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  1. Hey Padwon, just wondering how did you make your pictures of Wurm and Orm on the CCP site?

  2. lol alright, your going to enjoy it, definitely one of my favorite star wars book series.

  3. no worries. :) sorry to hear your sick? What deadly poison have you ingested? :conspire:

  4. pretty good, glad its summer and dreading the coming of fall and winter. lol

  5. lol Im not even going to ask what your doing awake at 4 in the morning but thanks. :D

  6. lol, I was reading it when I received your message. The Force was with me it seems. I liked it. The musical pieces were rather interesting. I've been to a fair few musicals in my life, but I've never actually seen a sci-fi musical. lol

  7. Hey CQ!


    Multiple chapters of Renewal have been released, Chapter 12 is the latest, not sure how far you've read. xD


    How've you been?

  8. Hey Alk, just giving you a shameless plug for my fic, Renewal. Not sure if you've read it or not, but I'm trying to generate a bit more interest, as its just BFA and I who read it right now. :) Much appreciated if you give it a read!

  9. Hey Endo!


    Personally, I hate doing this, but would you mind taking a look at my fic renewal? atm, its just me and BFA who are reading it so its kind of lonely, just trying to generate some interest! :D

  10. Chapters 11 and 12 are now up BFA. :D

  11. Might want to check the thread, Ive given you an honorary title. :o

  12. Hey there CQ, how have you been?


    and psst. Chapter 10 is out. xD

  13. psst. Chapter 10 is out. ;D

  14. Your turn for Vor al Mando'a. :)


    What did you think of the newest chapter of renewal?

  15. BFA!




    I have covertly begun to continue my work on Renewal. Hope to see some feedback from you, it keeps me going! ;)

  16. :eek:




    I handled the intruder. xD

  17. I decided to continue my work on Renewal btw...



  18. yessir. I did get a new job. :D


    I limited the RP to one character per person, i dont have the sharpest mind in history and it makes things really simple. Would you mind just choosing one of the characters? xD


    *whisper* I like the male, sounds like a good addition to the crew. */whisper*

  19. just started up a mandalorian RP in the DRPC!


    Come join in, its called Vor al Mando'a.

  20. all set, you can go ahead and join in whenever you want! :D

  21. hey CQ,


    ive been working, working a ****load more than I should have been. I got laid off and had to look for a new job, which ate up most of my time, plus I had lots of work to do on my house, we just recently bought a fixer-upper. Its been a long couple months, let me tell you.

  22. Awesome. :)


    I'm still using a trial account, as I haven't been paid yet this month, but as soon as I can I'll be paying. If you see me online, send me a tell and we can meet somewhere. :)


    BTW, what level are your characters? xD

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