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  1. This is crap. I wanted a sp rpg. Not only that but if the "third installment" has to me an mmo, at least make it a third installment with some of the same characters and in the same time period.
  2. That sounds pretty cool. Kotor Unleashed
  3. Kick ass. This is my most anticipated mod mod that I want to play. TSL restoration will be awesome, don't get me wrong. But I think we found a new champ.
  4. SInce Rhen Var is in the game, is there any chance that the spirit of Ulic Qel-Droma will make an appearance?
  5. I hope to see this project completed. At the rate things are going, it may be the closest thing we'll get to Kotor 3.
  6. The Qel-Droma robes were worn by Cay, not Ulic.
  7. Nevermind, I figured it out last night. It was the Drug Dealer mod.
  8. The thing about Briana being a Traya is it couldn't be canon, unless she was trained at some point later on. Remember in the game you only get one apprentice, I trained Bao Dur in mine.
  9. Here is the report [sWKotOR] ReportDateTime=9/27/2007 9:26:46 AM SysInfoVersion=v1.00.60 GameExists=1 GameVersion=v1.03.514077 GameInstallLocation=C:\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR\ [OS] Name=WinXP Version=Windows XP v5.1 build 2600 Service Pack 2 Service Pack=Service Pack 2 Status=Pass [swapFiles] C:\pagefile.sys=384 [CPU] CPUCount=1 CPUSpeed=1716 CPUFamily=15 CPUModel=1 CPUStepping=3 CPUVendor=Intel CPUName= IntelĀ® CeleronĀ® CPU 1.70GHz Status=Pass [Memory] RAM=256 Status=Warning [Disk Free Space] C: (NTFS), UNICODE=5.99GB D: (FAT32), UNICODE=2.35GB Status=Pass [CD-ROMs] DriveLetters=E:\,F:\,G:\ Drives=HP CD-Writer+ 8200,TOSHIBA DVD-ROM SD-M1202 [Video] Video Card Name=NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400 Video Memory=64 Desktop Resolution=1024x768x32 @ 60Hz DirectX=DirectX (9.0+) ( OpenGL Version=1.5.2 OpenGL Vendor=NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Renderer=GeForce2 MX/AGP/SSE2 NVidia Driver= Vid Card Status=Warning Vid Card Driver Status=Pass GL Status=Pass DX Status=Pass [Audio] Sound Card Name=CMI8738/C3DX PCI Audio Device Status=Pass ;Game Options from swkotor.ini [sound Options] Sound Init=0 Music Volume=85 Voiceover Volume=85 Sound Effects Volume=85 Movie Volume=100 Force Software=0 EAX=0 Disable Sound=0 Number 3D Voices=16 Number 2D Voices=24 Environment Effects Level=0.60 2D3D Bias=1.50 Environment Effects=1 Environment Effects Nonstreaming=1 Environment Effects Streaming=1 [Game Options] GUIsInScreenShot=1 EnableScreenShot=0 Reverse Mouse Buttons=0 Hide InGame GUI=0 Use Small Fonts=0 Keyboard Camera Deceleration=2000.000000 Keyboard Camera Acceleration=500.000000 Keyboard Camera DPS=200.000000 Hide Unequippable=0 Tutorial Popups=1 Subtitles=1 Mini Map=1 Floating Numbers=1 Status Summary=1 Enable Mouse Teleporting To Buttons=1 Mouse Sensitivity=33 Auto Level Up NPCs=1 Mouse Look=0 AutoSave=1 Reverse Minigame YAxis=0 Combat Movement=1 Enable Tooltips=1 Difficulty Level=0 TooltipDelay Sec=1.000000 Memory Access=1 Memory Level=1 Disable Movies=0 EnableCheats=1 [Movies Shown] Movie 0=15 Movie 1=224 Movie 2=47 Movie 3=136 Movie 4=102 Movie 5=0 Movie 6=0 Movie 7=6 Movie 8=0 Movie 9=0 Movie10=0 [Alias] HD0=.\ OVERRIDE=.\Override TEMP=.\Temp MODULES=.\Modules LOGS=.\Logs LOCALVAULT=.\LocalVault DMVAULT=.\DMVault SERVERVAULT=.\ServerVault STREAMMUSIC=.\StreamMusic TEMPCLIENT=.\Tempclient SAVES=.\saves CURRENTGAME=.\currentgame TEXTUREPACKS=.\texturepacks STREAMWAVES=.\StreamWaves [Graphics Options] V-Sync=0 Anisotropy=1 Frame Buffer=0 Anti Aliasing=0 Texture Quality=1 Emitters=1 Grass=1 Soft Shadows=0 Shadows=1 Brightness=57 EnableHardwareMouse=1 FullScreen=1 RefreshRate=60 Width=800 Height=600 [Autopause Options] Mine Sighted=1 End Of Combat Round=0 Enemy Sighted=1 Party Killed=1 Action Menu=0 New Target Selected=1 [config] firstrun=0 [Keymapping] Action286B=8 Action286A=7 Action285B=10 Action285A=9 Action284B=35 Action284A=37 Action283B=54 Action283A=51 Action282B=69 Action282A=73 Action281B=8 Action281A=7 Action280B=10 Action280A=9 Action265=52 Action264=57 Action263=43 Action262=85 Action261=84 Action260=83 Action259=82 Action258=81 Action257=80 Action256=79 Action255=78 Action254=77 Action253=31 Action245=75 Action244=55 Action243=67 Action242=74 Action241=87 Action240=56 Action239=68 Action238=82 Action236=83 Action234=81 Action232=80 Action230=79 Action228=78 Action226=77 Action225=70 Action224=90 Action223=31 Action222=25 Action221=24 Action220=29 Action219=28 I have quite a few mods. Enter Jabba's Palace, Exar Kun's Tomb, Ebon Hawk Basement, Bastila on Korriban, Bastila Romance Fix, Bastila Replacement Robes, Challenge Sith, Dark Malaak Reskin, Deadeye Duncan on Manaan, Drug Dealer, Extreme Pazaak, EZ Swoop, Get the othe krayt dragon pearl, hide the weapons, i am jedi, Kamino Eugenics Chamber, Kill Yuka Laka, Jesset Tomb, operation kill bastilla, revan redemption robes, revan cut scenes, and redhawkes construction bench. I also have some force powers, Carth's fighting spirit, and ord mandell installed.
  10. This only happens to me on Korriban. I've finished Dantooine, Tatooine, and Kashyyyk. This has never happened to me before. Manaan is working just fine. I don't understand because I always went to Dantooine, Tatooine, Kashyyyk, Korriban, then Manaan in that order. I have installed both the 1.03 and 1.03b patches. Does any have any advice for me? Lately I seem to be stumbliing across problems that I never had before.
  11. I hope your wrong, but it does feel that way.
  12. I agree, I think that while Palpatine is a Traya, she was refering to the next 5-10 years.
  13. Then have some comics bridge the gap between Kotor 1 and 2.
  14. That's a very good thought. To me Darth Traya sounds like a female name. Bastila comes to mind. But I really like what you said. Kreia said that you need Darth Traya's. Maybe lightsided Revan suposedly joins the true Sith only to intentionally betray them in the end and defeat them. This could work to for the darksided Revan and it would be a legitimate betrayal, where as the lightsided Revan would just be a spy.
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