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  1. I accidentally pressed the wrong buttons when posting. This is the link: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=182867
  2. I asked a while back to the support and they said that the collection is completly patched.
  3. I did something to anger the rodians and had no choice, but to defend myself and slaughter the rest. How can I get into the temple now?
  4. I can't just let them dis me, it seems I must trigger something to get rid of them.
  5. The reason that I'm starting over is because the first time I had cheated. On Taris there is a family in one apartment & a female Twelek in another, do you know what to do?
  6. I always where armor and sometimes use energy shields, but that's just not enough. I might evade and hide behind something if I can.
  7. I'm on the Ebon Hawk and trying to fend of those fighters, but it's hard. I'm not sure if I can do it.
  8. You guys are right, thanks. Though, I think I'll use: Gives 100 Advanced Repair Kits Gives 100 computer spikes. Possibly I'll use give money
  9. that retired guy in the upper city cantina. Unfortunately for me, I try and stay on the light side and this death match will give dark side points. What can I do?
  10. In KOTOR, I'm still on Taris and am getting a bit frustrated. If I had gone along the way with lots of credits then I could fix all the droids for more experience. Some codes are atStar Wars Knights, Gamefaqs has much more codes than I've seen elsewhere. This is a list of the effects of cheats that I will use: give money Gives 100 Advanced Repair Kits Gives 100 computer spikes. Sets Awareness Skill Level Sets Computer Use Skill Level Sets Demolitions Skill Level Sets Persuade Skill Level Sets Repair Skill Level Sets Security Skill Level Sets Stealth Skill Level Sets Treat Injury Skill Level setstrength # (change your strength) setdexterity # (change your dexterity) setconstitution # (change your constitution) setintelligence # (change your intelligence) setwisdom # (change your wisdom) setcharisma # (change your charisma)
  11. I don't know of anything in the game that blocks well. I know that I'm at the begging of KOTOR, but my solidier only tries to dodge the blasts.
  12. According to the relevant on this page I can see the word 'search' at the top of most pages, but I don't see it. Possibly, because I'm fairly new, I haven't been given the right by the administrator. If not then please post a screen shot with the word circled?
  13. A green twe'lek in one of those apartments wants to fake his own death.
  14. I want to get all the experience points that I can have. For example, a droid that I may need to fix, what do I need to take and where do I buy it at? I guess Janis' store is the best place to buy. I'm not exactly sure of where I can check what I have, isn't it party inventory?
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