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  1. Just curious if its today, or tomorrow. Thanks!
  2. In the last game, there was no CD key so any fool could just download the game and play even multiplayer. I bought the game and this confused me. Anyone know?
  3. Sith have no honor. They'd chop you up first chance they got.
  4. Yes, perhaps, but what about all the different versions of the Maul skins we have? We have like nearly 5 or 6 now, and once the SDK is out, even more. Who will decide which one is the best? I just want Raven to do something about this. We shouldn't have to rely on a skin pack to get what we want...
  5. Now, I LOVE skins, and I really dig all the work people are doing making new skins. It's really great. But, is all this work going to be all for nothing since 99% of servers are PURE servers? How can we enjoy all these new skins when we won't even be able to view them? When Raven comes out with a patch, they need to make it so we can still wear/see skins that others have, yet still prevent all the other hacks/cheats that a PURE server was made for. Maps are different because if a map is really good, the server will use it. But with soon-to-be hundreds of skins, there's no chance the servers will have every single one of them or even 5 of them on their server. The only way you can see all the skins is if you play on a friends server or start your own server, but that's not really fun. I like to play with other people. The SDK will end up being used only for maps, not skins. Sure, maybe one day someone will make a "Big Fluffy Pack" for all to use, but who is that person to decide what skins he/she thinks should be the "best of the best"? Am I alone on this?
  6. I, myselft use the BLUE style. It's fast, and I can move around a heck of a lot and possible take out a few guys at a time. Bad thing about the BLUE style is that it deals less damage. I have been meaning to try the YELLOW style, but never really bothered. Doesn't seem much different in damage to me. What's your favorite and why?
  7. As for Obi in his robe, I agree. But, nothing really we can do till the SDK comes out. =/
  8. 3 things for Mr. Clueless: 1. It's Dark Age of Camelot, not Everquest. 2. It's a "guild website", not a "clan". 3. I own that site. I put the file wherever I wish. Thanks. Have a nice day.
  9. Here's a list of who's in the pack so far in Version 0.1 -Ben Kenobi -Count Dooku -Absath -Darth Maul (No Hood) -Grand Admiral Thrawn -Keiran Halcyon
  10. Here's a link where you can all download a skin pack featuring the BEST created skins on the net. Download it here at: http://www.curtis-web.com/forsaken/skins_v0.1.zip Tell your friends!! I will continue to add new skins that come out that I find exellent above all the rest. Spread this pack around!!
  11. This is NOT Boba Fett... Besides...Jango's armor is silver too. So MEHHH
  12. I am trying to get a frontal view of some skins I made, but I don't know how. I heard there's a way to make it so you can see the guy you are playing as from the front? I want to take pics of my guys so I can make icons for them. Any idea? THANKS!!
  13. I tried the skin, VERY nice models.. One problem tho...you have 3 versions of the skin to choose from plus the old Luke model.. That's 4 luke's hogging the screen, which doesn't look very good. Is there any way you can make it to we have just 1 version and not 3? Otherwise, nice!
  14. Thanks for the skin!! This is definatly the best skin out so far until we get the SDK =)
  15. The ending had LOTS of loose ends for a reason. An expansion. They'll probably do it, and don't be surprised if Desaan returns. If not, perhaps Tavian or someone else. I'd rather be Luke in a game to be honest over Kyle. Luke is one of my favorite characters.
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