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  1. I have an issue with it but not for the reasons some might think. Firstly, I know a lot of people have been pulling the race card on this one. Some in particular have singled the U.S. out as said racists even though avatar is an AMERICAN cartoon. (nobody on here just telling what I have seen going on else where.) I highly doubt the casting supervisor or casting director or whoever ultimately decided which actors to choose were racist in the process (if only because it would be bad publicity for the movie. Secondly, as the vids posted by Darth Kuya show there is a heavy influence asian cultures in the show (zen beliefs of meditating, chi, yin and yang; the clothing and often the hairstyles, the architecture, and the writen language to name a few.) Most of the characters are obviously look asian as well. To me its not about race but staying true to the original show. The main characters in the show are mostly asian in appearance (yes I know their race is never actually specified) with the possible exceptions of Sokka and Katara (in the screen of the last vid: Sokka is the guy in blue with the boomerang and Katara the smiling girl at the top) who in truth looked white to me due to their bright blue eyes they but could be Inuit as it seems that is what their culture reflects. To me it should be about staying true to the show on which it is based. For those of you who have never seen the show or don’t know much about it, I’ll make an analogy: It would be like making a Phantom Menace prequil and making Mace Windu white. ~HOP
  2. You could cheat up an ion grenade to disable the turrets again. Then you could leave the elevator and disable them in the way I suggested in my previous post. Cheating for a grenade would be the best way even if you are not really into cheating. Unfortunately with this method the party members might stay dead but at least you will get out alive. Once you disable the turrets using the computer console outside the door, they should get up. Other than that and the warp code the only other option is to reload a previous save. ~HOP
  3. I would prefer a completed K3...I think LA has learned their lesson about rushing the KOTOR series. I don't see why both can't be made actually...not at the same time of course but both would be more profitable than most games. ^That it will. Sure I'll elaborate: The outfit really did it for me...I mean it looks like she is wearing either a strapless dress or a tube top with a skirt. I've seen some of the K1 + K2 concepts and while they look weird now that I've actually seen the in game characters, the concepts at least looked starwars-ish to me. If that makes sense...? Also the fact that she is the only character art leaked seems a bit odd to me...I mean I get that there is not a lot but 1? And it is not the character Naresha because the artical said and unknown female...I guess I don't really have a good answer for you because so much is speculation. @GTA:SWcity: Like the Red avatar and quotes. He is hilarious ~HOP
  4. As DarthDac said, you could use the warp cheat code provided though I would not recommend using warp codes. Sometimes they can cause your game to screw up because you skip over a critical part. This area you should be fine warping but I would not know with 100% certainty. There might be a few grenades around in the corpses or the armory if you have not already raided it. Unfortunately with the turrets it is an insta-kill no matter what you do...just the way the game is designed. You can disable them from the computer console outside the door of the room you are in. You need a Vulkar keycard to do that. I'm pretty sure its on a corpse...but if not, its in the storage bins of the other rooms on that floor. This is assuming that you are not actually trapped in the elevator right? ~HOP
  5. Yeah, fairly old news though that female character Naresha just seems a little fishy to as well...she just doesn't look right somehow. Cancellation really does not mean there will never be a KOTOR 3, especially if TOR does not go as well as expected. I mean I'm not getting my hopes up or losing any sleep over it but I think there is still a decent chance of a K3. The article mentioned that it was cancelled due to "a difficult period in the company's history" - no idea what they mean but it seems as if cancellation was due more to internal issues that at a later point could be resolved...that and Obsidian still wants to make it after all these years...who knows, maybe they'll have their way someday. I myself will not give any of my money to TOR. Everybody here knows the arguement and I won't bother repeating it as that is not the point of this thread. ~HOP
  6. Well nobody has mentioned Mission Vao yet so... Summer Glau (also my avvy) or Hayden Panettiere I think both could do the part well though Summer is the better actress imo. ~HOP
  7. I thought the season finale was good though certainly not the best season finale 24 has had (I think S4 and S5 finales were better) but S7 finale certainly had a few strong points. Nice shooting showdown, Renee about to go "Bauer" on Alan Wilson, and Janis gets tied up! And Jack just willing to let himself die was just epic though I'm extremely glad that Kim with save him. A surprisingly mature side of Kim in the finale. (if you have seen season 1 and 2 she is quite a pain actually). My only complaint is that the Tony thing was not really resolved the way I would have liked. As for next season: I don't see what hte advantage of being in NY is over D.C. but I'm certainly happy with it because CTU is back baby! NY could offer some good options and its always good to get a change on scenery. I heard only the first half was in NY...I have no idea where the second half is. And of course there will be a whole round of new characters next season. As far as I know Jack, Kim, Renee, Chloe, Pres Taylor, and Aaron Pierce are coming back...though there have been rumors of Tony. How do you rate the finale? Thoughts on next season? ~HOP
  8. I'm coming over on July 23rd and I'll be there until August 12th. Too bad the dollar sucks now - I think its like 2 dollars to the pound...ah well.:) What is hilarious is that Cambridge sent me a rule book for when I stay on campus and one of the rules is "do not climb onto the roof of a building and attempt to jump top the roof of another building." :confused: Who does that? :lol:



    Only one year of high school left and then its off to a university for me! Got to start all of those applications and admissions essays...eurgh. :¬:


    So how has the vacation been going?



  9. Things are going pretty good now that I'm on summer vacation. I have not been on the boards in ages either...just started coming back on again this past week or so. So many fics to catch up on :p


    I'm so siked for my trip to England this summer! :D Good to see you back!



  10. Hey!


    I'm back from my exile! :D Sorry about that but school was crazy so I decided to just finish that up before coming back on. Oooh I have so many fics to catch up on. Doing pretty good - Summer Vacation finally!



  11. ^ Drops in the ocean I say. The mouth can easily be colored in. Naruto's expression is priceless! :D:D Glad to see the addition BFA! ~HOP
  12. ^ True I suppose. Kreia just struck me as an ancient lady with vast experience and knowledge not a middle-aged woman. Eh, I suppose it's possible...who knows what Scion and Nihilus did to her that could have caused it. ~HOP
  13. Barack Obama, in a historic triumph, becomes the nation's first black president since the second season of 24, setting off an ecstatically joyful and boisterous all-night celebration that at times threatens to spill out of The New York Times newsroom. Obama, following through on his promise to bring change to Washington, quickly begins assembling an administration consisting of a diverse group of renegade outsiders, ranging all the way from lawyers who attended Ivy League schools and then worked in the Clinton administration to lawyers who attended entirely different Ivy league schools and then worked in the Clinton administration. President-elect Obama, continuing to bring change in the form of fresh-faced Washington outsiders, announces that his secretary of state will be Hillary Clinton. The position of secretary of defense, currently held by Bush appointee Robert Gates, will be filled by Bush appointee Robert Gates. Responding to rumors that he also plans to retain Dick Cheney, Obama insists that he has tried to ask the vice president to leave, ``but nobody knows where he is.'' ^ My favorite part. This is so great. It's nice to see somebody who can be funny without resorting to "bathroom" humor. This guy is spot on! I needed a laugh today, thanks Jae! ~HOP
  14. QFT. "Bastardly ways" Thats why I buy my games online. Eh, I have never had a problem with electronics before but I've been judged while shopping. I once bought a bracelet for my friend (a girl) and was told by the laughing cashier "Dude, thats a girl bracelet. (As if I didn't know that seeing as I it in the women's jewelry section.) It's not for me you freak...what a moron...no social skills whatsoever. That and those annoying people at the movie theater who always hold my money up to the light to see if it's real. I wouldn't mind if it was once or twice but this is every single time...maybe I'll just pay them in nickels and pennies. ~HOP
  15. It is possible that one of your mods caused this problem. Simply removing the override folder removed the mod, but the damage was already done to the game. I know this might sound stupid, but you could try to warp past this particular room on the Endar Spire into the next one. This might cause problems later though...I've never tried to do that on the Endar Spire before. Except for uninstallation, this should be a last resort as warping can mess up the game (not the whole game, just the playthrough that you used it on. It sounds like you might have to reinstall the game ~HOP
  16. ^ Ah yes I forgot wikipedia. All of those ages seem reasonable except for Kreia. There is no way she is only fifty especially with all of those comments made by Atton about how old she looked. She looks waaay older than 50. I don't think the writers would have put all that "Kreia's old" dialogue in if she were only fifty. Methinks wikipedia screwed up. ~HOP
  17. Supposely pork but probably rat feces, human hair and dead insects are allowed as well. Do fish ever get thirsty? ~HOP
  18. The best advice I can give you is that Sual is not your greatest threat in this level. His damage to you is not too much. If you have force wave use it. Everybody but Saul will be knocked back. I usually have Bastila take out the guards with either lightning or some other offensive power. Have your character take out the dark jedi - they are your biggest threat. Ignore Saul until everybody else is down. Like Ztalker said, spamming grenades works well too. Honestly it would help a lot if you gave us some info about your character as the guardian and councelor should have different strategies. To enable your cheats you have to go to the swokotor.ini file and type "EnableCheats=1" (without the quotes) underneath Game options. Welcome to the forums! ~HOP
  19. For K2? Hmmm... Exile: 30-35 Atton: 30-35 Kreia: 65-70 Mira: 23-26 Brianna: 28-32 Mical: 22-25 Mandelore: 63 (established by dev) Bao Dur: 28-34 Visas: 25-28 Hanharr: ???? Those are my best guesses though Bao-Dur and Visas are really hard to say for sure. Hanharr is nearly impossible to tell though I would guess that he was older than Zaalbar. ~HOP
  20. Haha, I love the avatar!



  21. I thought it too there for a minute...after I was done choking on my chetoes when I found out he was alive. This season has got some pretty interesting new characters like Renee and Janis...though I believe there is only room for one techie on the shopw and that position belongs to Chloe O'Brian. Ah poor Chloe thrown in the slammer again. Perhaps after this attack on the White House people will start listening to Jack. Doesn't that Senator Blaine Meyer really grind your gears? ~HOP
  22. Hey y'all. Here are a couple of characters from my fic The False Peace. (I have more in the actual fic thread ) The eccentric jedi consular in-training Aruil Nenenitosael (she believes in babbling buzzsnappers ) Senator Matrik Jace, the lead contendor in the election for chancellor (sorry for the size.) And the cyborg Gina. ~HOP
  23. Hey Burnseyy!


    Wow it's been ages since we talked lol. Hows life on the other side of the Atlantic?



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