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  1. Actually.If you look closer at Anakin's face during the duel on Mustafar you can see that he has an ordinary dark side transition as in both KotORs. It is very hard to see. P.S.: If you play Jedi Academy and ifyou have Hapslash's Anakin skin then one of the Options is with the transition.
  2. Well there is a reskin of Malak that his armour and jawpiece are black you can fin it on filefront it's called Darth Malak fan of Darth Vader.
  3. Sorry for that. I thought you ment the pads. Sorry again
  4. I can see clearly the things on the shoulders. And I'm telling you that these are the ones, I used this mod andI know that these are the robes you are looking for. Take a closer look in the video on hte shoulders and you will see.
  5. The things on the shoulders will always will BE there. The robe pack contains that robe I am sure of it while I used that mod. So don't argue with me that it isn't the same mod. EDIT: They are only reskinned so you don't see the things on shoulders.
  6. Took only a second Here. It is a robe pack so that is why you couldn't find it.
  7. /\ /\ /\ I think you are blind or you cannot read. He mean a HEAD of Master Zhar. EDIT: BTW, the head is included in the Holowan Plugin. But if you don't want all these mods you must change the appereance.2da (I don't know how exactly to spell that).
  8. Well if you want you can use KSE and change yourself or one of your party members into Atris and the portrait. Oh I nearly forgot when you put the armor on her then you will see Atris in her robes.
  9. Hi can someone list for me all sciamanoe's mods? PM me if you know
  10. Isn't the Asajj head mod doesn't has the hilts? I think it has.
  11. Well if someone wants movie mandalorians mod (mandalorians look like jango or boba) PM me and I send you a link.
  12. If anyone wants Vader Armour Anakin's head and Anakin's hilt. Just PM me and I send them.
  13. There's a mod Sion Un-Wounded with normal eyes you could use that.
  14. I would replace GO-TO he is useless really I don't understand why he is even in your party. EDIT: Where can I find recruit Vrook mod?
  15. Well I have the head and the robes and the hilt. But they are from pcgamemods.com so I will have to send it to you by e-mail.
  16. Well I'm nearly finished my first mod. It is a customization using Jango and Boba VM by Mars Marshall I e-mailed him can I use it but he didn't replied yet. The left things are to make talking animations fo Jango's head and a bonus. I won't tell you what it is until it's released. So what do you think about this idea?
  17. But the links are for pcgamemods. Is there a link in this thread with a link to another site?
  18. Well. I downloaded the collar fixes and I have request. Can anyone remake movies robes and battle robes. To change the Anakin's Obi-Wan's etc. robes with the collar fixes and some advice you can use Jedi knights or Jedi Masters robe so it look better.
  19. Sorry but I looked at the site but I couldn't find collar fix mod. And to the hoods they are for TSL with all the robe colours (I think) and I don't know who made them. EDIT: I got them. Sry for the things I wrote on this post
  20. Does anyone has a mod that lets you have hoods on the robes from PCGM. EDIT: Does anyone has a collar fix mod. I think svosh made it.
  21. Does the PS2 version have cheats?
  22. Hi I am new here. On one of mod screenshots I saw that a PC has a hood with Anakin's head can anyone send me this mod? {Snip} Removed your email address, please don't post your email. Use our Private message (PM) system instead. It helps to keep the spambots away. -RH
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