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  1. I have to install TSl again 'cause I had a computer format and lost everything. And I'm working on modelling so I will not have much time and I'll have to learn more 'cause KS3 exams are coming up. But until Sunday I'll be free.

  2. Dude, what about the devaronian one made for you?

    No offense, but I think you're requesting waaaaaay too much.

    I suggest you learn how to mod, it ain't that hard.

    Agreed, and I said I'm going to do the clothing and portrait for ya and then you wrote that Ferc is going to make it all for you(no offence Ferc). I was nearly finished when I saw that reply. I'm angry at you. :lol: No really.

  3. You could use the scout clothing from the first game and reskin his face a bit but I don't think it is needed. I could do it if you want but I need to install K2. It needs some uti editing(I could do onlythe clothing bit ;) and the portrait)

  4. The pirate patch won't work because it would clip through the head or just fly around it. Why? Because the game isn't set to stretch the models to fit to it. And it is impossible to make each model then make it into one item. You would have to make loads of different items for each head and Party Member.

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