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  1. Are the sith really evil? Sure they respect strength and sometimes they are cruel and merciless but sometimes you just have to look at it from a point view of someone else. Lets say in the star wars universe you were born in a core world. Your family consists of senators and you live being raised and told to always be kind and gentle and try to resolve conflict without violence. You respect jedi and their teachings and are always told of their wisdom and how they let go of emotion. Now lets reverse that and say you were born on an outer rim planet. Your mother was killed before you were born and your father is a bloodthirsty mercenary who hates you. You are a slave who has always had to fend for himself and embrace your rage and emotion to even survive. All this has made you strong and a loner. This scenario is opposite from the previous one in that you are all alone, never with any help always having to fight to survive. This very idea of changing the place you were born having such a motive change that if you were in the second scenario the sith would be like heroes to you. The key difference is childhood, in that if you grew up always fighting of course you would respect stength and of course you would be merciless. Morals is what decides what side your on but if you grew up like the second scenario you wouldn't really have time for morals would you? This is why I don't think sith are evil if you simply change ideals and birth place it completely changes the moral descisions you would make. Basicly growing up in such a hostile enviroment would seem to justify what you do. If you always have to fend for your self and always fight then the jedi and the republic become evil and you become the ones who are merely doing what you have done your whole life.
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