good place to make sure people don't lose track of it.
  9. If I was rping the battle, I'd get suspicous if Sith Troopers turned up. At least Assassins and their stealth fields would be easier.
  10. Has anyone actually looked into the eyes of Chodo Habat? I accidentally hit caps lock just now and I found that he has different coloured eyes than most of the others. The one in the Vivarium has different coloured eyes from both the others and Chodo.
  11. Toughness should be a definate. Dueling gives a small defense bonus.
  12. They do actually spawn weapons during the battle. Weapons aren't the problem, admittedly the recruits could do with weapons too. But, they need something to back those weapons up.
  13. exactly, how can Mandalorians kill 10 Republics to one on Dxun during the Mandalorian wars yet they can't kill an army of Sith Assassins. The attributes are of course up to you, but some kind of boost would be nice. The feats would be a bonus
  14. Notes: I don't like a normal game, as you might have noticed from my frequent requests of unbalanced things, . But, this request is for the better of Te Taylir Mand'alor(AKA Mandalore the Preserver/Canderous Ordo)'s forces. Request Could someone improve the Mandalorians a bit like improve stats, give them feats, because I've just had enough of them falling like logs against the Sith Assassins during the battle. It's laughable and downright disrespectful that they fall so easily. The named ones just have low health and don't actually die. For a race of warriors, they sure do go down fast, admittedly it is a little bugged in that the game gives them an infinate supply of assassins to fight. Levels add 10 levels to all unnamed Mandalorians add 16 levels to all of the Named ones except Xarga and Bralor add 20 levels to Xarga and Bralor Permanant Attribute boost I don't know their current stats, but could someone add 20 to Strength, Dexterity and Constitution of all guards and random Mandalorians that don't have names in their ingame tags. 26 of each to Kelborn, Tagren, Kumus, Zuka, Kex and Davrel, 30 of each to Xarga and Bralor. Mandalore isn't as important as I can boost him up myself with cheats. Sure, this'll make it really tougher if not nearly impossible for us to face em in the Battle Circle, but it'll improve the chances of more of the unnamed ones surviving the battle. Feats to all Toughness 1 through 3 Duelling 1 through 3 The feat that slowly Regenerates health Melee weapons 1 through 3 Flurry Critical Strike Armour Dexterity blockage that is on most Mandalorian Armours removed Regeneration + 5 to all Alternatives, one or all indeed. These can be added too if you want Turrets around the perimeter to assist cut them down War Droids to defend the perimeter Reasons for this request: I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but they do actually go down quite fast. I'm always one for extra EXP, so I go assist them and I noticed them go down faster than ever recently. Even the Gate Guard Captain has gone down a couple of times on me. Anything that helps the Mandalorians in the battles will be great. I'm not an overall Mandalorian fan, sure they're good warriors. But the ones at the base are a joke to say the least. My reccomended mods to use in counterance to this Jedi Robe Stat Boost - if you want a way to counter them I reccomend the Dark Jedi Master robes that this mod modifies - Other reccomendations Class: Jedi Guardian or Jedi Weaponmaster, either of these will help a lot Request to any one that takes this up A mere request, is a mention in your thanks for the suggestion, or indeed just as a mention of me requesting it and it uploaded to KOTORFiles incase I lose the link or you decide to leave the forums.
  15. right... it's not really important. Just curious

  16. I'm not a scriptor

  17. hey, I'm wondering if you could kindly inform me how to remove the hologram forms in TSL so I can see their real selves. Because, I'd like to see the people in their true forms

  18. can someone remove this, looks like it was just a scripting error...
  19. I'm stuck on Telos, possibly caused by a mod... don't know which one so I can't put it on the mod's topic, if you can find some kind of conflict please point me in the direction of either mod's topic. I'm stuck in the Telos academy. Both Kreia and Atton are outside the lift that brings us down, when entering the script for automatic move to Atris doesn't kick in. Of course, I just tried an earlier save just now, but I would like to know what caused it. Atton gives two options when clicked Face Atris Continue conversation with Kreia Kreia just turns to you Also, when I pick the first option I don't get the full dialogue Mods installed Form Teacher mod (TSL patcher version) Fast Feat mod and Feat Progression Any Spell Mod Handy force powers The mod with the new powers for (Can't remember the name) The mod that gives 2 force powers per level (Again, can't remember the name) Kreia, Jedi Historian Jedi Robe Stat Boost The Double EXP mod (The one that increased EXP on all members) Party xp bug fix Influence bug fix - doesn't seem to be working actually - Party Custom Portraits Survival Items Atton starts as Jedi
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