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  1. I wanna try and make some mods myself after all these years. I just love this place so much, even though I haven't ever really been that active here. I think KotORFiles is done for though tbh. I can't even view files without refreshing two or three times.
  2. Empire is a great film and glad that it is getting the praise it is due. Still, wish the top ten lists and such like this were a little less generic.
  3. Now, I've only beaten the second Mass Effect (multiple times), and started a playthrough on the first one and am about halfway through it. Bought the third game last week, don't really care about spoilers. It has been very hard to play through the original Mass Effect, the gameplay in general is just very underwhelming and I just don't find the plot to be as good as its sequel. I do like the characters though, Kaidan, Ashley, Liara, and of course Tali. And the Mako.. it's just been very hard to get into the first title. I know why people like it, and I am still trudging forward, but it has not rubbed me the same way that its successor did. I will say that Mass Effect 2 was an incredible game; after playing the original, it is clear to me that removing some of the 'rpg' parts of the game (all the customization in armor, weapons, etc.) was a very good thing. I find myself hindered having to change things constantly. I bought Mass Effect 2 on a whim, randomly decided to play the demo, it was on sale at Steam, and voila, bought just like that. The main storyline wasn't anything epic, but the characters were so good. There wasn't one unlikable member of the cast. My favorites being Miranda, Thane, Jack, and Samara, the inclusion of loyalty quests made the game - together with the last level, made the game a top-notch and a lasting effect on me. Started Mass Effect 3, and it's been good and fun, more like 2 than 3, though I am a little disappointed in my favorites not being in my team. I just liked the ME2 team better, I guess, though I love having Kaidan and Liara again. We'll see how I feel towards the ending; after Final Fantasy XIII-2's ending, I'm pretty sure I can handle any kind of troll ending.
  4. With Kreia, I don't really think there will ever be an official confirmation of 'what' (or perhaps 'whom'?) she really is. There have been many theories, and I can clearly see where you got Arkanian. From the speculation I have read, Kreia seems to be an Echani. There was a really good Let's Play walkthrough that really put together the evidence (link here) and pieced together a lot of interesting tid-bits. But unless the new Revan novel has a grand revelation regarding her, I would imagine that it will always only be rumors, theories, and speculation.
  5. Alright, I have to say that I am digging female Shepard number 5. Also, it's about time I posted in this thread - I am so excited for this game. Whether or not I'll use the default, whichever is chosen, I don't think I will use it that often. I still don't use the 'default' male Shepard because of his.. extremely creepy smiles and looks. Female Shepard has the better voice, anyway. As a side note: I haven't played the first game (blasphemy, I know). Do you all think I should pick it up now? Do we know if the choices in the first game have much influence in the third installment?
  6. Thank you kindly for the message, unfortunately I was gone for the larger part of a few months. Excellent movie! So glad Natalie Portman won for it.

  7. The first mission: (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) Video is a bit interesting, it details multiple ways to take on the very first mission. Figured since a lot of you were interested in the game that this video might help with your impressions with the game. I am truly impressed, not having played the first two, though plans are being made (The first is on Steam, no?). A bit of an update on the game; Deus Ex: Human Revolution will now be released in August, the 23rd for Americans, and the 26th for the Europeans.
  8. Just saw Black Swan... it was beautiful. Natalie Portman is going to win the Academy Award. In other words, also just had a re-watch of the whole Star Wars saga.
  9. Interesting; I'd go with Sabretooth for now, though, depending on how exactly you wanted this to go on. You mentioned the Courier. I am assuming this is after the battle of Hoover Dam?
  10. Why is it that the ONE time I get a bug, it has to happen at the end? Is it just me, or are the new companions grand? Veronica probably has more character than any of the characters in Fallout 3. Boone's storyline was great.. I felt bad for him, and his mission was fun. Cass was a lot of fun too.
  11. Just want to clear this up a bit; kind of. It depends on what gender your character is, and whatnot. (For example, getting the companion Archade Gannon can be a bit hard as he has a very tough speech check. But, if you are male and have the 'Confirmed Bachelor' perk, you can flirt your way into making him your companion, ignoring the check. I also read you can flirt with another female companion that goes by the name of Cass.. though I think that is as far as it gets.) Yeah. It's kind of cool (compared to Fallout 3, at least) as they will specifically make remarks depending on the environment you are at. It takes them some time to completely open up, but it isn't like the Bioware 'you have leveled, now speak to me' method, and they will instead approach you. You gain perks for having the companions in your party. By completing their quests, your companion gains a perk. I'm loving the game; just beat it for the first time today in a somewhat unplanned-speedthrough. Major Spoilers Beware! Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) I ended up choosing Mr. House. Despite the despot he might seem, the way I ended things with him was very nice - my only regret was having to destroy the Brotherhood of Steel. The Legion was struck down, albeit with peaceful terms as their commander promised for no more violence; just him and myself. I felt bad for the NCR at first, but gave them the terms of his surrender. The ending was much, much, much better than Fallout 3's. More voice actors, more scenarios, and longer. New Vegas ended with it being a jewel in the wasteland, and House promised to do things my way, and was willing to help out others that I helped with. Getting ready for my next playthrough now, hoping to finally find Veronia and ED-E.
  12. Bah, been playing it for the last hour or two and I am in love. Everything has been wonderful, aside from this colony of Deathclaws that attacked me. Voice acting has been great, and it is wonderful to be able to start with two radios instead of just one. I've mainly been listening to New Vegas Radio. Just from exploring the wastes, it's pretty easy to see that it is quite beautiful - not so dreary like F3. Also, I'm playing on Hardcore mode, it's pretty nifty. Still haven't tried weapon crafting yet.
  13. I was watching a live stream of someone that got the game ahead of time (not from pirating or that kind of thing. ) and the game looks great. It still retains the same Fallout3 feel, but gives off a different atmosphere - landscape looks completely different, nice old western music playing in the background, and little to no Raiders from what I saw. Didn't stick around to watch the main quests or anything, but I did notice that there is much better voice acting and more than three people voicing. Hardcore, from what I watched, is quite challenging and entertaining. I'm so excited for it.. so, I should probably buy the game over Steamworks, then? Only reason why I was against that was because of how long it took to download Mass Effect 2. edit: also, it seems like Obsidian did quite a good job with the engine, there doesn't seem to be that many bugs from the stream I was watching.
  14. Ooh, that reminds me of my old days playing Gauntlet. Any chance of it being multiplayer (never played the original two)? If so, then this might be a definite buy if reviews are good.
  15. Just a few Shepards I have made during my short time with Mass Effect 2; can remember most of them pretty easily. Hope I'm not posting too much at once, bleh. The first Shepard I made, Katherine. She was a tough-loving paragon: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Katherine trying to help Miranda out with her problems: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Paragon male Shepard, I think I named Maxwell or Oliver, something like that, trying to talk some sense into Grunt: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Male Shepard with Jack; it was quite a tender scene: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Fighting off the Swarm: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) throw in, but saddest day of my life (ending spoilers): Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) My latest Renegade Female Shepard, with the extra gorgeous name of Agatha (with a stalking Jacob in the background ): Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Salzella, I love that last picture of Tali. She's still the one person I haven't romanced yet.
  16. My first ending was so depressing.. first run, I always try to rush through the story a bit, and use the second time to coast slowly and take everything in. So I skipped some of those loyalty quests. Everyone, aside from Garrus and Miranda, died. My next time was much better; only Zaeed died. After that, it has been much easier keeping everyone alive and well. (Though it was a horrible pain trying to stop the argument between Jack and Miranda; I gave up. The next run I got the paragon option right off the bat and I had less of a paragon score.) Speaking of additional characters, is Kasumi worth the money?
  17. What a shame that the PS3 announcement came so late; I probably would have gotten it, but alas, I got it for my computer last week in lovely HD. Suppose it is for the best, since I could put some mods in this way and tweak the graphics to my liking. Despite my feelings for Bioware, I really love this game. Especially the loyalty missions.
  18. This is wonderful; I never got the chance to get the new trilogy on dvd, and eventually lost Return of the Jedi. I knew getting that Playstation 3 wouldn't be for nothing. <3
  19. Chapter 3 is where the story picks up, and the Paradigm Shift is introduced. It takes a bit of time to get used to the pacing: at first it will seem extremely easy, but as the chapters go on, it gets increasingly harder and harder. Chapter 4 is, indeed, the worst in the game. I still like it though.. just the setting is very bleak. Once you are past there, the game just skyrockets into a fun and fantastic game. Particularly Chapters 7, 8, 11 (and the beginning of 12) are my personal favorites. 8 especially. I myself love the datalog.. especially later on when it tells you about Pulse's mythology and such. Yes, I meant to say earlier.. lol. Wasn't paying attention to what I was typing. @Mav Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Oh yes, that cutscene = amazing! Really gorgeous and just all over the place. The sidequests really branch out; for example, once you do mission 14 you can ride Chocobos: and once you get Chocobos, eventually you can do the Fal'Cie Titan's gauntlet, which is much more fun than I would have thought. As much as I enjoy this game, which I really do, I can find a couple of faults or two.. mainly Jihl Nabaat and Cid Raines. What wastes of people that had potential to be amazing characters. Yaag was pretty cool, and I love Barthandelous mostly because of that gorgeous latin song that plays whenever you fight him.
  20. It is a good idea to start doing a little bit of missions on Gran Pulse.. but be advised not to invest so much time and do a majority of the missions, as they will make the final bosses seem like pushovers. The themes for the PS3 edition are great- using the Sazh one at the moment. Don't know about the 360 icons, as of yet. To Mav: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Have you made it to Oerba yet? It's one of my favorite locations in the game, and the music is absolutely beautiful. One of my favorites in the game. A bit surprising is that apparently, the game is the best selling launch for a FF yet.. with 2 million in Japan, 1 million in the United States, and around 700k in the EU, all on each of their first weeks respectively. Because of this, Kitase and Toriyama want to make FFXIII-2.. here's to hoping it's not another X-2. Also, in another bit of strange news, Toriyama and Kitase want to incorporate QTEs into the next Final Fantasy.. similar to how Uncharted uses them. The article described them using this in a battle by jumping back and forth off of dragons, etc. Sounds pretty nifty. Be advised, Astro, that the later models have recently suffered a major blackout at the beginning of this month. All trophy collections were deleted if handled wrongly, no connection to the internet, etc. This was thankfully fixed, but just a bit of a warning.
  21. Ack, this is a bit of a bump, but better than starting a new topic and cluttering up the boards. Well, I got the game (and beat it over the course of a week and a few days, since it was Spring Break). It's leaps and bounds better than what I expected it to be. Really, the reviews giving it 8/10 and such are not so much that it is lacking in anyway.. but because it aspires to be different, ironically the very antithesis of what Bioware's President had to say about JRPGs remaining stagnant. Glad to see Square Enix taking their advice. It very truly is linear. Very linear. But much less linear than Final Fantasy X, for example. It opens up even further when you make it to the second world in Chapter 11, which is basically one giant big 3D world map (similar in size to about maybe a 1/6th of Fallout 3s world) that stretches out to about five different locations. Scenary is very beautiful, and the graphics are definitely the best when it comes to console gaming (PC gaming.. definitely not when it comes to something like Crysis, but that is to be expected.) So there really isn't that much of an element of 'choice', until about 60% into the game. Even without Nobuo Uematsu, the music in this game is absolutely fantastic. I'd even call it one of the best in the series. Ranges all over the place, from bassa nova, to jazz, to piano, to orchestra, to pop.. to even bizarre. Story is more or less as good as Final Fantasy X. The only difference being that characters are VERY well crafted and easily some of the best in the series. The story is told through flashbacks, similar to how Lost develops it's characters, and very well done. Two characters deserve special mention: Sazh and Hope. Probably the most unlikely of them all, but they grow more than anyone and Chapter 8 is just.. amazing. All of the characters grow and start out hating each other and slowly begin to bond and unite as one. No one is truly left behind as is common in many Final Fantasy (such as Red XIII, Quistis, Quina, Kimahri, etc.). It is definitely the hardest RPG I have ever played outside of the Persona series. Instead of relying on button mashing, you have to use strategy. Very flawless game and very beautiful to look at. Already selling 4 million by now, it's worth a buy if you wanted any clarification. Now I just need to get Mass Effect 2..
  22. Hah. I was thinking about getting that, and then they did a complete 180 and now everything is 360. Which is just fine and dandy with me, I got a Playstation 3 in the meantime. The English version was apparently leaked (360 version) and there is currently a live stream going on.. so far, very impressed. One of Final Fantasy's best soundtracks and the voice acting is ages better than X. Turns out that the battle system really is that hard too.
  23. Haven't been able to buy this game yet, so I took the time to watch some live streams. And really.. it's nowhere near as bad as that Destructoid article makes it out to be. The only real faults that I can tell (from what I've seen in streams) is that it starts out slow and that the majority of the voice acting is sub-par. (This comes from the fact that the studio that made the game decided to reuse their French actors. Some of them pull it off very well, like Scott Shelby or Madison Page. But the kids sound downright horrendous.) The game has very intense things that go on, as Ethan has to go through different 'trials' to prove his love for his son: One of the things that impresses me that most is that there are 17 different endings for the game. All of them completely different. In other news, PS3s are only about 340 now. Still a lot, but hey, if anyone wants one the price dropped quite a bit.
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