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  1. How do you beat the Consortium in skirmish mode on the Tatooine map? They're really difficult during most skirmish battles, but I really can't win on Tatooine. It seems that they're units are all too powerful. I seem to have a better chance to beat the Consortium playing as the Rebels than as the Empire. I can't even seem to defend one refinery even if I have two artillery units, eight T2-B tanks, Rebel speeders, and a bunker full of snipers and PLEX soldiers. The AI uses the long-range missile tanks, the Canderous Assault Tank, Destroyer Droids, and heroes to destroy my refinery and then continue to my base. Of course the Rebel turrets I construct are useless compared to the Consortium's turrets. I think the layout of the map also makes it difficult b/c you have to defend your base and refineries from multiple directions. Anyone have any tips?
  2. Yes, it was. I wasn't sure if I just sucked or the Consortium was really good. Even in space battles I definitely need to have a solid strategy against them. The Keldabe Battleships and the Aggressor Battleships are also really powerful and I usually have to come at them from different angles with Victory-class Star Destroyers and fighters(using them as bait and chipping away at the Battleships) and then hyperspace in Star Destroyers and possibly Thrawn and Piett to try and finish them off. I understand and really appreciate the Rebels strategy of fewer, versatile units that play different roles and they usually have good defenses. This is also in tandem with the Alliance's attitude toward their men and this shows in their weapons and vehicles (boost shield abilities on capital ships, shield MDU, heavy armor on T4-B Tanks, defense upgrades for troops, etc). The Consortium, however, seems to have characteristics of both the Empire and the Alliance because they use heavy firepower and brute force and they're units are heavily armored (most have shields) and play different roles. I also think that the turrets they can build are more useful. I suppose that this is supposed to go in line with the black market aspects of the Consortium and also how they're hiring mercenaries (who may be a little more hardier and brutal than the typical soldier). I guess I think that since the Consortium ended up being so powerful then the Empire should have gotten a boost in firepower too in the expansion (since their units are so expendable), and that would have balanced it out. I still play EAW like it's my job though, and I usually play as the Empire since it poses the greatest challenge (they're the weakest faction in my opinion).
  3. The unit counter on the galactic map is on the left of the screen under the planet's name and your Tech level. It's just a fraction with a numerator and denominator. The right number (after the backslash) is the maximum number of units you can have and the left number is the current number of units you have. If you click on a planet and see that the units you can build are no longer lit up or highlighted (they're faded) that means you've reached the maximum number of units. Also, how many planets are in your control determines the maximum number of units you can build. If you've had any of your planets conquered by another faction you may have had your cap lowered. See if that's it. What faction are you playing? I'm playing Equal Footing too as the Empire and so far the Consortium is giving me tons of problems on the hard difficulty setting.
  4. Jae Onasi: Other than the totally idiotic 'I'm going to stand while mortally wounded and monologue you to death or until you run out of dialog tree options, whichever comes last, before I finally fall over and die' ending, I loved Kreia. She's my favorite 'bad guy' (except for maybe HK) in TSL. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAA Anyway, I agree with everyone who thought Kreia was a great character. I thought she was really deep and I liked her background. The fact that she's a Grey Jedi and she now despises both the Jedi and the Sith for the dogmatic teachings they arrogantly preach was pretty cool. Her objective of trying to find a way to break the Force and wipe it from the galaxy was also really original. It was kind of nice that the central conflict wasn't a villain trying to take over the galaxy with a huge army *yawn. I remember the dialogue written for her was really great, too. "There were ambitions. And my will was not law." Or something very similar to that.
  5. GeneralPloKoon: What about EAW 2???? Clone wars wouldn't make sense for the EAW series, more like "Republic at War" That would be awesome if they came out with "Republic at War". This is weird, but I get a tingling sensation in my head when I think about creating a blockade around a planet with a bunch of Trade Federation Battleships http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Lucrehulk-class_battleship. The idea of Separatists VS The Republic opens up a whole world of new possibilities too because essentially the Confederacy is a bunch of systems wanting to secede and they're being supported by corporations with private armies. Taxation could play a part in generating revenue and perhaps the Confederacy has to convince other corporations to join the cause before the player acquires new units. It'd be awesome if the first mission in campaign mode would be to blockade Naboo with just Trade Federation forces (no Banking Clan or Commerce Guild units) and begin the whole conflict. One unit I would really be looking forward to command would be Jedi Starfighters. I also really have this attachment to the N-1 Starfighters used by the Naboo. Controlling allied units in space combat could be a new feature in the game that could include the N-1. Just like in land combat, where indigenous species will help your faction depending on their loyalties (Ewoks helping Rebels, Caridans helping Empire), a planet's space forces could help out your faction's fleet. If the Republic invades Naboo space in order to wipe out a Confederacy blockade, it'd be awesome if Naboo starfighters could be sent to help from land-based hangars.
  6. *Slowly looks around, left and right* "Geez it's quiet in here." Anyways, I've been playing all the Skirmish maps on the expansion and as I played as the Empire against the Consortium I noticed that they have really powerful units and they're a really difficult faction to beat. The Empire is supposed to be able to use sheer numbers and fire power to defeat it's enemies but I found the Consortium was definitely able to stand up to 6 AT-AT's lumbering towards their base (with all the stormtroopers in tow). The Canderous Assault Tanks, MZ-8 Pulse Cannon, Grenadiers, Destroyer Droids, and Missile Attack Launcher were all very powerful and a huge nuisance. I suppose that the premise behind the Consortium's firepower is that it's all black market technology and that's why it's so powerful, but still, the Empire is supposed to be able to level everything in it's way. I felt that the AT-ATs were not heavily armored enough and I understand the reasoning behind it, but I still kind of wanted a somewhat unstoppable army. Did anyone else think the Consortium was a little too powerful?
  7. Ztalker: I believe they said the story would span several years, so it's quit possible it takes place directly after Episode three right upto Episode 4. Who knows? So if the story were to span several years then will The Apprentice accomplish a mission and then a few years pass and you play as The Apprentice again during another pivotal mission? I don't think that's the way it will be structured. Maybe in the book it will (although I doubt that too), but in the game I'd bet the player is jetting around to planets (Kashyykk & Felucia confirmed) and space stations (TIE factory) one after the other and the story doesn't necessarily span years. Just like in the movies, the audience sees a pivotal moment in the saga and then the books and EU fill in the middle. Although I could be wrong, and maybe the game does span years as Vader has you helping him track down the Jedi during The Great Purge and maybe dispatching other enemies of the Empire right up until Episode IV.
  8. Here's a link to a relatively recent new video from the devs about the game on IGN: SPOILER WARNING, this may ruin part of the story for you! http://media.xbox360.ign.com/media/823/823667/vids_1.html Watch the one titled "A Force Wrecking Ball". It looks like The Apprentice does team up with General Koto at some point, whether it's to eventually kill him or actually turn to the LS, who knows? The video also points out how important and pivotal the game's story is in connecting Episodes III and IV. One of the guys says that we won't look at the franchise in the same way after this game. What could this be about? Maybe The Apprentice has something to do w/ the formation of the Alliance (if it's a LS ending)? I can't think of anything else that would be so important that we've never heard of before... That brings up another question I have: How many years have passed since Palpatine took power in Episode III? Between III and IV I think there are about twenty or so years which have passed (based on Luke's age in IV). So is this game set 2, 10, or 15 years after III? The reason I ask is because if The Apprentice has anything to do with the Alliance it needs to be formed first (or maybe he's an integral part of it's formation) and I don't think that happens immediately after Palpatine takes power (read about the Alliance in Wookieepedia). Or maybe the earth-shattering revelation doesn't have to do with the Alliance VS the Empire, maybe it has something to do with the nature of the Force, or relationships among certain characters...
  9. In response to TKA-001's post: If it is ROTS-like...LAME TO THAT. I'm still going to shell out the cash for an XBox360 (assuming it's definitely not going to be on the PC) and the game though if it gets decent reviews. Another aspect to think about is how will deflecting energy bolts from storm troopers work? Although this was a horribly frustrating game, I always liked the system in Jedi Power Battles of needing to press the block button at exactly the right moment in order to deflect it back at your target (because it actually took some skill and made the game more fun), and if you hold the button too long it reduces your force energy and your player won't be able to block energy blasts at all. I forget how it worked in the JK series...? How do you guys think that'll work?
  10. Yeah, I think Prime might be right now that I've watched the trailer a few more times. As The Apprentice hits a stormtrooper in the trailer w/ his lightsaber (I think he does it twice) they end up going flying but they don't fall to the ground and they're definitely not cut in half. That makes me think it will be like Revenge of the Sith like Prime said, where you just deal damage to your opponent but nothing actually happens to the NPC's body (like a torso being chopped clean off). If this is the case then that's not very realisic. The JK series is more realistic than that, but maybe the gameplay focus in TFU is more on force powers and combos than saberfighting. I'm really hoping that one of your Jedi opponents will be able to absorb The Apprentice's lightning attacks or direct them back at him to give him a taste of his own medicine and make it more challenging to defeat them. It'd also be cool if the other Jedi can levitate and throw items at your player and try to Force push you around. If the game is going to be like ROTS as far as sabercombat (I played that game a long time ago) then maybe there is just a block button to block incoming attacks and then you have to quickly hack and slash your opponent....?
  11. Whoa. That's what I had to say after watching the teaser trailer the first time. And as I thought more about it, The Apprentice seems REALLY powerful. I was wondering a few things: 1. Since The Apprentice obviously has awesomely destructive force powers (lightning, push, repel(like a bubble?), and I think there is a fourth one) how will the Jedi he encounters cope? Will the masters he encounters be able to absorb and even redirect the lightning back at him? Since Jedi don't usually use the Force for offensive purposes how will they defend themselves against The Apprentice's power? Maybe when fighting Jedi the game focuses more on lightsaber combat and maybe your force powers become ineffective against them? Which leads me to another question... 2. Will lightsabers make contact in combat? Like in KOTOR, lightsabers made contact when you engaged an opponent. Since TFU is a Action/Adventure game and not an RPG like KOTOR where the combat was structured in a certain mode, will the lightsabers have to make contact? If it's supposed to be so realistic obviously The Apprentice can't go up to an NPC and start hacking away at them until their health bar is depleted (lol). In fact, a lightsaber cannot realistically pass thru the players or an NPC's body without killing them. This idea opens up a whole range of issues like blocking and attacking against lightsaber-wielding opponents unless the game is going to be similar to the Jedi Knight series. Just trying to get other people's ideas and daydreams. This is what I think about as my law professor drones on and on...lol
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