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  1. If i remember it right, all you have to once all the imps and grans and rodians are dead is leave the room a cutscene should take over of dash interogating one of the imps for info after that the level ends and the 2nd level loads. Also before going through the grate you were supposed to go into the other side room and take care of the imps that are lurking about,i cant remember if there was a console that you had to access in there,its been a long time since i played jko and jka,hope that helps.
  2. Back in the main room you will see cargo crates and containers,against the wall if you look uo you will see a grate shoot it out and a number of the containers and crates and jump up to the grate to continue the level.
  3. And thats the problem,this issue has caused a real fever pitch over at the forums at lucasarts,not here. People are just ranting and raving, me i got sick of lucasarts and the treatment us pc gamers were getting and just uinstalled the whole messy game. the prospect of a FU 3 for me from lucasarts,no thanks ,you ,the devs can keep it,but thats just me.
  4. The patch was released on dec 22,even though it states it was dec 20,it really didnt fix anything for me. You can try it and see,it may fix your particular problem,but if you modified the game to get the console exclusives,the patch will render your game unplayble,lucasarts didnt want the pc users to have that extra content so the patch disables the game. The TFU2 PC 1.1 Update addresses the following issues: 1. Pre-rendered cutscenes and game "attract" mode stop functioning after about 50 minutes of game play. 2. Some textures & characters appear dark and without texture after about 50 minutes of game play with some ATI Radeon™ video card configurations. 3. Reflections may not work properly with NVIDIA GeForce 9800 series cards. 4. Some Stormtroopers and other enemies can become stuck in the air when hit with "Force Push" causing a progression stop to the next level/area until all enemies were found and destroyed. 5. During level "Salvation - Battle for the Salvation" a power core may not be able to be retrieved if the apprentice is defeated while in the same room as the power core or if the game is exited and re-loaded while in the power core room. The update for your specific language can be downloaded, here: http://www.lucasarts.com/support/update/SWTFU2_1_1.html
  5. Nope,your right,he sees himself on Cato Neimodia,which kinda does not make any sense but thats the way the Devs did it.
  6. Thats what i think they are going to do ,some sort of USE version for the tfu2,me im not buying that game again,sorry lucas. With the first game we got all the extras what?now they expect us to buy it again? I was a little interested if it was possible to get the dlc unlocked for the pc,the endor levels but if they are console exclusives,then thats it for me.
  7. I did notice that one through my first playthrough,as well as several in kamino at the top of several spires,on my 2nd playthrough i was hunting more holocrons and that one in space didnt show up for me which leads me to belive you grab it elsewhere,keep looking,but i did think how am i going to get out there to get that holocron?
  8. This is from the Wookieepedia entry for Galen Marek: Betrayal and resurrection After informing his master of Shaak Ti's death, Vader told him to return to the Executor immediately, for the time had come to face the Emperor. As Starkiller was aboard the Executor, the Emperor's fleet arrived. Starkiller believed that Vader had lured Sidious to them, but Vader revealed that he did not summon him. As the confused Sith apprentice turned to see PROXY entering the room in the form of Darth Sidious, he was brutally stabbed through the back by the very man who raised him, as Vader angrily stated that the Emperor's spies had followed him there. Darth Sidious commanded Vader to finish off Starkiller and prove his loyalty. Despite Starkiller's pleadings, Vader turned on him, telekinetically ravaging him around the command bridge before finally hurling him through the view port windows. While his body lifelessly drifted through space, a lone Viper probe droid swiveled by, picked him up and took him to a hidden location. Escape from the Empire "Your destiny is now your own. Sever all ties to your past. No one must know that you still serve me. Now go. And remember that the dark side is always with you." ―Darth Vader — Approximately six months later, Starkiller awoke once more. As it turned out, Vader had rescued him, sending out a droid to recover his body, and brought him to be "rebuilt" on Vader's personal science vessel, the Empirical. here is the link: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Galen_Marek The other thing i do remember from the novel is that juno was in stasis in that time,where the stromtroopers would give her food every couple of months. The following from junos entry in the wiki: After defeating Jedi Master Shaak Ti on Felucia, Starkiller returned to his Master, only to discover that the Emperor had learned of his existence. Starkiller was betrayed, and seemingly killed, by Lord Vader at the behest of the Emperor. Afterward, Vader would declare Juno a traitor and have her imprisoned inside his science vessel, the Empirical, for six standard months. The link just in case: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Juno_Eclipse Now if the novel says six months passed and this entry says Approximately six months later,maybe it can be six monts later,but i guess it can be debated. TFU 2 is just 6 months after the end of the first game..........
  9. If i remember,in the novel it states he was out for six months,then the novel goes to say it took another 6 more months to track down Kota,but in the game i dont think its said anywhere in terms of time,at least as far as i remember. The game plays out as if he woke up just minutes after being stabbed in the chest by vader and it only takes him 10 minutes to track down kota in cloud city. There is no time frame in the game as to how long events took,at least for me,not to start another war here just stating how things were in the first novel. I guess what needs to be asked is if it happened in the novel does it mean that it also happened in the game?
  10. The problem is that lucas,wanted this game to be just one big quick time event...ive never played a game with this amount of QTEs,granted i play pc games,but lucasarts is out to please the console gamers,back on topic,keep trying youll eventually get it,its just timing,once you know when to expect the promt ,by how much damage your doing to the ship,get ready to mash the one button that is flashing and hold the other.
  11. I enabled triple buffering in the nvidia control panel and the problem with the cinematics has gone,the game is much more stable,at least for me.
  12. Its great news,maybe give the game a little more life,after another play through i was planning on uninstalling, so i guess ill keep it around,to see if we get some mods or skins.
  13. Thank you,Anveena,for the heads up, im going to try it. UPDATE: It works,you get everything unlocked the maul skin and 2 saber crystals that are devasting,and 5 more challenge maps.
  14. you have to play the challenges,those unlock the other "cinematics"....which i almost cant call them that they are 35 to 45 seconds each with artwork,almost not worth the effort to unlock.
  15. Yeah i turned VSYNC and it does seem to help ,but there is a slight pause here and there but it is better than before. I think its the game,none of my other games do this.
  16. Yeah,i have to agree,ive read some other reviews and thay have been just bad,the video review over at gametrailers was shocking! Im still playing the pc version and its very repeitative,and lucasarts calls this game their "Empire strikes back" of the force unleashed. I can also say its too console for my tastes but thats lucasarts focus now, the consoles.
  17. I think its for all the versions,i have the retail copy and it unlocks after you have one of your force stars at 83,the next time you go for the upgrade so to speak you have the force effect at its full potential and the force bar stays full and never drops down and the lightning is ramped up.
  18. Im going to have to agree with The-Seraphimscomment,i can just imagine a 250 gb install,and rampant memory leaks...Months complaing to aspyr and months of waiting in hopes of a patch that will address the issues.My enjoyment of the first game was just was dimished because of aspyrs worse than normal port of this game,I dont plan on getting this unless the reviews reflect a better than decent port.
  19. Looks amazing,the dismemberment was sweet,as was the gameplay!
  20. Thank you for the info ,Zwier Zak,yeah ill have to try it for myself. I mean for me,the only problem i had was the memory leaks ,im playing for an hour or so and bam that slowdown would happen for no reason,but im also glad they decided to do another patch,i really didnt think they would do one.
  21. I wanted to ask were the memory leaks aka slowdowns fixed? Ialready uninstalled the game,going to have to reinstall this again to try it out,but basically the memory leaks were just annoying to say the least.
  22. Hey Chris ,im glad you got it to work,the great thing is as you progress you'll see some fantastic changes in the textures.The level design was was also mind blowing,the levels are huge and you always felt like you were just one person in a huge galaxy trying to go about your business.
  23. I use the program Fraps,as far as i know the game wont allow you to take screenshots.
  24. this was a problem for me too,what you have to do is keep the star destroyer almost facing you then the light will turn green and you can slowly bring it down,but its tricky ive seen the arrows facing down when i know the ship should be more up and facing me directly....its tricky to say the least,and yes im playing the pc version.keep at it you'll get it the first couple of times is very difficult,now i can do it and i bring it down in 3 attempts.
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