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  1. LOL, awesome, finally someone made a GF2. A bit primitive one, but a GF2 nonetheless... ...or a mod... ...or an addon... ...LOL
  2. You know, there's an easier to look like Hector or Maximino. Just grow a moustache and eat more often. Haha. As for me, I don't want to look like someone in particular, but I want Charlie's suit.
  3. You'd have to buy all the rights for the Grim Fandango logo, names, storyline, graphics etc. first. It's not just about the money. (Or good luck violating trademarks/copyrights without getting caught, hahahaha.) I'd personally invest in it if I had that much money. I'm pretty convinced it's going to sell too without having to be "dumbed-down". Sure, a 1st person shooter or something else might sell better, but screw getting rich just for the sake of it. That money will be completely worthless when you're dead. I'd make a movie too.
  4. Well, my idea is simple: The 4 year journey of a brand new character, with a personality somewhat similar to Manny's or Guybrush's from Monkey Island, who earned nothing better than a walking stick. It happens about the same time as the events in Grim Fandango, so you even get to meet a few old characters at times, like Velasco, Maximino and others in Rubacava or Manny in Puerto Zapato. So, it's not actually a "sequel", but it's a GF2 and may even fill in some gaps like: - what dangers lie between Puerto Zapato and The Gate - what ever happened to Calavera's Cafe or Maximino after Manny left - others
  5. Well, seeing as how it was posted in 2004 and still no update, I think it's dead. I can't say I liked his sequel idea. It takes an enormous amount of the so-called "suspension of disbelief" to accept stuff like "Manny comes back to the Land of the Dead". It's blatantly inconsistent. Once you're in the Ninth Underworld, you're there forever. No going back, and certainly not in a way you could ever interact with it as if you never left. It really cheapens the idea of Eternal Rest. You know what kind of GF2 I'd like to see? The simple 4 year journey of a soul who didn't earn anything better than a walking stick. That's it. No Manny, no Meche, no nonsense like old sprouted characters coming back to life, maybe a short part where Glottis is featured but that's it.
  6. Good question. There will be much more questions than the ones Manny asks, but I want this program to be neutral to religious beliefs and practices (or lack of) and only judge a person's worth based on their deeds, their contribution to society, not their religion. So choosing the "wrong religion", working on Sabbath, eating cow meat, premarital sex (itself), being atheist or agnostic etc. are not viewed as sins, but things that are widely accepted in modern society as being harmful/immoral are. These include murder, theft, fraud or tax evasion, exploitation of people, lying, adultery, not caring about the environment, acts that are generally viewed as sexual deviance (excluding homosexuality), selfishness, cruelty (including against animals) and much, much more... So, while there are higher powers in Grim Fandango, the evaluation is from a secular/consequentialist point of view. (In short, if it harms society/people/living things, it's probably bad.) By the way, what type of community service should corrupt politicians get? I say scrubing toilets at the DoD, but that's just me though... PS: I may not be too good with images, but I think I could easily manage a black screen + green text + animation. You know, like in Celso's file where that line drops below a point and all the good stuff gets crossed out. LOL
  7. No, it's more complex than that. It matters how many times you commited sin X, if you repented or tried to make amends, if it was accidental etc.
  8. Well, I could do a beta when I get enough free time, it shouldn't take too long. Then you can tell me what you think, how it can be improved, that sort of thing. I'm just not very sure how to add images, even if I had them, but I'll look into it. Oh, and images should be completely new and not look far too similar the originals. The way I was thinking, you start off with 100 points and you'd need somewhere between 95-100 to qualify for a double-N ticket. Every sin, depending on consequences and circumstances, reduces points, while good deeds may add points, though if you did something really bad, you blow any chance of ever getting a double-N ticket. 0 to 10 points mean you only get a walking stuff or just something no very good. -1 to -9 means you don't get anything and have to walk. Lower than -10 means you get community service and yes it should depend on what jobs or skills you had in real life.
  9. I'm planning on creating a little program called "Destiny Determinator" which simply determines what kind of travel package you would qualify for (in the fictional Grim Fandango afterlife that is) if you were to die tomorrow (if you would qualify for a travel package that is). I'm not too good with images or sounds, but I can script stuff and that's the most important part of such a program. The program will be completely independent of the game itself, and fully created from scratch. No copyrights will be violated in any way. Q: How should it work? A: Well, first all, this program asks for you name and age. A name so it knows what to call you and an age, because it plays an important role in determining your destiny. Very young people (i.e. pre-teens) are forgiven for all sins and automatically get a ticket on the Number Nine. Teens get also get a much easier treatment than adults and usually won't get anything lower than a luxury ocean cruise unless they were really bad. You will never be asked for other details such as race or gender as all souls deserve equal treatment regardless of these aspects. Next you will be asked questions about your life. Any sins commited below teen-age years are forgiven. Intentions, whether or not you made amends before death, whether or not you repented or instead tried to avoid responsibility etc. will also be taken into account. You will be asked stuff like, if you killed people, stole, swindled, exploited people, lied, cheated on your taxes or partners, respected your family and friends etc. There are many things you could qualify for, depending on your life: a double-N ticket, a cruise on the Sea of Lament (plus safe, company transport on land included), a car (with the option of having your own demon driver), buses, demon bodyguards, being packaged in a coffin and shipped in a company truck, a lame Excelsior Line walking stick or simply nothing. [There is of course that possibility that you don't deserve anything and must work some time at the DoD to earn the right to leave.] Suggestions welcome. I'm all ears...
  10. I'd love to actually make a Grim Fandango 2 myself, free of charge, for everyone to download. But most gaming companies are probably too paranoid about their copylefts-and-rights to allow that. I'll stick to Oblivion modding, Bethesda is much more "modder-friendly".
  11. Sorry, but a "sequel" involving the same characters just wouldn't do. Most characters are either gone/sprouted or in the 9th Underworld, and once you're in the 9th Underworld there's no turning back. Plus Manny would never return anyway, even if he could. A sequel would most likely have brand new characters, as I just don't see Eva or Glottis as potential main characters. A "prequel" however might work. Or maybe they could "fill" in the gaps and explain things like: 1) How Manny got a nightclub. 2) What happened during that year from Puerto Zapato to the Gate of the 9th Underworld.
  12. A great fanfic. That's a very likely explanation as to what might happen to sprouted/killed souls. It also explains what happens to souls who "go down" in that fiery pit for trying to buy a double-N ticket. There is of course, the possibility that sprouted souls simply cease to exist or have to reincarnate as other human beings back in the Land of the Living. And that people who try to buy their way to the 9th Underworld simply end up in Hell. Then again, VampireNaomi's realm of the "killed" is Hell-like.
  13. Maybe most people are too busy trying to find a way to leave the Land of the Dead...
  14. (Hmmm, well regarding Celso it is possible that he spent a bit of time walking, got attacked by some ugly demon, defended himself with his walking stick, fled, then someone else (who earned a sports car) offered him a ride to Rubacava.) Back on topic, What did Manny do to become a reaper since he doesn't seem such a bad guy? First of all, I don't think becoming a reaper is really the worst form of punishment. It may actually be even better than having to walk all the way to the Ninth Underworld. Maybe there's some kind of "retirement" plan where reapers get transport to the next world and don't have to walk four years. I mean, hell, Manny even got a Number Nine ticket as a "retirement present" for helping rid the DoD of corruption, even thought he originally didn't earn it. (And no, his ticket wasn't stolen, the storyline seems to be pretty clear on that.) It makes no sense to give the most immoral people a job of such a great responsibility. They just wouldn't do it right and would abuse their position for personal gain the first chance they'd get. Let's consider a few facts: 1) Manny claims he doesn't know what he did. (He may have tried to hide something from Domino when he claimed this, but this is extremely doubtful considering the context in which he said it.) I say that maybe he's just in denial. He kind of suspects what he may have done, but doesn't actually want to fully admit that what he did was wrong out of pride or something else. There's almost no way you can commit a very immoral act and not realize it. People like that are usually considered insane. I really don't think he did something that bad like kill someone in cold blood or steal something, but it is possible that he may have been a very selfish and greedy person in life and that his decisions, actions or words, although not illegal or particulary immoral, may have still significantly influenced someone's else life in a very very bad way. He may have hurt women's feelings by pretending to really care about them, he may have refused to help someone in desperate need, even though he could have very easily. Maybe he was in a high position and because of his selfish or harsh decisions, someone may have been forced into bankruptcy or suicide or something. Exibit A: Even in death he displays somewhat selfish behaviour. He says "one of these days I'm going to ride the Number Nine out of here", despite knowing quite well he didn't earn a ticket. He doesn't really want to help Salvador or Meche at first, he just wants to do anything he can to leave the 9th Underworld. Of course, he seems to change over the course of the game to the point where he refuses to enter the 9th Underwolrd until the whole mess is sorted out and all the people are saved. Exibit B: He kind of resembles a woman-chaser type. Exibit C: He's very competitive. It's hard to believe you can just become a nightclub owner despite being broke and then a ship captain so easily without being at least somewhat greedy. Exibit D: The punishment itself. What better way to punish a selfish person other than to force him to help countless souls out with their lifetime rewards. Exibit E: On the Day of the Dead, he reveals that the reason he's not back home visiting the living is because there's "noone back there he wants to see". This strongly implies that he was never much of a family man.
  15. Has anyone ever wondered what kind of travel packages were available centuries before the events in Grim Fandango and what kind of travel packages there will be in the future? What did souls that led exceptionally good lives get when trains weren't invented yet? Will airplanes ever be built in the Land of the Dead? I mean there are airships... Has the Number Nine always existed? If so, how come living people eventually ended up making similar machines? (note: I say similar because the trains in the real world obviously aren't as fast, don't turn into demons, don't have a mind of their own, basically aren't self-aware or "living") Coincidence? Did they have any contact with the dead? (I know the "best" answer is probably simply that "it's all a game", but still let's debate this as I'm not normally satisfied with "that's just the way it is" type of answers. )
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