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  1. Yes, mooore characters :D Yeah, I like Gina too because she has a bad guy mentality, but is a "good" guy. Yeah, I know the way you mean. Unfortunatly when I edited the chp 5 for length most of her stuff got pushed to chapter 6 :(...oh well, that just means next chapter will be very Gina oriented. :D


    Oh, I'm sure it took all of DY's willpower not to start Atris-bashing. You looked ahead in the fic? :tsk: Bad Burnseyy! :xp:


    I bet your Bio friend feels pretty dumb right now. :) He's kealous of your A's :xp:


    Eeek, the councellor...I've had to go there a time or two. My school had an incident where a kid in my grade died. I was sad and felt terrible for his family, but I never said two words to the guy so I was not an emotional wreck or anything. For some reason I was in a foul mood that week and I got dragged into the councelor's office for being "depressed" I swear, if I'm not rainbows and sunshine they think I'm depressed.



  2. It seems longer because all of the chapters were enormous. :D I'm working on making them more manageable though.


    Yeah, I'm a nerd in the classes that I know I have to work hard in. Like in AP Art History the teacher calls me "nerd in the back." :xp: But she is a nerd, so calling me a nerd is like a compliment. In easy classes the teachers hate me because I just know the stuff and don't try. They call me lazy...whatever. :¬:


    DY is going to try to show Atris from a good side in his new fic. He hates her guts, so this should be interesting...


    Wait till you meet Reana'ka Norian in my fic...I'm setting her up to be the manipulative b!tch. :^:



  3. Atris Haters - We should have T-shirts. :xp:


    School's going pretty good, although Spanish 4 is killing me. I have like twenty As then I get one D and suddenly my grade drops ten points.


    Yeah, I know the chapter is kind of long. I'm taking DY's advice and writing shorter chapters to be released at least once a week. That will work better I think. So you put off homework?:eek: (the horror) Procrastinate now, don't put it off! :xp:


    Luckily I've had tons of time this weekend to get caught up on reading and writing. I wish I had a 3 day weekend every week, it makes things so much better. Well, I better get to finishing up chapter 6 of TFP.



  4. My mom is a manager at the FDA which happens to be short right now, so thankfully she is in high demand. My dad, is in the finance part of one of the government divisions, and just got that job a few days ago, so hopefully he is safe.


    Seriously, being a librarian is A LOT harder than it sounds. People juust dont seem to realize how tiresome it can be to manage all the books, information, and keep everything organized. Hope she is able to keep her position.


    Yeah, you are right about investing. Just glad I avoided this mess. I know, even before this economic crisis, my dollar was terribly weak against the Euro in Spain. Still, the world market has been hard hit too.



  5. Junior year is tough, but most of the stuff is more enjoyable...generally better teachers as well. As for the economy...has not hit me or my family too hard. We didn't have many stocks, and the ones I did, I pulled in August to collect, so I got lucky. Money is tighter than usual, but both of my parents have government jobs, so they were not to hard hit.


    My mom has her book club over. that when I hide downstairs. :xp: But on the plus side all those gabby friends of hers bring dessert food...so when they leave - PIE TIME!


    Have not seen you on for a while now - I think we keep missing eachother. Well, I have a 3 day weekend, so I should be on a bit more. I've got some writing done today. I had a test every single day this week, so I didn't get much done then. Oh, by the way, there is a social group you should check out ;)...


    How has life been treating you?



  6. Oh, I'd be pulling my hair out if I were you. :compcry:


    I would recommend waiting before posting two fics at once...but then again, you are not me. Burnseyy has done well with that, but many writers find it terribly stressful having to keep up a steady pace for both. If you think you can do it though, then go for it! :D


    Unfortunatly, I can only concentrate on one fic at a time, and my next one will most likely be a TFP 2. My next chapter should be out in 3-4 days I hope. I'm going back and editing what I had already done, and adding more Gina stuff since she is one of the more popular characters.


    I suppose I'll have to be patient for a chapter from A Soul Adrift (I can't wait :D) Oh, and after all the crap we give BFA when he takes a while between updates. Hehe, oh he'll be commenting on this whole situation for sure. :xp:



  7. Oooh, that sucks...at least your getting a new one though. :)


    I have no excuse for not updating TFP. I have chapters written, but type really slow...so they take me forever to post (I always use pencil + paper first). Oh, me and my laziness.


    I've been a bit busy, but I got a 3 day weekend coming up...hopefully get some typing done. :D



  8. Eurgh, I know what you mean. One of my friend has a new boyfriend every other week...and I swear they are the most annoying people on the planet. But she is clingly, so they dump her even though she is way out of their league...then she just gets a new one, and the cycle repeats. I don't like to meddle in relationships but, I going to have to play matchmaker for her and get her with somebody decent. :¬: I hate it when I get dumped for the new boyfriend - I've known her since we were 5. *sigh*


    I lost my voice last week. There is one class where the teacher made me read two pages out of the book out loud to the class, and my voice was all scratchy. Damn him, I told him I was sick and lost my voice! :xp:


    Sounds like you could have a TV show. My friends and I want to be like the people on the show "Friends" and live across the hall from each other. The other day we were bored so we went to the roof of a building and dropped eggs on peoples cars...and got chased out by security (God those guys are slow).



  9. Imagine some random person on the forums reading our conversations. They must be thinking "creepers" :lol:


    Yeah, to be honest most guys are not to picky when it come to who they'll have sex with. I on the other hand have standards and an not desperate. If I go through college (in U.S. thats school years when I'm 19-22 years old) and never have sex, then, maybe I'll get desperate, not before.


    Wow, he's planning it? Still, it should not be hard to find someone...lot odf desperate, horny people out there. :xp:


    Today, some random guy comes up and asks me "Hey, you are friends with Amy right?" (Amy is my best friend that is a girl) And I say "Yeah". Then he asks how long she stays mad at people. I think thats an odd question, but I told him we get pissed off at eachother sometimes, but make the next day. The guy is all happy and skips away. Than Amy informs me that he is some creepy stalker who just won't take no for an answer and even had his mom call so he could get a date with her. And I gave him the impression he had a chance...oops. :xp:


    Fake ID? So many possibilities...:D Ah, weed, some of my friends do it. It's funny, I like this honors class semi-nerd and all my freind are thte people who smoke and drink and of course my friend, who knows jujitsu and has pink throwing knives which she calls "total awesomeness." Are your friends a bit strange too?



  10. Hey, Endorenna!


    Haha, I saw we both joined the Lucasforums Atris Haters Society. :xp: Hows it been going?


    Oh, and if I missed anything, like fiction updates or anything, sorry. These past two weeks have been good, but a little hectic. I even have to sign off in a couple minutes to go do my British Lit homework. :hor:



  11. Been doing good lately, except that school has kept me off the forums a lot. :¬: Even now I'm just checking messages...but I've got a three day weekend coming up, so I'll do all my catching up then, I suppose. :D I've been doing a bit of writing.


    How about yourself?



  12. Some guys that I know are crazy contraceptive people who are just out to "do it" Then again, some of them are not. Some of my guy freinds are. Generallt, I find, that there are two types that are as you say rabbid rabbits - the ones that just have...well you know...all over the place and are just addicted. The others are guys that just want to give that impression, because some girls are strangly enough attracted to that...at least many American girls are. Is that true in England?


    I would not say that most guys I know...maybe like 50% of them. They call themselves players...I call tham man-whores :xp: No your friends are not desperate...unless they are all virgins and are still buying all this stuff.


    Half the guys I know don't even know how to properly use contraceptives...which kinda defeats the purpose.


    Yup, the real smart people are the ones who know what they have to do to get the grade they want, and do just that. I think we fall into this category.


    Now a question for you. Why do girls find the guy thats been around so attractive? Some of my freinds that are girls were giggling about it the other day. :¬:


    Wow we have weird conversations, huh?



  13. This year I take AP Environmental Science, which is basically just in-depth ecology, so it is sort of biology. Yeah, lack of math is like gravy for me, but I always found biology the most interesting.


    Actually when I played this spin the bottle, none of my close friends were in that particular game. I was playing ith my "say hi in the hall" friends if you know what I mean, kissing my close friends, at least the guys would be really awkward. The girl and I could laugh about us kissing later but the guys...there would be silence the next day. :xp:


    I'm glad to here you say Gina is scary but funny even though she does not try to be - thats what I was going for. Since she is not human, she can't help what she says really...she is sort of a controversial good guy. She is on the good side but right now is as harsh as Mandy (though only kills with a clear motive unlike Mandy the "crazy kill everybody girl" :D) she is a good guy who has bad guy qualities, though over time she will learn why we value life and she might become a little less cold...we'll see.


    Yeah, I considered myself a nerd because when a techer said 10-12 page paper I did 12 pages, the maximum...then I saw all the suck-ups that did like 20 pages...*sigh* honors geeks. :¬:



  14. Heh, nice choice switching to Biology. Its my favorite science because there is so little math involved...thats why I hated chemistry. My school won't let me switch classes now. :(


    Oh, lord, spin the bottle...I always get the most awkward person when I play that game. Thankfully we played if you landed on someone of the same sex you just kiss them on the cheek (as in the cheek on the face in case you were wondering :xp:) But I'd land on someone I hated...and we played that you had to make out for 30 seconds, with is like forever when your kissing someone you can't stand.


    Bi sex scene in Mass Effect? Hmmm...


    Well school is slowing my writing, through I still getting stuff done...just super slowly. The bad thing is, I want to write a sequel to TFP when I'm done with the first one...and now ideas for that keep popping into my head. At least Gina gave me some good lines for future chapters. She is watching TV (or holoscreen or whatever they watch in star wars), and is interested in a Soap Operah because it shows love and lust which she can't ever feel. (Poor her)


    How goes it for you? Tired of my rant? :D



  15. I have played Mass Effect, though I'll admit, my first time playing it was in Spain...so I didn't understand it when my Spanish friend was trying to explain it to me. I've started to pick up playing it here, though school has effectively been hindering it.


    Haha, my straight friend (a girl) went to my lesbian friend's (yup I have a lesbian friend - she has hot pink throwing knives but thats another story) sleepover a few years ago only to find out she was the only straight one invited. :xp: A sleepover with all lesbians - I was torn between pity and laughter when she told me. Needless to say she was hit on a lot. :D



  16. Yeah, I know what you mean...but being drunk gave me the idea for the Nagging Wamblefur in TFP. I was thinking all day about writing another Aruil creature and that night I went and got drunk and started pointing at nothing saying "Nagging Wamblefur!" People told me about it the next day and I used it in the fic. Mad, eh? :D (I can't beleive I just told you that :xp: )


    A ton of guys came onto me whan I was drunk...and were dissappointed that I was straight. Am I like a gay magnet or something? Maybe it was my shirt...it was kinda tight...but that was just to show off my new gym physique...oh well. Lesson for the day - don't wear a tight shirt when you go out to get drunk. :D


    I was ashamed of myself too...but I got over it. :xp:



  17. Yes, I don't care too much for the second season (the one thats on now -I think it will get better though) but the first season is worth watching, just for her...she is a terminator like Arnold, from the movies so its awesome watching her kick the hell out of big buff guys...and she uses her skills to kick some ass at pool.


    The actress is Summer Glau...and she is smoking hot. :D


    I got a few more pics of her in one of my albums.


  18. Haha, a few wrong letters, nothing major. I have not gotten TFU yet, though I plan to. I want it sooo badly.


    I know what you mean about being drunk, its fun until you try to say somthing and then it comes out all weird and people don't understand...especially when they are drunk too. :xp:



  19. He's going to the hospital? Hmm...didn't know that...I miss a lot here on the forums now that school school started.


    Hehe, yes, better to read stuff when your sober lol. Whats up with ur ear?



  20. Haha, thats funny. Its a bit too small IMO, but eh, I needed an avvy change.


    Yeah, same with me. I'm pretty much just fixing up stuff I already wrote. The new TFP is up by the way.


    So your swamped with homework too? I had to write a five page essay comparing the rhythm of a piece of art is similar to the rhytm of a precce of music. :confused: nearly pulled my hair out trying to figure that nonsense out. I've never read the Catcher in the Rye, though now you are farther in Gatsby I'm sure you found that it gets better...the begining was meh, though.



  21. Hey Burnseyy!


    How's life on the other side of the Atlantic?

    Not to get your hopes up or anything, but I should have a TFP chapter up this weekend, with the new character. Writing has been slow, though not due to lack of ideas, rather, a lack of time. (Damn you AP Government!) Hows the writing going? Oh yeah, got me a new avvy. :D



  22. Okay, my part is basically just Dustil meeting Mission, Brianna, and Atton, and seeing the enclave etc. Want to keep the first few chapters slow. Going off? Well I'll be on but typing up TFP, and probably not paying much attention to the goings on in the forums. Probably check in every 20 minutes or so. ;)



  23. Well thanks. :) Thats Cameron, the girl who used to be (and still is, come to think of it) in my sig. She's my favorite TV character. I generally like to switch the avatar every few months or so. Even if you want to stick with Yuthura, its always good to get a new pic every now and then, though I don't know how long you've had that one. The sig is less important, so I just put a pic, something pretty for people to glance at...but thats only because I was too lazy to come up with something to say. :xp:


    Yeah, should mix the desirable and the undesirable I suppose. Eurgh, Contract Law. Thanks, its nice to know Macro economics is good, As I'm taking AP Macro and Micro Economics next year.



  24. Sound advice. Thats the good part for me though. I keep my major options open, then if I decide law school is too much, then hey, I got a major in something. Yeah, I'll concentrate on HS now, cause if I don't I won't even get into a college. :xp:


    I find some parts of law exciting, while other are just boring to me. Ah, well...true though, its better to pick somthing that you understand and at least semi-enjoy.


    P.S. Grrr my new avy is too small. (Way off topic :xp:)



  25. Two majors? In what?


    I intend to go to law school after college, so my option for what I want to major in are pretty open right now. Law school takes a variety of major, from social studies, to science. Not sure what I'll major in yet.



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