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  1. So, I can play the map just fine but when I finish it to look at my stats etc. It freezes and I have to restart my comp. All the other maps work fine except for Jabbas Palace and I can run the game fine.
  2. Yes. There are no ships on Kamino. Unless you get mods.
  3. But not all of us have a powerful enough computer to probably run SWBF3.
  4. RPG, Most definetly Since KOTOR is one of my favourite RPG and Games ever.
  5. Ok, Thank you DarthDac!
  6. I got a question, I'm on Dantooine right now and I was wondering how/when/where you get the doublebladed or dualwielding lightsabres? Thanks!
  7. Yeah, I might as well load a previous save, might be a while back though I have to check. I just saw a walkthrough and found out you can kill a lieutenant and get a pass card to disable the turrets, so I think I figured it out! YAY? Edit: I finally got off TARIS, I was a level 7 when I got off Taris, is that good??? I'm at Dantooine now and I'm trying to find a missing droid and going to find the crystal caves....I'm a level 7 Jedi Guardian now too, but i'm in desprate need in medpacks haha. This is the most incredible RPG game EVER, and one of my favourites(STARWAS NERD TALKING)
  8. Yeah, I'm actually trapped in the elevator and I can't go back to the console without my entire party getting killed..DAMN! Is there any other way past this without restarting the quest?
  9. I used a concussion grenade, stunned them for a moment...Now I don't have anymore Concussion Grenades to stun them again, is there anymore that I can get before I go back into the elevator??? and I play the XBox version. Any other tips?
  10. Ok, so I got to the black vulkar base today and i went and got the accelerator, and I forgot to disable the turrets before you go into the elevator and I don't know how to shut them off without killing my party, any help? And I can't go back to the lower city because apparently i need to "gather my party"
  11. I've been dying to go farther into this game, but this baffles me, I might be stupid but I can't open that damn gate to get outside of the underground village in the first planet you're in and i can't get that guard to open that gate to let me through and those ratghul(can't spell their names) animals kill me easily. Help! PS: I just want a lightsaber, hehe. I'm really enjoying this game but this is frustrating, is there anymore confusing parts later in the game? Thanks
  12. The best Star Wars Game is Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2 for me and in general Then Comes Republic Commando .
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