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  1. When I go to insert my Battlefront 2 disc into my PS2 it tells me to insert a PS2 format disc. The game worked before. Please help:(
  2. Is their a No-cd Crack for Jedi Academy? If their is please post a link, I lost my CD
  3. How do you convert .map maps to .bsp so that I can play in my edited .map maps? Im using GTKradiant 1.4.0 and q3map2 and Quark.
  4. Is their any tools that are available that I can use to edit models. Models not maps By models I mean map_objects not characters
  5. How do you add Caulk to a model using GTK radiant to make model more solid?
  6. I am using clan mod and when i do the addmodel effect it makes a model but you can walk through part of the model. Is their somthing i need to do in a .cfg? Im having issue with the clan mod website so can anyone help me out in any way? If you can thanks
  7. First of all did you type, "helpusobi1"? Second make sure your PC Requirements meet those of the game. If that doesn't work make sure you have the patch installed. You can download it here http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Jedi_Knight_Academy_Patch_101;20459 Hope this helps:)
  8. Hi i am having a problem with the japlus.net website. I forgot my password and i sent an email, buti have not reveived a reply to make it so i can get a new password. If you know how to help please post. Thanks:)
  9. Is their a Bit value calculator for JA+ 2.3? If their is can you please post a link? THANKS:)
  10. Is their any easy to use map editing tools for jedi academy?
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