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  1. Im not positive, but I know fore means front and aft means back, but Im not sure those are strict nautical terms, or terms that were intended to mean behind and in front of a certain object.
  2. Thanks for clearing that up Mach. Currently writing a little tidbit aboard ship and I was looking for placement on the Flag Bridge. Many thanks!
  3. *raises hand* yes sir, I was wondering, on a military vessel, in this case an Acclamator II warship, where would the secondary command bridge be located? Too the best of my knowledge, capitol ships of sufficient size had a secondary command bridge buried in the vessel in case the primary bridge was destroyed.
  4. Hey Padwon, just wondering how did you make your pictures of Wurm and Orm on the CCP site?

  5. Sun Tzu's Art of War and Economics for Dummies. Quite possibly the most unlikely pairing of books you'll ever see.
  6. The link is dead, anyone got a better link or am I going to have to install K1? xD
  7. I wasn't looking for anything spectacular, just trying to replace the Handmaiden with Bastila, but for some reason I can't get it too work with the KSE, so, it looks like Im going to have to ask the community for help. Any suggestions on how to do this, or anyone willing to do it for me?
  8. lol alright, your going to enjoy it, definitely one of my favorite star wars book series.

  9. no worries. :) sorry to hear your sick? What deadly poison have you ingested? :conspire:

  10. There's a wookiee translator app for Iphone, perhaps they could speak the lines in Basic and get the true wookiee translation from it.
  11. pretty good, glad its summer and dreading the coming of fall and winter. lol

  12. lol Im not even going to ask what your doing awake at 4 in the morning but thanks. :D

  13. lol, I was reading it when I received your message. The Force was with me it seems. I liked it. The musical pieces were rather interesting. I've been to a fair few musicals in my life, but I've never actually seen a sci-fi musical. lol

  14. Personally, I thought it sounded pretty cool, definitely an interesting read. What gave you the inspiration to rewrite the original?
  15. Hey CQ!


    Multiple chapters of Renewal have been released, Chapter 12 is the latest, not sure how far you've read. xD


    How've you been?

  16. Hey Alk, just giving you a shameless plug for my fic, Renewal. Not sure if you've read it or not, but I'm trying to generate a bit more interest, as its just BFA and I who read it right now. :) Much appreciated if you give it a read!

  17. Hey Endo!


    Personally, I hate doing this, but would you mind taking a look at my fic renewal? atm, its just me and BFA who are reading it so its kind of lonely, just trying to generate some interest! :D

  18. Chapters 11 and 12 are now up BFA. :D

  19. of course. I always enjoy reading your fics. I wish there were more people around so every story gets the attention it deserves (including mine. xD). This place seems kind of lifeless compared to when I joined 2 years ago
  20. Gotta say, I really enjoyed it. The bit from Kreia at the end was awesome. Though, if I had come up with this story, I wouldn't have used her name at all and just left it a mystery.
  21. Interesting topic. LoH, however much respect I have for you, Im going to have to call you on this. Darth Vader (with the suit and without) was instrumental in defeating a very large portion of the Jedi Order (and I dont want to hear you say that the clone troops killed most of them, blah blah blah, he had to kill some if not most of them himself, with a little backup.) at the temple. On the other hand, when did Revan march into the Jedi Temple and murder everyone in sight, oh thats right. He didn't. He walked in, asked politely if anyone wanted to join him in fighting the mandalorians and left. Personally, I think that Revan would win, but not for the reasons stated above. Revan was a master of tactics and strategy, sure, but that wouldn't help in a lightsaber battle. Here's my combat equation for this battle. (Revan's Juyo + Echani Battle Precognition) + (Anakin's Djem So/Shien + Superior Force-abilities) = Slim victory for Revan Anyone who says that Tactics and Strategy would have any effect on a single-man engagement should be lined up and shot, thats just ridiculous. Im also going to have to agree with Gob here. Revan IS an unknown. Was he a consular, sentinel, or guardian? Did he prefer kicking ass with his lightsaber, or with the Force? Just how effective was his combat strategy, was it really amazing, or just the ability to bring endless overwhelming force into play? We'll never know, because KotOR isnt set during the Mandalorian Wars, its set after. /endrant
  22. Actually, most MMO's are abysmal, to use your word, compared to a standard SPRPG. In fact, if MMOs were single-player, they would be so abysmal that it would make games like pong feel like an epic adventure. What makes an MMO so great is the community, and the escapism effect you can have while still communicating with other people. Its kind of like the most basic form of alternate reality in a way. Anyways, rant over. Im looking forward to this game, and Im hoping to see a couple things change (lightsabers and weapon size, running animations, etc.) but other than that it looks pretty solid for an Alpha-stage MMO.
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